SteemFest² Updates - New Names Announced - Venue Spotlight: Conference Day 2 - Montes Claros, Lisbon Secret Spot

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This week got totally overshadowed by the tragic loss of fellow steemian @lauralemons. It is very confronting to see depression can lead to suicide and I truly hope Laura has found inner peace. Her loss is felt deeply and I think we should remember her by her beautiful drawings, original ideas for drawing attention to inequality and her being her. RIP @lauralemons.

Let's celebrate life, steem and share our passions in Lisbon at SteemFest²!


  • New names added to the SteemFest² site
  • SteemFest's HF Hotels Deal Still Available: from € 92 / room / night (incl breakfast) - Book before 13 september as the special booking site is closing by then and prices will rise even further.

Aquaduct, Lisbon 2010 - by Bob Hall on Flickr

New names talking / performing at SteemFest² announced:

Week updates

Visited Lisboa one more time last Thursday. It was an early flight in and late flight out. Managed to visit almost all venues and did a video tour in the meantime (soon to be published). Lisbon was hot and the summer holidays in full effect. Had a meeting with the coach company and talked through details with many of the venues. I almost missed my flight as my last appointment got delayed and then we hit the traffic on the way to the airport, however my Uber driver acted as if he was an 'official' cab taking all designated 'taxi'-lanes and the airport security line was fortunately very fast so I was one of the last ones for boarding :) Furthermore I did some preparations for the SteemFest Hackathon (1 November!) which site will be announced very soon now.

Venue Spotlight: Montes Claros, Lisbon Secret Spot - Conference Day 2

The idea of SteemFest² is to show you as much of Lisbon as possible, both during the conference days and ofcourse when you explore the city during the DIY Citytrip Weekender afterwards. Hence, every main activity is taking place ina a different venue across town. Some logistic challenges, but manageable, and all to keep things dynamic.


Introducing the Lisbon Secret Spot on Montes Claros where we will have the Conference Day 2 on Friday 3 November. SteemFest Transfer Busses depart in the morning from the Hotel Fenix Lisboa area to Montes Claros in the hills in the North of Lisbon (10 minutes trip depending on traffic). This venue is like a huge villa with a neighbouring park and was build in the early 40's as part of development works in the area. The whole venue is dedicated to SteemFest. You can have a walk in the park and the venue has a huge balcony on the first floor adjecent to the buffet & breaks area. The catering here is top notch and after dinner we will go by busses to the Castello area down town Lisbon for 'A Night of Steem'.

This venue feels a bit more secluded and remote if you will, very calming and inspirational, so you will be 'all in SteemFest' with 'no room to escape' unless you want to wander around in the neighbouring park or descent to the Belem area. This days program will consist of both more presentations as well as a dedicated room for in-depth workshops.

More names and location updates to be announced :)

Please... Don't forget to book your SteemFest's HF Hotels Package for € 92 / room / night including breakfast via The dedicated SteemFest site will close soon and after that you will need to book directly through the hotel or

1.★★★HF Musicbrand new with a swimming pool on top
2.★★★HF Gardenbuild in 2008 with several awards and a city garden
3.★★★★HF Lisboacosmopolitan 4 star hotel with city garden and spacious lobby - this will be the SteemFest homebase
4.★★★★HF Urbanspacious rooms (at 500 meter walk from the above 3 hotels)

Book via before 13 September!

Greetings from Amsterdam,


Liquid rewards from this post will go to organising @steemfest

Just a heads up for all of you who plan on going to STEEMFEST but have yet to purchase a ticket, why not try and nab one for free! Accepting entries now - which can come in any form your little heart desires, just make it stand out!

♨︎ blueorgy's ☞ STEEMFEST 2 ◇ Ticket Giveaway ✯

It looks to be one epic event, so don't miss out!
See You There!

All rewards from this comment and the giveaway posts go to raising money for giving more people the chance to attend STEEMFEST!

How can I join? Maybe I will be the lucky winner :)

Follow me @Yehey
Thank you

This is just one of MANY contributions you have made to the improvement and success of this community.

I have been watching you for over a year now and you constantly seem to be working on something that is improving the experience of us here.

Thanks for all you do. It is recognized. I am super stoked to finally get to shake ur hand at SteemFest!


Very kind words, Thank you! I look forward to meeting you as well! SteemON, for sure!

It still feels absolutely unreal being named among all these great talents. Thanks for having me and for your amazing efforts in putting everything together, Roeland! Let's do some magic in Lisbon...:-) Can't wait to see you all there!!! 💗

R.I.P. Laura... you left too early but won't ever be forgotten.


Excited to meet you and help this community improve!

Thank you! See you in Portugal!!! 🙂



Good comment follow @surfermarly nice post sir big thanking you for sharing @roelandp

Sure you deserve it @surfermarly. Im beginning to follow you now. Emulating you from now onward.

this sounds sad but interesting - @surfermarly: I'm agree with you and your catchy phrase is 'Let's do some magic in Lisbon'

So exciting, thanks @roelandp! Can't wait to get to Lisbon and hang out with all the members of this wonderful community that make it out for Steemfest! Very excited to share our work on the HardFork Series. This gathering is going to be epic!

See you there Doug! 🙂

Yay! Cant wait to meet you in person @surfermarly!

Hahahha. I will get a ticket with @steemfest to gather there I might fly with Peswat Garuda Indonesia

Still looking for a roommate. Sorry if I'm annoying. Contact me.

Thanks for the push up. I sent him a message over chat ;)

Thursday was the hottest day in Lisbon last week. I've been there too (the entire week)...and close to HF hotels btw ;) Already feeling SteemFest² getting close!

yes i had seen your other post :) I was very short on the rooftop thursday. But had to run everywhere :)

Yes, I noticed your visit in my post!! Thank you so much!! :)<

See you in november on that rooftop for the welcoming drink! :))

Great update, a very very respectful one, while being exciting about the new names too. Congratulations to the new attendees, it is exciting to see their names up there! Thanks a bunch for it all, namaste :)

What an awesome effort by yourself, @roelandp. I cannot wait to catch with you as well as attend this incredible event again. No words of "thanks" will ever be enough for organising all this for us. You're a star.

Looking forward to seeing all the new speakers announced. :)

Great post thank you for the insight. I'm lookingforward to this event great!!!

Вы говорите по-русски?
Вроде бы видел вас на Golos.

an incredibly beautiful article with a very beautiful and cool building @roelandp

I am so envy of you!!! DAM IT!!!... =D

And @surfermarly... you are just amazingly lucky!

One day... I will go back with Steemit... (or without).

Go go go!

Yeah, I am :-) Thank you!

Those who enjoy the platform can continue. I have tried severally without success. I guess it is time for me to reconsider my stand. For the first time, I am powering down. A great platform but run down by few selfish individuals.

I learned one thing for sure and that's thatyou have to wait a bit longer.

If you focus more on the connections, friends, opportunities and community and less about how much money you're making, you may see this platform for what it is.

First and foremost, it is a blogging site.

Everything after that is a bonus.

How much money do you make on other blogs? So if you make one dollar here, you're already doing better than other blogging sites, other social media.

You were never promised that you'd be able to retire on your earnings after five months.

Flip your perspective 180 and look at the fact that you've earned at least something and probably learned a lot since April when you joined.

If you enjoy your blogging here, stay.

When I tell anyone about Steemit, I always tell them, "You will NOT earn much money, especially to start with, but don't think about money. That is not why you're here."

Dont leave reply to more post.Upvote as much as possible.

SteemFest 😍

What a horrible shock it was to get the news about Laura. I was in Montreal when I first heard and I almost couldn't believe it. We started Steemit at almost the same time and used to comment on one another's posts frequently. RIP @lauralemons.

What an incredible honor to be doing this again @roelandp. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity to present the teaser trailer for our Hardfork Film Series ( @hardfork-series )! We're very excited to share with the Steemit community more of what we've been working on.

I can't wait to experience the amazing celebration for a second time.

bring on the Steemit world tour!!!


Hello @roelandp I don't know if there is still a chance to get some support to participate STEEMFEST 2, but if yes and I would like to make an entry:

Why I wanna participate STEEMFEST 2:

My drawings of @dan and @stellabelle


THANKS FOR VIEWING! and blessings from Austria, Martin

Hi Martin, the ticket give aways I am currently aware of are ran by @firepower and @blueorgy. Additionally we will have some art gallery where any steemian can submit works to be on display during the event yes.

Hi @roelandp, I see you have mentioned me.
This is automatic response so that I may respond to your mention later.

Hey @roelandp Thanks for getting back to me and thanks for the answer. Ok wow, not much time left. I hope I can do it. If I cannot participate, how could I submit my drawings for the gallery?? Is there a possibility to contact you?

Is there a possibility to work at STEEMFEST for you guys for the flight and accommodation?

Great information.. Keep the cool job.


Steemfest hackathon sounds cool is it similar to something like ACM

thank you for sharing valuable information.

We work for people those who have lost all the in natural storms for them we want steem supports from you.

We work for people those who have lost all the in natural storms for them we want steem supports from you.

a place worth a try, thanks @roelandp, I hope one day I can visit.

great info....thanks for sharing...resteem and upvote for u

Upvoted and reesteemed if someone needs some advice about Lisbon just let me know.

Hey @roelandp,

Thank you for doing all this prep work, you’re a legend!

socialization is the sweetest happiest part of teamwork, then teamwork is the best leverage, anytime, place or with whomever

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Good job.
Plz vote n follow me @mudatnad

Very good post, very complete information.

work very well
I love it and love to follow you
vest plz follow me @mudatnad and give me want value from esteem.t
thank you

I live in Porto, can I buy tickets for it? Should I buy it now?
All the best

Interesting post, I want to go there ..

upvoted and resteemed thank you @bachirleo

Looks pretty epic! Have a blast I'll be at the next one.

Thia is getting me all hyped up. I love the villa and parks. Very classy and a good touch in unwinding in the green.

This line up sounds great! SteemFest should be amazing. Good job putting it together!

I won't be able to attend so please keep me updated. I want to know what I'm missing.

there will be livestreams. But.... not at night :)

Respected @roelandp, first of all too much sorrow and deep grief on our fellow laura suicide death R.I.P she gone two early but her memmories always with us. and secondly sir you r doing great for steemian community, your every project and plan is admireable, steemfest is wonderful keep it up our support with you thanks.

thank you rabeel

wllcome sir.

Waao, 5 days dedicated to steemit and it's users,all the best for this wonderful idea @roelandp

Enjoy the Fest guys! The news on this suicide is so shocking - i did not know her but that is too tragic to express.

Sure I will read a lot interesting stuff from our get-together.

I can't wait to meet my fellow Steemians :D I'm going to Steemfest... woohoo!

See you there @alanfreestone if i make it lol.

So sad I'm poor and cant visit :/

Keep steeming @vangelov and eventually you may be able to afford it, I am trying to do this right now.

hehe sounds good hope to make it there @clumsysilverdad

I would very much like to go to you! I will watch online, @roelandp

looks like an exciting fest...will these steemfest be happening in every country...because i really wanna be a part of this fest...anyone knows about this please tell me!!

I think @roelandp will be hosting it in different places every year @top5world

Thanks for Post

RIP Laura. I am sorry to hear that.

Wow! great post

wow SteemFest² is going to be amazing keep us updated :D

Great and funny comments 😂


Hey @roelandp, I like to come on late Thursday and like to know if you need any help from me.

I might do a speech (about the #BeerSaturday challenge/contest) or some other activities where you need a funny German key-note speaker, author and communication-architect.

Hi Detlev... I would still recommend you get one day earlier, as you would miss a full day of Conference. See for the program.

For other requests send an email to [email protected]

Hi Roeland, I love to be there at the first day, but I have a client who pays me that days quite well for some keynote speeches in Berlin and 2 other cities. And as small minnow I still need this income.....

Will drop you a mail for the other part

Thx again for this great update @roeland. #STEEMFESTRULES

Thanks for sharing!

I love the photo of you. such a view does not exist in my country. I hope many more will see your photos in the future.
steemit greetings to you

Nice post my friend

Great talents,, nice post to share, thanks my friend @roelandp

I would like to attend stemfest.This would be a magnificent opportunity.


Have a nice fest guys, don't forget to share your stories, we wait for them :)

If I make it I hope to share some snaps on my blog @flowily

I will struggle to be present in the steemfest in the future ... hopefully steemit can be a fun place for me ...

Thanks @roelandp fantastic post.

nice post. and thanks for voting me in one of my post

RIP @lauralemons. hope her family member are well. as you did life go on and we will remember our loves one...

Can't wait for it :) It will be glorious day for Steem!!!

:) It's actually 5 days :)

Would love to attend, but current crypto prices won't allow. @jlopezamor

congratulations to the ones named here!! and sorry for your loss =(

Lisbon, portugal turned out to be a very cool building. Good article. @roelandp

Lisbon is actually the city, Portugal the country :)

That was diplomatic 😉

Maybe someday when I'm rich enough to travel to other countries without worrying about 💸💰

Haha I know what you mean @hitlerdoge but I am really trying to make it this year.

Wow amazing to see new names :))

First off I really respect how you opened this post. Prayers and condolences to the passing of @lauralemons yet bringing us back to the hope, potential and joy of life it self.

It is important to mourn it is ok to feel loss and it is great to pay respects. Yet life is for living and we best make the most of it!

I am super excited for SteemFest and seems like if its possible this one may even be better than last year!

The venues look beautiful so far but the obvious BEST part is going to be to SteeMON with all of you!

considering booking hotels this week, is their any criteria for doing a talk/presentation @roelandp - i'd be interested in talking about a legacy project i'm about to start.

please mail me [email protected] any suggestions. Better book the hotel today rather then tomorrow, hotel booking site with special price will close down 13 september. After that you will have to go another way to get in the hotel, (their own site or booking sites) but most probably prices are up. Of course there are more hotelrooms in Lisbon, nonetheless the opening drinks are in the HF hotels and the busses to the Conference Venues depart here in the mornings :)

yes sir, right on it! :)

Great job sir, would really love to be there. I just want to be a part of this. Well done sir.

posting in a very good article. I honestly envy the cleverness @ roelandp in writing articles and content that is in the article

Ah, @roelandp, this is a textbook case study in how to do a Steemfest! Great post and terrific comments thread. We'll have to up our game on the African continent. Thanks for all the effort and for sharing. @teamsouthafrica, let's
take note of what they do! 😊😊


feeling sad for @lauralemons RIP
wish i could be there
and so for me target will be Steemfest next year :)

Very good view

@roelandp Thanks for publishing this Charming instant in time for yourself..

@roelandp Yes really good post.

What a painful exit. I could remember one of her drawings so beautiful. May her soul have peace.

Hey Roeland, thank for this updates, it is always cool to read about the advances. I didn´t know about Laura until a few days ago, her story is very sad and I hope she rests in peace.

As you might recall, I left you a few comments about how to save some money while going to SF2 and you replied! Hehe

This time I am bothering you to invite you read my entry for blueorgy´s SF2 ticket giveaway, I hope you find my post worthy of your vote.

As you can read on the very last paragraph of my post, I will stay in a hostel because I don´t have the cash to stay in one of the hotels. On the lists of promises I made I include searching for a deal with a local hostel in case any low budget steemian decides to attend! Is it cool with you or should I erase that part of my post?

Anyway, I hope to see you on Steemfest!

Chinese language is a good language but bro on interna

This gonna be one of the most amazing even in steemit history, how i wish to attend to meet steemit people out there.

Steemfest is more than just a fest , it is actually the exchange of love, food, traditions, culture from all over the steemit community. I wish one day I could also become a whale and could attend this beautiful steemfest.

@roelandp Great day I value all the info and hard work thank you :).

thanks, very great and very useful post

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