Exciting Steemit Announcement: To Build This Economy and Support This Revolutionary Platform, Our Online Store Is Now Accepting Steem!

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We’ve been living on the cutting-edge for a long time. 

We’re paving the way for a new world, and we embrace new opportunities that are in alignment with our values. Steemit has the potential to be revolutionary, and we want to support that as much as we can!

We have exciting announcements:

1) We are integrating STEEM to our website!

Thanks to the great work of the Steempay team @steve-walschot, @cass, and their support, we now accept STEEM and SBD in donation exchanges for our world-class goods and services!

2) The first products we will offer in trade for STEEM and SBD are our EpicThreads Steemit Ts!

Quinn has expanded his fashion line to include unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind, fully custom, and MOST sustainable EpicThreads Steemit Ts (and we've got more exciting, steemy products in development)!

Over the next few weeks, we will continue upgrading our huge website to accept STEEM donations for any of the valuable services and goods we have on offer!

 This project will take some time, because our site is huge and we have many projects underway.

As we take this profound step towards a healthier and more sustainable world for ALL, we'll announce the categories of our ethical merchantry shop as they are optimized for STEEM exchange!

May we continue to enjoy mutually beneficial exchanges that build a NEW world!



...And the inspiration keeps on building on! All for one and one for all! Namaste :)


because supporting steem is not good for a platform, and people have to understand that.

You should only support Steem Dollars!

Stop support for STEEM, leave only support for STEEM Dollar, and I will remove flag.

#1 it is our understanding that to accept DONATIONS using the Steempay.io platform developed by @steve-walschot, @cass, and their support, you have to be open to receive both Steem and SBD. OR a user can elect payment in wholly Steem, or in wholly SBD, but we operate by donations and there is no way to choose the parameter for that.

#2 Our article indicates that we ARE accepting SBD, and even Steem can be converted to SBD.

#3 You are flagging us for supporting Steemit, which is absolutely ridiculous.

Please remove your flag.

This is a dishonorable and unjustified use of the flagging option. This post is in no way abusive, and your actions inflict harm upon us. This is an irresponsible use of your power to force your opinion on another.

Yes this post lost value because of the flag. Whats worse is that this was a really BENEFICIAL post for the entire STEEMIT community! We are doing something that makes Steemit more reputable and integrated. Something that improves the entire Steemit Community and thus benefits us ALL!
To flag this post is VERY VERY dishonorable.
Especially without explanation or opportunity to improve first.

How so?
And why flag immediately rather than make an actual explanation and opportunity to learn and evolve?

Way to go! Good initiative! Wo0ot!

Take care. Peace. Following.

Great, may we continue to inspire! Thank you!

Thank you! We are the change!

Incorporating Steem into our everyday lives--times are definitely changing!!! Thankful for new possibilities!!! Good move, Garden of Eden!

It's an exciting time to be alive!

Gave you an upvote because I love your mission and conscious communities in general.

That T-shirt though... Cringe

Thank you for your support! Thankfully, our super sustainable shirts are fully customizable so you can show off your own epic style!

Will you accept my cream...in yo face...I'll whip it and let you sip it, uh...yeah.

I'm in the mood for putting my money in somebody else's hands, whom doesn't deserve it. Are you the right target?

Could you promise me to use the money selfishly?

You look like you might rather be paid in weed, or perhaps some crack cocaine? How did I do? Did I not hit the nail on the head, or what?

Regardless, the best that I'll give you right now is an up-vote and a follow. We'll see how things go in the future. I like to fuck with people a bit. I might decide to drop a few G's worth of bitcoin on ya, maybe not, maybe I don't give a fuck.

Life's great, ya dig?

Appreciate the support and am excited about your contributions to come!

Did you end up using the steem pay button I told you about, or did you use something else?

We are using the steem pay button. Are you using it?

Awesome! No I'm not using it. The only thing I have to sell is my marketing consulting and I can just take payments here easily enough.

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Cool. I will be able to spend my hard earn steem on cool things. Hoping that more stores will start accepting steem.

We may be the cutting edge but we won't be the last!

Hoping for greater things to happen at Steemit

This could seriously revolutionize the way we live. Thank you Steemit for what you are doing.

Absolutely, this is a very exciting opportunity! Thank you!

Super post keep up the good work your doing

Way to continue to Be the Change! Front runners you are. Ok, that sounded like Yoda hahahahaaaaa :) I'll be looking forward to buying something from y'all.

Thank you, we are very excited about this upgrade! We are a non-commercial entity, which means we don't buy/sell anything, but we will be happy to negotiate trades and exchanges for our offerings! These seemingly minute points of clarification are actually foundational to building a new economy.

We are now accepting Steem!
How convenient!
Thank you for the support~*~

Brilliant idea! Great work with your organisation also by the way guys, keep going and God bless. I am a bit of a bladeophile and am currently looking at your knives with great interest. :)

Marvelous, we have some seriously incredible beauties! And we graciously fill fully custom orders. Thank you very much for your support! Blessings~*~

You do! Ordered and on it's way :) Thank you.

Awesome, thank you! You've chosen a beautiful knife, and we will ship soon!


Thank you for the well wishes! We do not actually sell anything because we are not a commercial entity, rather these are offerings. We accept donations for trades!

This is a brilliant and innovative idea ~ tip of the hat to you sir!