More Features in SteemPlus!

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This is the third post showing you the different features of SteemPlus, which are quite a lot, and as I was writing this post another new feature popped-up. It seems that new elements are constantly added, and if you haven't tried SteemPlus yet, do it now.

More Features in SteemPlus!

I invite you to first read my two previous articles for instructions on how to install the browser extension, a tour of its main features and see what SteemPlus can do: A Better Way to Browse Steemit! & What SteemitPlus Can Do!

SteemPlus is a lightweight toolbox browser extension, which let you use Steemit the way you would like it to be, thanks to @steem-plus.

SteemPlus is available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

More Features in SteemPlus!

The first thing you have to do is enable SteemPlus, so you will see all the things I explain below.

More Features in SteemPlus!

Let's see what SteemPlus does to the "Editor."

More Features in SteemPlus!

When you click on the editor icon, you will see two new buttons, one is "GIF" and the other one "Add Beneficiaries."

More Features in SteemPlus!

Adding a Gif is easy, just click on "GIF," and search for what you want, "cats" in this example.

More Features in SteemPlus!

Then, click on the Gif you want and it will show you its code.

More Features in SteemPlus!

Here it is:

More Features in SteemPlus!

You can add beneficiaries and this means that you can give a percent of your post rewards to other users. This is very useful if you collaborate on a post with someone and want to share the rewards with them, or if you give all your rewards for a project or a charity.

Click "Add Beneficiaries," and add users with the percent you want to give them.

More Features in SteemPlus!

After you click "Post" the rewards will be shared per your specifications.

There are also several additions on your posts

The first one is awesome because when you click on "Votes," you can see ALL the voters, the weight and value of their vote.

More Features in SteemPlus!

When you reply to the post or a comment, you also have the possibility to add a GIF.

More Features in SteemPlus!

You also see the weight and value of votes on comments.

More Features in SteemPlus!

Next to the "Promote" button you will see a new "Boost" button.

More Features in SteemPlus!

This is what it does when you click on it!

You can boost your post with @minnowbooster.

More Features in SteemPlus!

Send an amount in SBD within the minimum and maximum they give you and click "Submit."

More Features in SteemPlus!

This will go to SteemConnect where you can complete your transaction.

More Features in SteemPlus!

The transaction will show in your history when done.

More Features in SteemPlus!

The SteemPlus feed is what's make a huge improvement to your "Feed." You can access it from the top menu where there is the little SteemPlus icon.

More Features in SteemPlus!

Also notice that the tabs Trophies, Votes and Mentions that I showed you in my previous post are now all under the SteemPlus menu. This tells me that they will add more features in the future under that menu.

Click on the "Feed" icon and you will have to wait a few seconds for the feed to load.

More Features in SteemPlus!

Then you will see your new feed with at the right "View" options and "Filters."

This is the default view.

More Features in SteemPlus!

Then, bigger images.

More Features in SteemPlus!

Finally, large images.

More Features in SteemPlus!

What is even more interesting is the filters that you can set.

You can sort by Recent, Old, Payout and Votes.

More Features in SteemPlus!

You can filter by tags and show or hide resteems.

You can also make a black list or white list for the resteem you want to see or not.

More Features in SteemPlus!

Then, you can set a minimum Reputation, hide the upvoted posts and change the parameters. By default 300 posts are fetched.

More Features in SteemPlus!

When you make a change to a filter, you have to click the "Apply" button.

The last feature I want to show you is "User Classification" and it is the newest feature. With it, you can help classify users between Spammers, Humans and Bots.

You can see all the details on how this work here: SteemPlus 2.8 : Steem Sincerity

The feature is an integration of the Steem Sincerity API, which uses an algorithm to classify users.

The API classifies users in 3 different categories : Human, Bot and Spammers, based on a machine learning algorithm. While I perform quite well already, it was trained on a very small data set, which can cause some classification errors.

To overly simplify, the machine learning trains itself on a few accounts that have been manually attributed to one of these 3 categories. Based on similarities it will then attribute a likelyhood for other accounts to pertain to these categories. The biggest the training set, the higher the precision will be. That's where we need you!

You can see the classification in different areas of Steemit, and this is how it looks like on comments.

More Features in SteemPlus!

The first use I see to it is that it helps you identify users better. You may not want to reply to a comment from a user marked "Spammer" or upvote it, for example.

Remember that the machine is learning and there might be users wrongly classified. If you have been posting similar comments a lot, you might be classified as a spammer, and if this is the case, you might want to take this feedback and write more various comments.

What you can do when you see a user wrongly classified is send feedback so the machine can learn from it. If you click "Human" in this case, and many other people do the same, the percent will raise and the user will then be rightly classified.

More Features in SteemPlus!

Notice that for the bots, there is a "Tell us" button even though the percentage is the highest for "Bot."

You can help by just confirming if it's a bot or not.

More Features in SteemPlus!

Finally, how can you manage all these features in SteemPlus?

You may not want all of them and you can make your choice in the Settings.

You can access the "Settings" from the extension icon.

More Features in SteemPlus!

There you can see a long list of features that you can enable or disable. You can change the badge style, for example or turn off the "User Classification" if you don't want that. All features are available for Steemit and some of them also work in Busy, if you see the small Busy icon.

That's all!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and the two previous ones about SteemPlus.

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Michel Gerard


Thanks!! I had been trying to figure out what Beneficiaries meant. It's a great tool and your posts have been extremely helpful.

Thank you @joannereid, I am glad that the post was useful for you.

Michael yet again a fantastic step by step post.Really is very useful as i didnt have a clue on how to put a gif on my post.Thanks for turorial.👍🏼

I am glad you like it @pamcooks. See my two previous posts about SteemPlus also linked at the top.

The bot identification part don't work very well.
People told me I 85% bot. Maybe because of my avatar heheh.

They know that and this is why we have the possibility to vote for one category or the other to correct misclassifications @ace108. Thank you for your comment and upvote.

Bro thanks for sharing this useful tools I will try it today when login from laptop. It's look usefull all the function at one place

I am glad you like it @imran-aslam. Thank you for your comment.

I am glad you like it, thank you.

Thanks for the info! I was wondering about the "User Classification" function and this post was a nice read. I like it where you can edit your settings too. I am new here and it's exciting see new things:)

Thank you for your kind comment @monetapes and I am glad my post is useful for you.

my dear sir thanks for sharing your experience,,,

Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

Great Post !!!!
Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you very much, I appreciate your comment.

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