What Does Freedom Feel Like?

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For better, or for worse, we measure our lives with numbers. I’m 46 years old. I've identified my dream of being a writer about 24 years ago and have daydreamed about writing full-time ever since.

For the past 22 years and 2 months my dreams of freedom swirled about in my head while I worked away as a project manager/forms designer in a cubicle for a local insurance company. All that time I wrote books, poetry, magazine articles, and blogs in my spare time trying my best to envision what the freedom of making a living at my passion would feel like.

The building I work in is to the left.

The lot I park in for work is almost exactly 1 mile away from my employer’s building. Through the heat of summer and the brutal cold of the Minnesota winters, I’ve walked roughly 15,000 miles back and forth to my car in those 22 years and 2 months. To put things into perspective, 15,000 miles is the equivalent of 2.5 times the length of the Great Wall of China, 4 times the length of the Amazon River, and 5.5 times the distance between New York and Los Angeles. So many ideas for my fiction and articles were born on those walks.

The view from the parking lot.

The buildings in downtown St. Paul are connected by a system of skyways, so you can navigate the city without having to expose yourself to the harsh winter elements. On my lunches and my breaks I would walk through the skyways and think of ideas for short stories, novels, and poetry.

Part of the skyway system.

I likely would’ve lived the next twenty years of my life this way...daydreaming, if it wasn’t for one amazing stroke of luck. On July 5th, 2016 I joined Steemit. It took exactly 1 year, 3 months, and 18 days of writing on Steemit before I handed in my notice.

I’m thrilled to announce that, as of 4:15pm on October 13, 2017, my new life as a full-time writer begins!!

So, getting back to my original question…What Does Freedom Feel Like? In a way, it feels like graduating. I feel 90% elated, 10% scared out of my mind. This next phase of my life will take some adjusting to and will still require extremely hard work.

I kind of feel like Andy Dufresne from A Shawshank Redemption. After existing so many years within such a tightly structured corporate system, freedom will take some getting used to. I promise it will never be taken for granted.

I’ll be getting up every weekday morning with an alarm and planning my day to get as much done as I can. For the foreseeable future, my day will be filled with duties surrounding the HardFork Film Series, writing/curating much more on Steemit, and learning more about cyrptocurrency.

Where will this journey of life take me from here? I guess time will tell. One thing I’m sure of, from the look on his face, Amstel is happy that I'll be home with him all day!

Thank you Steemit, and thank you all for your ongoing support of my work! Remember, if I can do this, you can too. Write about what excites you. I'm living proof...Steemit makes dreams come true!

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Please follow our official Steemit account for the film series @hardfork-series. We are thrilled to announce we'll be debuting the HardFork Film Series Teaser Trailer at SteemFest2 in Lisbon! Hope to see you there!

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Congratulations Eric!! I should say that you were the very first Steemit success story that I stumbled on last summer. Your work with Alarm Clock Dawn really inspired me to take this platform seriously as a freelancer's resource and as a means to enhance my own craft and creativity. What an amazing ride it has become.

Cheers to the exciting journey ahead :)

Thank you, @voronoi! I'm so happy for your success here! The best part is I have a feeling the best is yet to come. Have a wonderful night.

How would you imagine the best scenario? What more is going to come to Steemit that would make it more interesting for writers like yourself and spectators from all over the world?

This is the first article I have read from you and I like the way you tell the story. Still I'm wondering how this writing can be a full time job... Sounds like a great way of life though ;-) Good luck on your next journey, the adventure! The world is at your feet

Congrats, was nice reading about your experience.

Still… rectangular lifes we live, with a systematically rectangular understanding of our surroundings and proper judgement. No drawers, no orientation and often we feel lost in possibilities. Even our weird understanding of freedom is as rectilinearly as the screen that I´m staring at right now.

I feel that you have made the right step for “the best to come” but please everyone do not celebrate leaving a corporate as freedom itself. If you don´t have a reasonable plan you will end up at the same desk surrounded by the same colleagues, same habits, same bills to pay for the same bullshit.

Free your mind, meditate and make your way step by step towards a healthy life for body & mind where your opinion is as less manipulated as possible, be aware of your own fallacy and you will recognize that freedom, as everything else, emerges from within.

And please Eric, don´t be home with Stella all day, go for a walk ;)

Your last post has inspired me. About to make some big life changes. btw Im 50. Its never too late

I'm glad you connected with the post! You're right, as long as we have breath it's never too late!

50-50 2 .. we measure our lives.. with numbers!

Godspeed, Eric! The time i have remaining at Securian will be much less exciting without you around. That is until i can retire early too! Catch you later!

Thank you my friend! You’re going to be missed, we have a lot of years of memories. I have no doubt we’ll stay in touch. Your freedom post is coming soon!

Very wonderful Eric! I am so glad you made the break through to living free. I can relate to the desire to earn a living from doing what you love, writing.

I have always been a writer, but never schooled in it because I believed it would never make me any money. Turns out, now I'm adult, a BA in writing may have earned me some cred, rather than just starting out from the beginning, with no formal training...oh well, lol.

I am so glad I am able to show off being a writer, here on Steemit, and earning something from it. I have never published my works officially until now (and received payment). Steemit has incentivized and empowered me with the blockchain to release my works, which I am currently doing in poetry volumes.

If you like E.A. Poe, you might like my poetry. It is a bit dark, and filled with tragic romance, but - 'tis the season. :-) The Silence of the Yellow Bear - Sick Vol 6

Cheers to your accomplishments on here, Eric! I am so glad to see your dream of freedom, scary though it may be, realized. :-) I hope one day, I too may make a living doing exactly what I love - poetry, art & photography. :-)


Thank you @robyneggs! Making a living at writing isn't easy until you find the secret. I learned the key is to build your audience first by blogging and then have them sign up for your mailing list. After this, you have people willing to buy your books. I wish you luck in growing your career! I'll check out your poetry!

Thank you so much, Eric V.W.!! :-) I will get on in the advertising dept! :-) Can't wait to release my newer works in printed form - someday soon I hope! :-)

Congratulations on your new found freedoms, you beat the trodden path, but the path did not beat you.

May I suggest to keep that tad of fear as it is a valuable tool for being the cutting edge in all you do. 40 years free myself, yes and still keeping that tad of fear, that I have learned to embrace!

Thank you! Very smart idea to keep a tinge of the fear as a motivator. Cheers to you for being free for 40 years!

What's a protection center?

what does freedom feel like?
simple question...complex answer.

  1. It would depend on your baseline...where you at
  2. It would depend on how much power you have

The powerful have more freedoms than the powerless...it's inherent.

So true! Freedom depends on many factors, so often we trade one burden for another.

Fantastic to read you are leaving the corporate world behind you . Being boxed in a cubicle is no way to make a living for a man of your talents. Best to you and your family as you head out on your own .
Until next time,

I appreciate it, @sultnpapper! It feels good to be moving onto what's next. Only since I've made the decision did I realize it was my own fear holding me back the whole time. All the best to you and yours as well!

Congratulations Eric. You're an inspiration to many of us. I watched some of your earlier success here on Steemit and it gave me hope to follow a similar path.

I still work full time but I manage to make the time now to pursue my writing passions. Still here on Steemit I enjoy writing original poetry and posting original photography.

I am now working on my very own novel (first ever for me!). I'm so excited.

Thank you Eric and congrats! :)

P.S. Now let's hope you don't gain a ton of weight since you've lost your daily walks...

Thank you so much, man! Congratulations on starting your first novel! The first one was very difficult for me but finishing was the best feeling in the world. No matter how hard it gets, don't give up. NaNoWriMo offers a great template to help you finish. I'm going to make it a point to still try to get the same amount of exercise. We'll see how well that works! : )

Sounds familiar... I'm 46, I've always wanted to write too but I've sold my soul to the devil on so many occasions and turned my back on a path I feel I should have taken many times. I'm certainly not free (yet) but I'm awake and that's the first step! Super post and great uplifting story, I hope this works out for you, I'm sure it will!

Same boat @KevKong. I think its time for us to up the game. Ill be routing for ya

Thanks man, yep let's go for it :-)

Being awake is the most important part. I completely understand why you got cold feet, those last few steps are incredibly difficult...this is why it's taken me so long. Best of luck to you in your journey and thanks for your comment!

Wonderful! So happy for you :) 22 years is a long time and it sounds like a huge step!

Your dog looks a bit like "You're gonna be in my space all day every day from now on???" ;)

Best of luck! Sounds like you have inspiring things lined up already, that will keep you busy!

Thank you! Funny! Yes, I guess Amstel's expression could be read that way too. He's an old man now (10yrs old) and set in his ways. : )

Does he speak Dutch? :) How come he's got a Dutch name?

Lol. My wife names all of our dogs after beers. ; )

Ha hahaa! Well, why not. That's a good system :D

Congratulations! It couldn't have happened to a more-deserving guy!

I'm so fortunate that I've been able to write almost full-time (between editing novels for others etc) so I do know how lucky you must feel!

Well done! I do mean that, it takes a lot of guts to go out on a limb and make a business of it.

I wish you all the luck in the world and as much support as I can possibly give.

If I can help in ANY way, please let me know <3

Thank you, Michelle! It's been something I've contemplated for years but never had the guts to do. I commend you for being able to accomplish it! I appreciate the offer, I'm sure I'll have tons questions as I go along. Right now I'm trying to establish as many revenue streams as possible. See you soon in Lisbon!

More power to your elbow! I'm sure you'll be an absolute smash!

See you soon!

Congrats to you man!! Living the dream. I'm chasing the same thing. It's inspiring to hear your story.

Thank you, @erb! I wish you the best of luck on your journey!

Congratulations, Eric!
I had the same feeling of wanting to not waste time and enjoy my freedom when I left school. I'm sure your time will be well spent.
It's great that you managed to achieve your dream through Steemit ;)
Good luck to you!

Thank you! I think I'll have the discipline to do it. I'm excited to find out. I really appreciate the support!

What a great, inspiring post, Eric!
Don't we all strive for personal freedom in our lives in the end?

These 2.5 Walls of China will now become an impressive puzzle piece of your life's journey. I guess there are people who don't even walk 15,000 miles in their whole lives :-)

Enjoy the ride. The best is jet you come.

I appreciate it, @surfermarly. I had to do some deep soul searching and define what freedom meant to me. I'll be working harder now than I was before, very likely, but it will be at what I love so it won't feel like drudgery. I've worn out many pairs of shoes in the last couple of decades! Thank you so much for the kind comment and the vote of confidence!

Congrats on taking that leap Eric, that has to feel so liberating! I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see how the @hardfork-series turns out, I know you guys will do great! I can't help but ask, do you have the mango wood dining table from HOM? I used to work there and recognize your chair :)

Thank you and I appreciate the vote of confidence! The HardFork Film Series has been so incredibly fun to work on. We can't wait to share the trailer with you all in November.

Thats a interesting prospective you put in your post @ericvancewalton. There are many full timer blogger on steemit. Glad we can add one more to the list.

I love your story and it gives me so much hope and fuel to keep going. Every morning I wake up and I find stories like these on this platform. the future is bright friend and I look forward to reading more of your work.

dreams are just future memories :)

Thank you for a very inspiring real life story and personal experience. I discovered freedom was when I packed up my day job in 2015 to venture into self employment. I'm doing good and still dreaming of what freedom looks like...I can feel it, I can see it...just need to be in total freedom.....it won't be long

I'm so glad you made the decision to do that! Best of luck to you and thanks for the comment!

I am now shouting with Pharrell Williams "Freedom............freedom....." Yes, this story is inspiring for aspirant steemitians like us.......freedom......

AWESOME! Love that song. Thank you!

Congratulations brother! You deserve it.. I'm trying to do the same to help my family 👪, They have lived on the brink of misery for years now.. Although it will take much time and effort.

Thanks for inspiring me and others.

Much love ❤︎


Thank you @vangelov! I appreciate it. I'm so thankfully us creatives have so many paths to success now that don't involve gatekeepers. Best of luck to you on your journey! Take care, man!

Congratulations! I have been free myself for over 2 years now and it feels amazing!


Thank you! Cheers to you Joe!

Thank you!! Cheers to you as well :D

Amazing. I am only 6 years into my dream of writing full time and I found steemit less than a week ago. I can already see the potential. I think your story is inspirational for the dreamers. I look forward to checking out your book. Thanks for posting.

Hi Eric,
I just stumbled upon this post and thought it was very inspiring that you are still not giving up on your passion. I believe in being sincere in life, so following a passion is a very practical life choice to me. I wish you all the best with your work! This is my first comment and I am about to embark on my journey through Steemit!


What an exciting post to read! Your success is a model for everyone in this community. You wholeheartedly deserve your freedom and now you have it! Huge Congratulations Eric!

Thank you so much, Doug! I really appreciate the support and the friendship we are building upon each day.

Hearty congratulations Eric, this is so exciting, hooray! I'm so pleased to have been able to witness your success so far and may the next round bring more than you've ever imagined possible.

Thank you, Ruth! Now that it's here, I'm realizing it's going to take some adjustment. I had most of this week off to use up vacation, work two more weeks then I'm done! : )

This week is great practice I imagine and yes it's an adjustment but that's just details. You'll work it out and if you need support just ask one of us old-time self employed friends for help.

Congrats @ericvancewalton, but how does it smell like? :D

Sweet @kevinwong! It smells might sweet. : )

Awesome Eric, very happy for you! I know you won't regret this; keep Steemin my man :-)


Thank you @cryptogee! Cheers to you!

Steemit what a gift to freedom

I ignored my true passion for over 20 years too.

Part of the reason I'm on Steemit is to make sure I follow through and get off my hamster wheel. We only have one life to live. Why waste it? I kick myself for not acting sooner.

I am doing it though. A few years ago I became a PI. A couple years ago I opened my own PI business. Now I'm working on my board certification though ASIS to be a Physical Security Professional.

I'll then use that credential to attract a quality publisher for residential security books. I'm already doing residential security consulting without it. Every book on the topic has been read by me already, and that's why I confidently call myself a residential security expert.

There's a plan, and I'm almost there. My blog entries here will become chapters in the first book, so it isn't even like it is difficult. I'm doing it!

Thanks for your quality post. I appreciated it. Kudos to you for fulfilling your passions as well!

Wow! I have been following you off and on for a while now and I am very impressed with your writing and how well you have done for yourself! Congratulations! A well deserved new course toward freedom for you!

It's very hard to be free on this slave planet

I loved your story :) Very hopeful

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and encouraging you. My life is also something similar to your life. I am a teacher of Hindi literature.
I wanted to share my stories, poetry, my thoughts with lots of people by going to a lot of places but every time disappointment took place.
Some time ago my financial condition was also bad. But now I teach in a private school which costs my home.
But I am not getting the joy that I should be in the form of an author. I tried many times to publish my poems and stories, but only failure Got hands.
But a few days ago, some of my friends told me about Stimit.This is a very good platform. I just shared my first story 2 days ago.Very good response is coming.
If you have time with the head then read my first story.
and again thanks Happy steeming.

Phase 1: You write but hardly anyone views or likes

Phase 2: You continue writing more, but result is the same, you want views/likes/shares/followers, you start tagging influencers who write more, this is where most people give up, or stay for a long time

Phase 3: You stop writing for likes/views/shares/followers people start to read what you write, people start to follow you

Phase 4: People wait to read what you write, trollers try to discourage you, you either get discouraged or continue to write, views/likes/shares/followers/connection requests/messages shoot up. At some point you may face a writers block here

Phase 5: Trollers vanish & even if they dont, its just you, your writing & those who love reading what you write

Phase 6: Dont know what happens here, probably you become a linkedin influencer

Writing or Living on linkedin is very akin to "Living" or "Working" in life. You can enter from Phase 3 as well. Interestingly your first degree connections dont help much, very few of them like your posts till phase 4. There are no timelines

Where are you stuck?

If you need help pls connect with

It's always incredible to know that someone somewhere has had the courage to throw caution to the wind and step outside their comfort zone to go headfirst after what they want. Gives others inspiration and hope!

Congratulation Eric, Life is what we a make, the moment you said

For better, or for worse, we measure our lives with numbers

I was tourched, May you succeed and achieve more in Life

That's absolutely amazing what you've done. It takes a lot of courage to go against what is expected of you in society and pursue something you like and love. Cheers!

This is Great, Best Wishes! Followed :)

all picuher buyti full nisc live men thank steemit u

thanks Eric for very inspiring story!
and Shawshank Redemption...definately one of the best movies ever!

That was so great to read to be honest finally you can sense the freedom very happy for you this is truly inspiring how you have evolved :) truly amazing !!

You decided on such changes at the age of 46! You are a brave man! I respect such people! You will succeed!
In Russia there is a proverb: Long harness horse and then quickly ride.
I congratulate you on finding freedom! Good luck to you!

Oh my gosh!Congratulations!!!You are a living example, a person who's hard work paid off!Im very happy for you and for your dog,it's nice you will get to spend more time with him😊👏Wish you all the best;)

a very great post ..

great post, thanks

Loking wow dog and your pleace quitly

Great post! and congratulations on your new and exciting journey! Best wishes :)

Congratulations, Eric. Your journey is a great inspiration to many.

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Wish you all of best luck in the next fase of self-independency :D And I can feel where you're coming from, the introduction to Steemit feels pretty similar to me. It enables me to educate and develop myself, to eventually come at that same point of "Freedom".

Congratulations Eric. It feels great to know that Steemit has been helping people live their dreams!
There's nothing better than finally getting out of that box and doing something creative, something that you love and earn doing it.
Wishing you success! :)

Nice post @ericvancewalton thanks for sharing of nice story
upvoted and following updates....

What an awesome dream. Happy you can now write full time. Thank you for sharing @ericvancewalton.

Best regards on your impending freedom @ericvancewalton.

Usually, elated times like these bring a something and/or someone to intercept the joys you're planning to experience. Be on guard!!! ;+)

Your 'fears' are understandable; but nowhere near the exhilaration of the freedom of signing off 'the man's' time clock, while fulfilling your life-yen with financial provision to boot.


Update: I took a look at your book on meditation; and, can say that the positive reviews and the brief sampling in Amazon makes it appear an interesting read.

I wrote a perpetual daily devotional on God Speaking into our lives in everyday circumstances. I am sure your book was as cathartic in nature as mine.

Again, thanks for sharing! Best regards on your new endeavors.


great post @ericvancewalton
Interesting to read

@ericvancewalton when the door is closed on to your life.God has plan for you..you may think its crazy but the lord will opened a new door for you to grow more as a person..its a matter of faith brother..it will be a blessing for sure.. the future is ahead of you..take care my friend

Wishing you best of luck... I followed you..

Oh, that's inspiring! I have wanted to write for years but can't get myself focused. Steemit is my first go at blogging. I still haven't found my stride, but little by little I'll get there. Happy writing !

Congrats! YOu rock! It's going to be one hell of a journey again.

SO it's really nice to learn from peoples past experience. thanks for this write up eric. i'm inspired.

Congratulations to you and to the new chapter of your life! What a great journey it is!

Nice and very well written article.
I'm looking for inspiration in how to improve my posts and I think I found some.
Thank you

You just hit that part of me that shout "get your boot outta the bed and go out there" yes you are indeed a success story. please can i re-steem your post and would you be my guide on matters that concern all about life.

Oh! I know what you mean! A year ago, I too broke free. And every morning I felt anxiety and even guilt. I stay at home, when the whole world is rushing to work. But at the same time I was happy! I worked in the office until this moment. Every day, like Groundhog day. All around: haste and bustle. I have not had time to play with my kids. But now I like you write the articles, and their stories. I recently joined STEEMIT. Of course, my income is slightly less than it was in the office. But I got something more - the freedom and joy of life. Now every morning I'm greeted with a smile. I do what I love. And when I want.

congrats.....enjoy the world.

Inspiring! Thanks for sharing your story and I wish you the best of luck!

Wow congrts @ericvancewalton you have managed to do something I have been wanting to do for many years I am currently working on writing posts on steemit and hopefully going to steemfest2 got my ticket but now trying to get funding for my flight your an inspiration hope to see you at steemfest.

I think every Person has it's own perception of freedome. Freedome for me is when I can do what I love at work and on my freetime

@ericvancewalton That is so inspirational, followed and voted :-)

I love the new freedom that blockchain technology is affording so many people. it feels like a revolution and a really good one at that. it really is allowing people to live more and not be enslaved by having to sacrifice their lives just to live. loveit!!!

Hello Eric

This is a nice article, and it is well written. Your dog is too nice. Thanks for sharing. I follow you now.

If you like my Posts, just Follow me and Resteem and Upvote my Posts. @thunderland

I am happy to met a motivator like you Eric. I like freedom and i will one day settle down and follow my instinct like you did. Thank you for the motivation.

Eric, congratulations man. I've been dreaming of being a full time writer as well for the better part of 6 years now. Blogging, writing articles, ebooks, etc. All while working in a system that makes me feel like a slave. I envision the day that I too can start my journey free from a system that doesn't suit me. Thanks for the added inspiration. Cheers!

You know those titles that just suck you in as soon you see them? Yours was one of them. A phrase I have been using lately is, "I just want to be free!"
I am a creative and I work as a "designer" in a large financial corporation. As much as I love it, I would love to be free to create art anytime I want. Free to get up and write and not have to spend 4 hours a day on a bus ride to work.
Free to go on vacation with my family...just on a whim!
I admire your courage and determination.
Hopefully, Steemit will help me accomplish the freedom I seek.

All the best!

Freedom is being in front of my computer at 2am with no worry in the world. I may spend some more time on Steemit, maybe I'll go finish reading the book waiting beside the bed, maybe I'll pour myself another drink...maybe all of the above. Tomorrrow I'll sleep late, then start all over again...
May you spend many pleasant nights in front of your computer and go to bed so tired you won't dream of the glass cage you've been locked in for so long.
Good luck.


Hey my friend,

thanks for sharing this story. I saw you the first time.
But first of all congratulations :)
Previous Balken.png
I don't know your whole story, but I can feel the excitement you have.
What I really like is that you encourage other people to go the same way. I really appreciate that.

We people need to see success stories and from what I​ know now, you are one.

I wish you for your future way all the best ^^
Previous Balken.png
Ray Yabo aka Modernpastor!

I think s

Congrats Eric! Brave guy, You dare to think for yourself !! You can be inspirational to many people !! We should do what we like!!

Good luck for your future !! Cheers!!!

Very interesting, good post and I like, hopefully the next post better with a more perfect idea. follow me @pojan, Upvote and give a positive comment for me.


@ericvancewalton. I am both envious and happy for you. Recently at a company meeting, I was asked where I see myself in the next five years. I said my aim is to become financially independent. My boss overheard me and asked me if I was planning on leaving the company. I told him no of course.

But I know where you are coming from. I am working on getting to where you are soon. I can only imagine how it feels doing what you are doing. Congratulations man. I am working on my liberation too.

Wow, quite inspiring, Eric :) Congrats on this act of courage which i find completely inspiring and hope you'll enjoy freedom! I'm totally pro to getting out of cubicles ;)

This is really awesome, you must follow and work for your dreams. This is like the fifth post I read since I'm here and it's so encouraging for me even I'm a cat. I'm only five years old in cat life, but I know life is shot to not giving a try for what you love. I'm so happy you just found the perfect place for a writer in here, can't wait to tell my cat stories in here. Cheers my friend and keep flying high.

new to steem and i just found you
when i saw your first gif i was hooked and love your writing. Steem on!!

The way you write is inspiring, i felt happy for you, and i am amazed by the opportunities projects like steemit can create. Congratulations, thank you for sharing.

excelente de verda saludos desde venezuela le sigo tinene mi upvote

In this society it's hard to feel free. The system control each part of our life, and constrain to be part of it. geting out is my final objective, but a lot of steps are to be past before... For the moment, the only moments where I can feel free personnaly, are the ones when I'm walking with my bag, without destination. Without Hour. Without obligations. Without the feeling of "having to"...


Thanks for this interesting share. This picture was taken by @stabe while travelling together in Colombia

Wow like you said," After existing so many years within such a tightly structured corporate system, freedom will take some getting used to". That kind of describes me, I guess most people are used to being reared, At first it always feels like you are lost somewhere just after you get financial freedom. good information up there, i was enlightened.

Ohh man ! You are like an motivational speaker ....you fulfilled your duties
And time spent by you 1year 3 months 8 days are worth it to your work....
Amazing post with an amazing mind....and freedom depend on us power of willingness and power to fullfil the willing (dream) as well...
By the way congratulation buddy... .

At least you`ll no longer feel being alive and been crucified at the same time.

No matter how easy or hard life can get out there. There`s always more than one path to the top of that Steemit Mountain!

Well started with steemit few days ago and posted some content today and then stumble upon this awesome success story.Congrats Eric! Living the dream. Life is Good.

WOW !! Thats awesome. That could be my story too, except for the exciting ending where I quit my job to realize a lifes dream..Congrats to you Brother. I give you so much credit. I have been on steemit since May of 2017 and would love to get to a point where I can do what you have done...I wish you all the best in this endeavour!! Its very exciting and encouraging to know it's possible. Thank you so much for that. I am following you and re-steeming this amazing post and look forward to following you on your journey. God bless you.!!!

Hi Eric, I just came across your story. Well done! I also dream of making a living out of my writing.However, I handed in my notice way before I had any major success ^^^. Just getting started.

Congrats and keep up the great work.

That's fantastic, Eric. I have been wanting to finish a book I began in 1975. Hard to believe I haven't yet, but then again, I am here in Steemit - a friend helped me to get in and it's been fun seeing if what I say has any interest to others. Afterall, why would I bother writing a book, if no one reads it. The best to you in steemit and in the rest of your amazing writing career. You have a leap on me - 46 to 73. Always liked A Shawshank Redemption and have watched it several times. God bless you and Amstel too. :)

truly inspirational. .. Happy for you :)

Wow, thank you for sharing your experiences! It is very motivating to read this as Im just starting to find my way here on Steemit. Very brave of you to quit the job and follow your dreams, I really wish more people would be brave to do the same. The best of luck to you!

all I can say is WOW ! this is exactly the article I needed to read at this exact moment.. congratulations my friend ! you definitely made it happen and thats so amazing.. freedom is a beautiful thing and your hard work and frequent visualizations payed off. thank you so much for such an inspiring article .. this gives me tons of hope that I can achieve the same thing with my music and creations here. when I found steemit I felt a major glimpse of hope... the fact that you also gave the exact amount of time it took you to be a full time writer was cool. I have a dream and I won't give up until I achieve it.. once again thank you so much for the inspiration @ericvancewalton :) il be sure to connect with you hopefully sooner then later! have fun at steemfest it should be a blast!

Hopefully I will be lucky enough to write the same words on my future articles as yours - "I am a full-time writer now". Can't wait to read your writings. :)

I needed a story like this today. thanks!

Great story about how you came this far.
Thanks for sharing your experience!

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