Marriage (An Original Relatable Poem)

in #steemitlast year

Hey fellas, ya feel me?


I got a screaming, naggin’ wife,

Makes me wanna end my goddamn life,

Go head for the kitchen, grab a knife,

A quick end to all this suffering and strife.

Her grating voice chills me to the bone,

Why can’t I get some peace and quiet on my own?

It just don’t matter how much I bitch and I moan,

The only escape being perched on the porcelain throne.

Why she gotta criticise me all the damn time?

Pick fights, throws fits, a constant hollering and whine,

I bust my ass trying to save every nickel and dime,

Nine to five, trying to stay alive. Is that my only crime?

I can’t do nothing right, feel as useful as a concrete parachute,

Anymore of that droning crap, I’mma give myself the boot,

Down the road to the nearest bar, hoping she don’t give pursuit,

God I pray they playing Russian Roulette tonight, just pull the trigger and shoot.

Her voice is shrill, piercing as hell, if only I could shut down my brain,

But life don’t give you no emergency cord, just keeps you enduring the pain,

I was free long ago, when my home was my keep and these lands were mine to reign,

But that one paper sign, on that small dotted line… Freedom just got flushed down the drain.


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Hi @ezzy
A tough write up, which can easily represent the reality of many, I think that life as a couple is not easy, even when things might be fine.
But if things are really going bad, the best thing to do is to end the relationship, and not life.
It is a very real, forceful poem, and I am sure there will be those who feel identified with it.
Interesting writing.

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Hi @ezzy, hope you are keeping well.

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Hi, dear, @ezzy

Wow! How much anger is here (apparently).

Poetry has never been my forte, sometimes I have a hard time understanding it.

But with a poet brother, I have learned that not everything written is literal. So I have broken my skull, trying to find another meaning to what you have written. But I was not successful.

I believe that these lines are very clear and reflect a situation that many men and women experience on a daily basis, but that we generally remain silent and repress.

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