Five Posts to Read on Steemit this Sunday!

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Would you like to read about five posts on Steemit that I liked to read this Sunday because you may like them as well?

Five Posts to Read on Steemit this Sunday!

This is Sunday and I am a bit more tired than usual and want to relax a bit, so I am laying on my sofa and browsing my feed on Steemit to read posts by my favorite authors.

Below, I list five posts that I think you'd like to read.

Five Posts to Read on Steemit this Sunday!

These posts I selected are about different topics such as art & motivation, Steem news, success on Steemit, cooking and music. You can see that it is a wide range of interest.

You are encouraged to read them all, but also to upvote them and comment.

(Not in any specific order)

CreativeMornings : Anything Is Possible | AJ Brockman

Author: @abrockman

AJ Brockman is a talented artist who is able to create amazing art with just one finger. He is an inspiration to all of us and I invite you to read his post, upvote and comment.

I had the honor of being a featured presenter at CreativeMornings Palm Beach last week! CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community that takes place once a month in unison all over the world. My talk focused on my journey, commitment, and the fact that anything is possible with the right mindset.

The JerryBanfield Bid Bot Goes Offline Thursday June 7, 2018!

Author: @jerrybanfield

If you have been reading my posts, you must know about Jerry banfield who is a top Witness on Steem. Six months ago he launched a bid bot to fund projects on Steem and he is retiring it. That's important news for Steem not to miss.

The JerryBanfield Bid Bot Goes Offline Thursday June 7, 2018

6 months after initiating my account as a bid bot for the purpose of helping us fund what became about $100,000 in projects intended to add value to Steem, I am taking the bid bot offline to make space for a new endeavor I imagine will add much more value to Steem compared to running a bid bot and funding growth projects with the earnings.


Author: @mistermercury

I have been following Mr Mercury for a while now and I always enjoy reading his posts. Today he talks about success on Steemit and compares it to a train. I invite you to jump on his train today and enjoy the ride.


I honestly can not believe how popular my last post was with my pukkah parantha.So following on from this, I thought Iwould give you another one of my fab fusion recipes.Incorporating my favourite indian snack with my favourite sandwich filling. I know sounds crazy but the taste is incredible! Seriously!!

Pamcooks Beautiful Bountiful Lamb Biryani Bowl!! ❤🍚👌🍜❤

Author: @pamcooks

Pamcooks succeeded once more to make me hungry with this fabulous recipe. I eat rice every day as I live in Thailand and I may ask my wife to cook this dish for me.

Pamcooks Beautiful Bountiful Lamb Biryani Bowl!!

How are you guys today. Well I am very excited about posting this dish. This is one of mine and my husbands favourite foods. My lovely fellow steemian @kobold-djawa wanted to know if I had a Biryani recipe. Like me she is a very busy mommy and wife with a real passion for food. We share many of the same ideas, especially our views on environmental issues!

Makeda - Les Nubians by Ed Privat & Heaterville (production)

Author: @edprivat

Ed Privat is a French singer living in South Africa who usually sings in English, but this time it's in French.

Listen to the song on Dsound.

Lyrics in English in the post.

Makeda - Les Nubians by Ed Privat & Heaterville (production)

This is a song Called Makeda - Les Nubians, covered by Ed Privat, it's produced by @heaterville , I sing it french! I wanted to do something special for @nmalove contest, so the song about the Queen of Sheba, that lives through all our sons and daughters is perfect for the occasion!

That's all for today.

I hope that you will enjoy reading these posts.

Have a nice Sunday!

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Michel Gerard


Man I am so happy that you featured me in your post as I really value everything that you do on Steemit! It's particularly nice to be on the same list as @abrockman @jerrybanfield @mistermercury @pamcooks as they are all amazing human beings ! Thank you!

Aww bless you @edprivat.That is such a lovely thing to say.Will defo be checking out your posts!👍

I went to check yours, I am addicted to your fusion now ! The Bom Bom looks like something I would have dreamed of

That's my pleasure @edprivat. I enjoyed listening to your song today.

@gmichelbkk thank you sooooo much for taking your time out to read through the posts you have, including mine.It can be a little disheartening when you put alot of time and effort in completing a post only to see it fade into oblivion without many not reading the content.My aim goal is too have everyone cooking my recipes that would be just amazing!

I really appreciate your support.It is fab to be introduced to other steemers aswell and view fantastic content, which i may not have otherwise have.

Right Michael I actually like experimenting and getting ideas from my fellow steemers.I will have to dedicate one recipe to you.So what is your favourite food?What would you like too see cooked? Be sure to respond and send me your ideas and i will create a fusion dish dedicated to you, As a big thank you!!!

@pamcooks, thank you for commenting and I am glad when my posts help others' to been seen. Thank you for offering to dedicate one recipe for me, I am honored. I like a lot of things, maybe something with chicken breast, potato and rice.

now i am waiting for jerry next post after reading the above mention post . Hopefully coming project is good for all

Thank you for commenting @imran-aslam.

I am glad that you like them @mahadihasanzim, thank you.

that rice recipe looks delicious

Thanks for the introduction! These five posts are totally different from what I normally read (food/travels/... light stuff really). I particularly like the one on success on steemit and acting like a train. It was very positive and motivating. Also, despite the simple message, it had at the same time detailed and lots of relevant pictures. Really something to learn from!

Thank you @zhuwa for your comment and I am glad that you liked one of the post I suggested to read.

You have introduced here five selected post on Steemit. As you selected these, there is no doubt of your selection capability. I have read all five post. These posts are really significant for me as a Steemit member. Jerrybanfield's post is the most significant post as my point. Thanks for sharing these posts.

Thank you @sayemsonai for your feedback on the selection of the posts, ad for reading all of them. I am glad that you like my posts and that it made you discover other authors.

Great Post Micheal but i like the lamb baryani it is my favorite .

Thank you @tanveerali for tellings us, which post you like best.

I enjoyed the 5 picks. They were great!

Thank you very much for your feedback @gungho.

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