Thank you @thejohalfiles! I certainly believe that Steem crypto and Steemit can make a huge positive impact on lives across the globe. It has a huge potential in India. I'm trying to make a difference as years ago I struggled and taught myself what it takes to achieve anything. Now a decade later of pursuing my goals and achieving many of them I think I am in a position to be able to help other people achieve theirs.

Steemit I hope is that revolution that many people have dreamt of. I hope to take to this platform to the masses in our motherland. I know you've migrated to a better but I know that somewhere in your heart you feel for the people here and know this platform will add great value to people's lives here and it's great to see you supporting work from many authors from India. This platform has the potential to uplift millions of lives and even provide a basic minimum income of sorts.

I will be conducting future Steemit Accelerators in other cities. The next one is Bangalore and then others from there as the community grows.

Thank you for following my work. Please stay tuned as I will also have other interesting content of value coming up and your support will help me continue all of my current initiatives. Thank you for your attention and continued support!

These are very exciting times brother we are lucky to be here indeed, I will be looking forward to reading/hearing more @firepower. Take care

@thejohalfiles Hey brother, see you doing well ^^ I just wanted to ask. Are there any tips on getting cur. rewards or its all the same if you have low SP.
Much love <3

The earlier you find a post that you think will do well, the more you will earn. Look for good content that will bring value to the network that others will also upvote. If you are the first to find good content you will earn the most. With that said it is not always about earning the most. In some cases you may want to vote last to give others a chance or various other reasons. You should experiment and find your own system that works for you. I recommend you use the site to monitor your mining stats if you are going to get heavy into the curation side of things.