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Attention Steemians! I was super inspired by this incredible post by @anomadsoul :

This was seriously one of the coolest things I have ever seen as it shows the power of Steemit to connect us all over the world!

A karaoke style video of Steemians globally singing ??


^ If you missed out on this or want to do it again... you are in luck!

I want to try this too.

I want to make this as simple as possible for everyone so we can accomplish this as quickly as we can while maintaining quality.

If you want to participate, just film yourself singing Band of Gold and send me the video. Myself and @Goldfashioned will do the rest.

We will be adding some actual images of 24 karat Menē bands of gold in the video!

This is a really fun song and a fun project, but to make it even more worth your while, I’m going to send the first 10 Steemians that give me a usable video 5 STEEM!

Please allow time for me to review your video. If I can use it and you are within the first 10 I will send you 5 STEEM, and will of course credit you in the video. I cannot guarentee the use of every video but I am hoping to use every single one!

Even though I am asking for you to sing the whole song, depending on how many Steemians participate you may only get 1 or 2 lines aired. Unless of course, only 1 Steemian submits a video and they get the entire song.... though I’m hoping for a better turnout :)

Let’s do this!!

Please spread the word by either resteeming or telling your friends.

I will work to get this done as soon as humanely possible if I get enough videos.

Remember, the higher quality the video (lighting sound ect,) the better this video will look! The better the video looks, the cooler we make Steemit look and the more new Steemians we bring to the platform:


If you have them please use headphones to eliminate background music.



Don’t forget to send your Steemit handle along with your video. If you submit a video I am assuming permission to use.

The deadline is at this post pay out to participate in this project :)

Let’s make this awesome and thanks @anomadsoul for the idea!


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Ok, sent in my entry! How fun! We were taking a break from gardening, so I just threw on a wig and some big shades. I didn't even get all the lyrics right, but as you said, you only need a few usable lines, right? Can't wait to see the finished product!

Fantastic!!! Great job :):) we will get you in for sure

Here's a little clip and promoted your post to see if we can get you a few more entries!

I’m in!! I bet @maryjaney would sing too. She’s the real karaoke star! ⭐️

Just think, if you two are the only entries, you can sing the whole song on SSS!

Ok! @maryjaney and I have uploaded videos to the Dropbox link! They aren’t perfect... but there should be some usable stuff in there! 😉

YES!!! Thank you so much!!! Tons of great footage :) YOU WON 10 SBD! Take @mareyjaney to Sushi!

Hahah you know we never pass up an opportunity for sushi!!! Thanks friend! 😃 🍣

Very cool idea man.... Im up for this, I'll try and get Mrs @welshstacker to do a duet!! Unfortunately, although she was blessed with looks shes absolutely tone deaf, so it could be fun.

I can’t wait!! This is going to be really good for #steemsilvergold tag if we can get this going big enough:) I’m excited to see you two!


This was a lot of fun, thanks for running this contest!

So I made my official submission and as confident as I am in everything I do, this was REALLY hard!

Why did you choose such a difficult song when there are so many songs about gold??? LMAO

Anyways great contest and I did my best, though honestly I couldn't do much besides dress up in EPIC GOLD fashion (remember how I said I can represent the gold fashion) and also brought on a super powered ally in @qiqi-power to make this video worth something...

SO basicly you can use our video as a dance video in the segments where there is no vocals because I pretty much failed at trying to do that!

I am uploading now you the original copy for you do cut what you want, there MUST be something there worthwhile!!!

Hahhaa great contest, look forward to interacting with you more!

Full Steem Ahead!!!!

SO GOOD!!! Ha ha thank you ! Love that outfits

Yea golden outfits are key for a song about gold! Especially for a dance video hahaha

So glad you liked it.

Yes!!!!! So excited for this man! I can’t wait to put this together and see what Steemians come up with!
Let’s get it!!!

What have we done!!!???

I would be happy to do it, how many entries you got so far?

I can’t wait!!! So far a dozen or so but I’m still combing through them. Some are not usuable because of technical reasons such as the audio is too low, but we are getting there.... I look forward to your entry:)

Ok will listen to the song a couple times and get on it!!!

I can’t wait!!!

Ooo I may just have to enter this! Could be fun!

I was counting on your entry!!! :)

Ready estimated, already in competition ... I already published my video in the link where it was indicated to do it ... a hug, I hope that many more join ... it was an honor to participate .. I hope you like it.

This was amazing!!! You are a great singer :) thank you! 5 STEEM for you

It is an honor to read this on your behalf, thank you very much, and thanks for the Steem, a hug.

You will defintely be in the video :) I hope it doesnt take too long to make, it depends on how many Steemians partipate how quickly we can ge it done. Thank you again!

It's good to read it, thank you very much again ... I am honored with your decision, at your order if you need support for the edition .. I hope you also join many more.

Thanks for letting me know! This is a more of a compilation like the one you participated that was with 40 steemians :) I spoke to @anomadsoul and said I was using his post as an inspiration and he helped me get started with this one

Wow...what a great opportunity.
Just posted an entry

You honestly don't want me on it. My voice is that bad. can't wait to watch it though. You do fun things on here.

Aw come on! Let’s hear it! :)


Ha ha! I hope we get a decent number of entries

This I think is for me , I’m a singer and I’ve made so many songs for steemit discord group and steemit promo songs. I will love to participate in this . Believe me it’d turn out better than you expected. We got each other’s back

Can’t wait t see!

You won’t be disappointed

This will be a fun contest :) especially to filipinos. Singing in karaoke are one of the best past time for filipinos. Thanks for the contest.

Hope to see you enter

Dont have a phone yet :) hope i have. I want to enter :)

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Wow,,,,, saya sangat suka postingan anda saya sangat suka membaca postingan anda,,, jangan lupa ikuti saya friend iya,
Saya boleh jadi teman dekat anda,,,

Thanks for reading

I'm sorry I can't participate, I don't speak English ;(

Thanks for reading

I checked out the links for Goldmoney and Mene.
They seem really interesting. I’m making my own research now. I certainly will like to know more.

Awesome! I hope you like it

I really hope I do.
Seemingly interesting.

excelente video y publicacion

This is very exciting @goldmatters :D hahaha. My heart is pounding and I will going to join this. Now my "Joyful Noise" will worth something. Rock this song 😎🤘🐘

Can’t wait to hear Band of Gold!