Get Real-Time Info and Prices for Steem with Cryptocompare

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Would you like to know where you can have a wealth of up-to-date information about how Steem is doing compared to Bitcoin because this can help you decide the best time to invest into Steem?

I already wrote two blog posts about Cryptocompare that you can read here:

Get Real-Time Info and Prices for Steem with Cryptocompare

Cryptocompare has a whole lot of information about Steem and I do not know of any other website where you have all in one place. Even if you can see all the information I am going to share with you without creating an account with them, I invite you to create one because it's free.


First let's go to the Steem overview:

The first thing you have is the value of Steem in BTC and if it's going up and down. Then you have the Market Cap, Volume, etcetera.

There is a line chart for one day by default that you can change to a candlestick chart for one month, if you want, and if you have an account you have more options.

Below the chart you can read details about Steem.

The historical price data is also very useful, especially the summary.


The analysis tab is also very useful.

At the top you have the volume by currency and by exchange.

Then the volume for one month here.

Finally, you get the volume by currency and by exchange.


We don't have a lot of markets for Steem yet, but you can compare the price on Bittrex and Poloniex and decide where to buy.


You can use a few indicators and draw trend lines on this chart that you can save.


You can enable Bittrex and Poloniex and see live all the trades that are happening.


There is a forum where you can interact with other users about Steem.


The timeline is very interesting and I think unique to this website.

There you can filter events and see the most important ones.


Finally, the influence tab, which lets you know how Steem is doing on Cryptocompare and social media.

I hope that you enjoyed this tour on Cryptocompare and that you will try it soon.

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Michel Gerard


Great detail on cryptocompare - they have grown an amazing resource of all crypto information.

Thank you for your comment @ipmal.

@gmichelbkk i love your article, it has wordeful information, i'm sure its going help many of us know the right time to buy steem...

I am glad you love the article.

The tour has enabled me to start off with using cryptocompare. This will be a great tool for those of us who don't access updates on how the cryptomarket is faring. Sometimes we are caught by the busy schedules and commitments. We can now easily make right decisions when exchanging steem.

Thank you for commenting.

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