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RE: Exciting Steemit Announcement: To Build This Economy and Support This Revolutionary Platform, Our Online Store Is Now Accepting Steem!

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because supporting steem is not good for a platform, and people have to understand that.

You should only support Steem Dollars!

Stop support for STEEM, leave only support for STEEM Dollar, and I will remove flag.


#1 it is our understanding that to accept DONATIONS using the platform developed by @steve-walschot, @cass, and their support, you have to be open to receive both Steem and SBD. OR a user can elect payment in wholly Steem, or in wholly SBD, but we operate by donations and there is no way to choose the parameter for that.

#2 Our article indicates that we ARE accepting SBD, and even Steem can be converted to SBD.

#3 You are flagging us for supporting Steemit, which is absolutely ridiculous.

Please remove your flag.

This is a dishonorable and unjustified use of the flagging option. This post is in no way abusive, and your actions inflict harm upon us. This is an irresponsible use of your power to force your opinion on another.

Yes this post lost value because of the flag. Whats worse is that this was a really BENEFICIAL post for the entire STEEMIT community! We are doing something that makes Steemit more reputable and integrated. Something that improves the entire Steemit Community and thus benefits us ALL!
To flag this post is VERY VERY dishonorable.
Especially without explanation or opportunity to improve first.

How so?
And why flag immediately rather than make an actual explanation and opportunity to learn and evolve?

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