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RE: Successful #1 India Steemit Accelerator and Steem Cryptocurrency Meetup 2017!

in #steemit4 years ago

Hey all.. I was lucky and glad to be part of the first Steemit meeting here in the beautiful city of Mangalore, India.

I met some really great people with really awesome experiences. I am so happy and thankful that my dear friend @firepower introduced me to the Steemit community.

The session was very informative and helpful as it cleared a lot of doubts that I had. @firepower was really good at conducting the whole session and answering all our doubts.

It was a lot of fun since most of us already knew each other and we had a good time at the meet.

Thanks again for everything @firepower :)
Hope to see you and everyone else again soon


Hi Andy. Glad to make it to this platform. Looking forward to make more steem power :D

i am from korea, i want to make some friends in india

Welcome to Steemit Sanjay! So glad to see you here. I wish you all the best :)

Thank you Andy :) Looking forward to some good action out here

Hi :) I'm sure you'll make plenty of Indian friends here :)

Nice to see you on Steemit @andreanoronha. Im looking forward to @firepower next Steemit session in Bangalore where i would be introducing all my biker friends to Steemit.

I hope i can be there too 😊

Thank you 😊

@andreanoronha thanks for the great feedback! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Was my pleasure :)

Welcome Aboard, Fellow Indian! Hope you have a great time in here. Followed.

Thanks a lot :) followed back :)

So glad to read this.

Welcome to Steemit! :)

So happy to read your story @andreanoronha. You are not only learning from one of the best in India but one of the best in the world. May good thing are to come as you are in good hands!

Yea :)
Thank you so much :)
@firepower really is great as a guide and a friend :)

Hi Andi and @Firepoer

I think this is a fantastic article. I am a new bee in Steemit and I was looking for someone who started it in india. I think you just started to exploring things with your friends but we can take it to the bigger platform and can schedule it in other cities as well to make people more aware of the new social media technology, unlike Facebook.

Your efforts are definitely appreciated. I seen the pics of manglore and rain.. Its definately a beautiful place. Must have to visit once!

Welcome to Steemit :) if I'm correct, there will be a meeting in bangalore soon. @firepower will be conducting more meetings across India if possible. You can contact him for more details.

it is impressive.

welcome to steemit

Thank you 😊

Is it possible to HACK STRRMIT????

I'm sure that it is extremely difficult.

Wonderful to read about this event and get to know the Indian Community. Welcome!
Awesome @firepower!!!

Thank you :)