Steemit.Chat Contest #16 + Contest #15 Winners Announcement!

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The 15th contest was about forming a sentence with two given words: wabbit and bibble. There were some good entries, but it seemed like quite a few didn’t look up the meaning of these two words before proceeding to participate.

The 15th contest was a short one in order to come back to the regular schedule. But first let’s get on with the announcement of winners for Contest #15.

Congrats to these Steemians who won Contest #15:

  1. @river-island - Winnie the Pooh is lying down under a tree and one of a sudden he sees Piglet coming with a rope and a big Bibble candy popcorn.
    "What are you doing, Piglet?"- Pig's life makes me feel a bit wabbit and I decided to hang myself. "And what about that big Bibble candy popcorn?"- What is this stupid question, Pooh? I am about to hang оn this rope all day long and when I get hungry and I will have to eat something.

  2. @kay1 - From dawn to dusk I work tirelessly and effortlessly to complete the task at hand, which is to build a wooden fence around the family's ranch, As I lay on the field surrounded by pigs and other domestic animals, feeling very wabbit I gaze into the sky trying to stay focused and think of the next step But I get distracted by the bibbling of the animals, as I watch continuously which one bibbles the most.

  3. @shoneyishere - I found some fine crispy pork on the table, then I had no choice but to bibble it down like a hungry bunny. Later I was feeling a bit Wabbit, I told myself : "no wonder you Idiot, you should have thought this through before losing yourself to the pork".

  4. @xtrim - After completing an entire algorithm in python on the Trachtenberg system, I felt more wabbit than I ever have and so, I couldn't help but bibble every drop of coffee in my mug to get a grasp of myself.

These are also the 4 people whose entries I liked. They probably also googled the meaning of the words before forming sentences with them.

Winners-SBDs will be sent after the previous contest post pays out.

Contest #16

Let's get on with the 16th contest and it’s quite simple. I'm sure many of you will participate in this. We’ll run this in the official contest channel on Steemit.Chat.

Share your experience!

  1. 1 Entry per person.
  2. Please answer this: What was the most difficult conversation you've ever had?
  3. Keep it short under 200 words.
  4. Post a single comment in steemitchat-contest channel with your entry.
  5. You have until the next Monday till this post pays out or my announcement in the channel closing the contest (whichever is earlier).
  6. There will be 6 winners. I will choose 6 responses that I like the most. Winners will get an equal split of 85% of SBDs from this post.
  7. Multiple entries will lead to disqualification so kindly post a single comment in the chatroom!
  8. Contest will take place in steemitchat-contest channel on Steemit.Chat.
  9. @vdux gets 15% of SBDs from this post for contest idea!

You are also welcome to drop more Steemit.Chat contest ideas in this post or in the contest channel and you may get some SBDs if your idea gets selected for a future contest.

Let contest #16 begin!

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Edit: Contest continues as chat service is back online.


Sad news! I was expectant about the outcome

I'll try to participate in the next contest is great that you are doing this. as for an Idea for a future contest how about. What would you change to save the world?


I hope that such contest and meetups will be held Pakistan as well.

I want to participate. What can I do?

Nice contest

This is simply great to encourage others for more profits

Hi, friend @firepower !! Great idea for the next contest. If the challenge is What's up for you to wake up laughing?...

I'm sure there will be many unique and funny entries. hehe..😂 thank you!!

HaHa, this is brilliant.
Count me in for the next contest...

I missed previous contests. I should be on this one.

This is a totally awesome 👏 idea keep it up love the post 👍👍👍👏👏👏

wow !! thanks for sharing this :D im gonna give it a try

nice contest, am really in for this.

Felicitaciones a los ganadores, mil éxitos.

That's a killer topic!

Wow I'm among the winners !!!!! Thank you so very much @firepower

Nice contest. I will also join. And upvote. Thanx for this oppertunity.

Wow. Nice Contest!!!

con guys. I want to join new one. it will be my fitst time.

I am willing to join . .
Im new here but confident . . ^_^

nice contents!


Hello. How are you? I'm interested in your contest. if it's the first time I'm going to enter a, how do I log in and leave a comment? I would also like to contribute an idea for another contest. Maybe it's a bit trite because of everything that has been said about that topic, but it's about this: what do you think about the situation in Venezuela and the migration of Venezuelans to other countries? Greetings.

Hiii @firepower! I deeply appreciative of this opportunity to try a little writing and try a contest! I posted on Steemitchat and hope I did it right! Thank you again!

Hey thanks @firepower! You run great contests, easy to participate but require some effort. Glad you liked my idea!

Oooo, definitely going to do this, have I been waaaaaiting for stuff like this. @rahulkondi bitch I know you can win this too, DO IT

This is a good motivation, keep posting dear

Oh. Well I did Google the meaning of the words but decided to still use the more popularly known wabbit as rabbit because it's cute. Lol.

Congratulations to the winners!


I thought the same thing when I read the instructions! Elmer Fudd, not sad Scottish person...

Thanks so much much. I couldn't win 15th contest but as m contesting 16 again. I appreciate this opportunity

Resteeming this contest, simply for my friend @dwells who loves contests like these... how fun! I may participate later once i am out of #dolphinschool and have more time to devote!

nice post welldone


plzz support me I m new in this platform

Your challenge was added to Steemit Contest Compilation (05.02-11.02): Win free SBD and STEEM for current week.

Thank you @firepower for giving Steemians (especially minnows) a chance to get free SBD.

I congratulate the winners.

Oh my... I am one of the winners too!
@firepower, you are the best person that has happened to steemit in recent times. Thank you so much man, I am honored.

@firepower, i tried to post my story for #16 Contest but I don't know if it worked. It was titled "The First Call".

This looks fun. and congratulations for the winners. :)

Hello sir @firepower, i want and love to join your contest and my entry is done but i find hard posting my entry. the domain was fired, i tried several times. if there's any link i would be glad. your response would be appreciated. thank you.


The Steemit chat is not functional, cause the person who runs was fired, and it will take some time for the new team to run the chat.

For more information see on

Sir @firepower how are you?., Hmmm is there any alternative to where we can place our entry? The is not working. Thank you

Thank you for doing this to encourage everyone and in a way give back to the people which is borne out of your selflessness and love. Thank you.


Yes... thanks again my friends


You are most welcome.

i want to participate but the is down? :/

Congrats for all winners...👍

Hahaha.. Nice. .

Very nice post and great article.. Follow and vote me by @atjehsteemit

I love this contest! And it's really funny when I read their story! Hahaha... I like it... Good job bro... Resteem! Upvoted...

How can participate

beautiful contest, am really in for this.

😮 Thank you for choosing me as one of the winners.

How about providing a sudoku to solve ?

COntest idea "what has been your greatest challenge on steemit ?"

Contest idea - "greatest regret you have had in your life ?"