How to Create your Cryptocurrency Portfolio on CryptoCompare

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Yesterday I showed you an overview of a website called CryptoCompare that I discovered and today I'm going to show you how to create your cryptocurrency portfolio.

It is quite challenging to keep track of your cryptocurrency investments in a spreadsheet, especially calculating the profit and loss with several deposits and withdraws, and as I was searching for a simple solution online, it's how I found CryptoCompare.

If you want to create a crypto portfolio like I did, register for a free account, and then go to to get started.

How to Create your Cryptocurrency Portfolio on CryptoCompare

The first thing that you can do is go to the "Portfolio" section using the top menu and select "Public Portfolios." This will give you an idea how others have done theirs and how it works.

You can scroll down to infinity looking at all these public portfolios. Let's click on one!

Now you can see all details of this person's portfolio, what was his initial investment and all the coins he has invested in. 

This can be an excellent template for you to follow and when you create your own portfolio you will be given the choice to make it public or private.

Create your cryptocurrency portfolio

The first step is to select "My Portfolios" in the top menu, and then click on the orange "+ Portfolio" button.

Then you will see this window. Give your portfolio a name, a description and select your currency. Then choose between a private or public portfolio. The encrypted option is not available at the moment.


Click "Create."

Now your portfolio is created and you will need to enter your first coin using the button "Add your first coin" or one of the "+ coin" orange buttons.

This window opens up and you can select your coin in the menu. Let's select Bitcoin. 

Then, enter all details: amount, price, currency, per unit or total value, date and a description.


From there you can click "Add to Portfolio" or go to the "Advanced" tab.

You may select your wallet and type the receiving address.

This is particularly useful if you have coins in several wallets, then you know exactly where each investment is.

If your coins are on an exchange, select the exchange.

When you are done, you can then click "Add to Portfolio."

You will then see an overview of your portfolio with your "Acquisition Cost," your "Profit/Loss" and your "Holdings."

The Portfolio Change section is particularly useful and the graph also.

Then, you can see your first coin.

If you want to understand all metrics on this page, you can read their guide.

I added a few more coins to show you the "Risk Analysis" tab.

Then there is an "Advanced Chart" tab. 


Finally, the "Accounting" tab.

Note that these last 3 tabs with the little thunder sign are Free while in Beta testing and will be part of the portfolio subscription once it gets out of Beta.

I hope that you enjoy this tutorial and that it is useful for you.

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Michel Gerard


This is one of my new fav crypto sites. really impressed

I am glad you like the site @cryptobet. Thank you for commenting.

Im currently using ole skol, Pen to paper!! This is something im going to check out. Thnx

I am glad that my post is useful to you @iroam.

Nice info here. I am going to check that site out. I currently keep my crypto on paper and its hard to get an idea about whats going on

This website will certainly help you to keep track of all your cryptos. Do you have a tutorial or resources explaining how to have your cryptos on paper?

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I am going to check that site out...thanks for sharing

I'm glad my post is useful to you.

You should check out Cointracking Portfolio Manager.

It has

  1. Automatic import of trades through APIs.
  2. Average purchase and sale price reports.
  3. Booked and unbooked profits.
  4. Ability to calculate your taxes.
  5. Set up price notifications.

For details of how to use these features checkout this post.

Yes, I checked it already, but as the price of Bitcoin is sky rocketing, the price in Btc is the same, which makes it outragely expensive. I'd like to see a fix price in Usd instead that could be paid in btc or other coins. @cointracking

That would make sense. We are an unofficial handle and will convey the same to the cointracking team.

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