Pictures From India Steem Meetup #5—Tezpur, Assam!

in steemit •  8 months ago

This is a selection of pictures shot at the meetup in Tezpur city. @varunpinto is our DOP for all our meetup shoots and he’s managed a few clicks. I hope you like the pictures. @shenoy is working on the videos from the last two meetups and we’ll have them online


Varun and I are both under the weather after we came back. I’m sure everyone from Tezpur have waited patiently for the photos. Thank you for being so patient.


You can read about the meetup here! The meetup was successful and many of the participants are now better equipped to use this platform.


I hope to continue working to bridge the gap between different communities as we go on with this year. You can support my community initiatives by supporting my witness.




Steemit.Chat Contest will be up next and other updates from me. Also please stay tuned for the video from International Steem Meetup #1 in Malaysia!

Download All Pictures from India Steem Meetup #5 Here!

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Been waiting for all these pictures for a very long time now. I am so happy it is finally up. Wil be downloading every single one of them.


Hi @sistem. I hope you'll upload all of it. It's good to see people working together for one common goal in steemit. Keep it up!

Wow,it was one of the most beautiful day of my life.I feel very honored and happy for this auspicious presentations .Yes friends,my confidance level is rising very high by meeting this wonderful person and his crew members.Now my utmost motto of life is to work ,for the development of the community by creating awareness among people about the benefit of this world.These types of meetup are very important for boosting up energy level.In this beautiful moments i would like to offer my heartest thanks to @firepower,for giving us his most precious time .He is our real hero,we need his inspiration for better future.I wish him good luck,good health and happiness in life.Thanks.

Great work! This platform needs young and enthusiastic people like you all, for such initiatives and who are taking it to the places.

Nice one...continue the good work by preaching the gospel of steemit. Long live steemit block chain

outstanding job, what could make a community that there is no pros and cons in it

Interesting, this steemit meet up is great initiative, let join hand to promote steemit all around the world,this is a great job from @firepower

you are doing great job by doing meetup to building communities and make connections between them. Hope you will visit Pakistan too.

You framed a meetup Tezpur, Assam.Really good job and amazing photoshooot!!!

can i join your steemit meeting in India from Pakistan??where you are going to held your next meeting??

WOW 😮 very nice 👍

When you are organizing a meetup here in Uttar Pradesh, let me know. I will definitely join it.

These contributions are the ones that are really needed in steemit, publications that
provide something good ... You have my congratulations, keep.

Look like a great turnout for the meetup.
You are doing a fantastic job @firepower and steemit would not be the same without you.

That great job @firepower.
India mai steemit bahot fast grow hoga.. Bass ye govt +ve sochey crypotocurrency key bareymai..

Another great Indian Party in the North East. :') Cheers guys!
I hope when you guys start your 2nd leg of covering these cities, the number will double or triple. Maybe more. :D

It's always a pleasure seeing Indian Steemians om Steemit do post the meetup video fast I am eager to watch the video now and also good to see Women example housewife doing steemit ...Loved the meetup story sir @firepower awesome it is..

I like your posts. you are very creative in inviting people around you join in this flatform

Well it's not only the people from Tezpur that have been waiting patiently for the photos.. We've been waiting for some good days ever since you posted about the meetup in Tezpur. It was an organised with lots of space from the looks of the pics. The people must have loved learning more about steemit. This is what gets those features on the platform active when people get to learn how to use them. And the higher the activity, the stronger steem gets.

With unity then the unity and the unity will be more solid.

warm greetings from community children steemit aceh and indonesia. and I've followed your post and I've voted. do not forget to follow me back and vote again.

You are a wonderful person, my friend, I am always watching you
You are like me here. I wish you every success.

That is so awesome that you were able to get a sizeable group together to share Steem with and meet up with like minded individuals. It is so nice to see the Steem community growing and everyone working to support each other. I am excited to see what the future brings! Great post!

Great! I hope it was great meetup...👌

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Wow! This is awesome! The first 10 seconds of reading your post I was amazed. It's good to see people are starting to embrace the potential of this platform and with constant effort from all of us, I'm pretty sure we'll reach the top. Keep it up @firepower! Make the community aware of our wonderful platform :)

Happy to see you all of you. I think you shared great time with each other.

Bro don't mind but 2nd picture who took i want to give him/her 200 Points. You click very good moment and the man between the two girls. Man your expression awesome.

@varunpinto bro you are too good to ask question. I am following you and you make me laugh.

I am waiting for @firepower reply. Till i didn't get even a single. I think he is busy in work

But i am waiting for his reply.

Men you are the Spinal Cord for Indian user. I gets energy after see your enthusiastism to help other and creat good relation between them.

I don't know when you visit to J&K but i am eager to meet your.


@Kamesh thanks and you may follow for more expression full pictures :D - The main in second In Picture.


Yes bro why not. @saksham

You are the Narendra Modi of steemit..I mean you are travelling all around the world like him..I hope,one day I will be there with your crew!

All the best bro @firepower

That's awesome!!!

I always enjoy seeing steemit meetups. So many emotions in just a few pictures :D

I hope your India community is more and more developing

Truly said not only elders but sometimes youngsters also prove to be an inspiration for the elders. The joyous collaboration of the campaign was very successful and interesting one. You and your teammates joyful nature also made it fun. I Hope you get lots of success in your coming phase.

Thank you. This is such an apt description! You and your helpful guides! You are awesome! Thank you!

This is like the Dandi March, instead it's a Steem March haha.
Great work spreading the word about it.

Wow !
Looks like you really enjoyed this meetup !

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Very impressive step was taken by you and your entire team @firepower ,for coming to tezpur and giving all of us this amazing platform. You have truley inspired all of us . Good luck for future work😄

@varunpinto sir had captured all the photograph's bright and doubt he is also a good and a experienced photographer.
loved your post sir.
and how are you?

@varunpinto did a great job with the pictures. Loved them!

Saw on @varupinto's post that it's your birthday @firepower.

Happy Birthday man! Well wishes from me and the family. See ya soon!

Great work on community initiatives - I've made reference to this in my post today.

Halo All community India, regards @launglilawangsa in Indonesia and aceh