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Lately, I find myself thinking more and more, "Damn, we’re so lucky to be alive right now." Although you won’t know it from watching the news, we live in a time of convergence between the current world and a new one. Digital Disruption. We are on the cusp of this huge wave of technological and societal evolution that will totally transform our world as we know it. This tsunami will be disruptive to much that is fundamentally broken within our society. If you’re a member of Steemit you have a front row seat.

What is Digital Disruption?

Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and renewable energy. All of these technologies will hit the mainstream at about the same time (renewable energy will come a little later) and there’s nothing that anyone can do to stop it from happening. This will scare the absolute shit out of those in power when they really begin to understand true impact this will have on their corrupt monopolies and the great power they’ve grown accustomed to wielding because of it.

A sure sign those in power don’t yet understand the impact of this coming wave is they’re doing nothing to prepare the populace for the job loss it will cause, especially in the US. We must fend for ourselves and cryptocurrency is the perfect way to do that.

Gen X’rs Were Handed an Outdated Roadmap

I’m Gen X’r (born in 1971) so I was raised long before most of these transformational ideas took root. The world I grew up in was like a puzzle. You see, we were given this roadmap to success that supposedly worked for previous generations but that roadmap could no longer get us to our desired destination.

Some of the antiquated goals of the previous generation that were indoctrinated into Gen X’rs:

  • Go to the best college you can;
  • get a white collar job with a stable company;
  • give that company 30+ years of your life, acquire tons of stuff, defer joy until your golden years;
  • invest as much as you can in your 401k; and
  • retire, relax, and enjoy your golden years.

The world was changing so fast that these goals no longer fit for my generation because:

  • the price of a college education became astronomical;
  • companies suddenly were more interested in profit (and funneling that profit to upper management) than the success and well-being of their employees;
  • 401ks are a gamble, laden with hidden fees and risks;
  • “golden years” are a fallacy and as elusive as finding a unicorn that poops gold bricks.

This antiquated life-track wasn’t even conducive to happiness generations ago, when it could be accomplished. At its core, this was a system that benefited only the elite. It brainwashed people into believing in the fairytale just long enough for them to get trapped into a cycle of debt and meager rewards until they were psychologically beaten into submission.

I’ve seen the dead eyes of so many of these people in my life. I was one of them once. You can’t miss them because even when they smile you see no spark of life in their eyes. This was pretty much the entire catalyst for writing my novel, Alarm Clock Dawn.

The True Power of Steemit

I’ve never been a part of anything like Steemit. What many of us are beginning to discover, through the good times and the bad, is Steemit is more than just a social media platform or a currency. Steemit and cryptocurrency provide a gateway to a new and better world. Communicating and exchanging ideas with people of all ages and backgrounds on this platform has changed me, as I suspect it has changed countless others, in profound ways.

How Has Steemit Changed Me?

Now that I’ve experience blockchain technology and understand how it works, I see how the future world will be more equitable. I have renewed hope that life for the majority will be more than just getting by. Why? Because I’ve found a life-track that leads to happiness and personal fulfillment. Thanks to cryptocurrency, I also have the means to give breath to my dreams. I now see through so much bullshit and have far less tolerance for it.

I’m writing this post as my wife is driving down the highway. If you’ve seen the condition of the interstate highway system here in the United States, this isn’t an easy thing to do. We’re on our way back home from a weeklong trip to visit my family in Ohio, which was totally funded by Steemit proceeds.

Looking Towards the Future

The great thing is I know this is only the beginning. Honestly, now have one foot in the new world but the other five toes are still stuck in the mud of the old world (not by choice). Very soon I’ll be completely free and the old world will seem like a distant memory. It’ll then be a mission of mine to become like a ferry boat pilot that will bring people over to our new world one load at a time.

We here on Steemit, are early adopters but more people are starting to divest themselves from the old and toxic ideology of generations passed. One thing is for certain, once you experience true freedom there is no turning back. I can feel it in my bones, one day everyone will live this way.

(Gif sourced from, images from Pixabay.)

*I am an American novelist, poet, traveler, and crypto-enthusiast. If you’ve enjoyed my work please sign up for my author newsletter at my website. Newsletter subscribers will receive exclusive updates and special offers and your information will never be sold or shared.

Eric Vance Walton - Media

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Nice post but 95% of all other posts are complete garbage.

I am really sorry to read this comment, are you looking through more than just what's on the top trending? I can provide you with a starter list of people who post some great/entertaining stuff.
@son-of-satire (though he's been a bit busy of late)
This is off the top of my head, but there really are many more. I hope you give it more of a chance :)

@novina as far as your comment: I think you are right LOL.. I was going to argue..I don't really think they are bad.. just not that interesting .. oh well.. :)

Hi there :) I replied to @novina's comment with a list of people that may hopefully change your mind about that.

cool..yes there are a lot of great people in here, including you and I.. when I go to "Trending" it is always the same thing.. :) I was finding a way to agree with the guy.. I feel his pain.. lol

I know, some of the trending posts can definitely be disheartening. I'm headed out the door in a minute, but I'm going to put your page up in my browser, excited to check out someone new :)

Oh thank you.. the trending never change.. you would think trending would be something new all the time. Thus the name trending.. haha :)

Brilliant post brother. Glad to have you here I truly believe we are going to change the world with Steem. We are all blessed to be apart of this. - @ericvancewalton

Thank you very much @thejohalfiles. I believe in this more than anything. Blessed is a great word!

I am hanging in there since June and I'm not going anywhere else, maybe to the Mars in Musks spaceship 🙀 Eric, you know we are lucky to be early adopters

We're so lucky. Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve it. Mars would truly be an adventure! I want to try Hyperloop too. : )

I also wonder why I was so lucky to have found this technology before the masses.

I never ever powered down and just keep saving here for my first "loop-ride" together hahaha

I wish I didn't have to cash in as much as I did. I moved some of my Steem to outside exchanges though. I can't wait for the first HyperLoop ride! : )

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SOME have NO idea.
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I commented, my friend! Thanks for bringing this kind of censorship to light. We all need to blow the virtual whistle when we see this kind of thing!

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I'll check that out. Oh, I have so much of this woven into Truth Is Stranger, Barry. In the book there's a group called SQ1 (status quo one). It's a global shadow intelligence organization whose sole purpose is to create a false story for every truth reported in the MSM. No one truly knows what is real unless they listen to their hearts. I can't wait to share this book with you all.

Sounds like something I ENCOUNTERED a couple weeks ago. I could FEEL everything people were thinking. Almost as if I was absorbing their energy. Some people I needed to get away from. Negative energy is VERY painful.
STEEM ON my friend.
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Lol! So when is your birthday? Amstel is always happen to have new pack members. God bless you too, Barry. One day we'll meet around a real campfire and share stories.

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I'm still getting my head around the concept of disruption being a good thing..a lifetime of brain washing in the ways of the old system is a hard thing to erase ...but agreed, these feel like the early to mid 90s when this thing called the internet was being touted as the 'next big thing' .. you never know :-)

A lifetime of brainwashing is definitely not a good thing but I think, for us, it was all a matter of timing. It took me half my life before I really woke up.

It took me half my life before I really woke up.

Damn! Makes me happy to know I was enlightened faster. All, really, thanks to folks like you for sharing the truth.

top knotch insight here! great post it is def an exciting time to be alive. i have much hope for the future.

Thank you, @soundlegion!

It's a part of my genes to crave for freedom 👻

One thing is for certain, once you experience true freedom there is no turning back.

Mine too, @mammasitta! Thanks so much for the resteem!

You expressed my thoughts 💫

This will scare the absolute shit out of those in power when they really begin to understand true impact this will have on their corrupt monopolies and the great power they’ve grown accustomed to wielding because of it.

They are already invested in all these technologies. For example all renewable energy companies are owned at least partially by the fossil fuel conglomerate.

They have diversified. They are not idiots.

The part I don't fully understand yet is why the government isn't starting to prepare us for this massive job loss. What is your opinion on this? If they don't have a plan in place one very likely outcome is social unrest and collapse of the financial markets.

Because there won't be any job loss. More jobs will be created as it happens always with any technological advancement.

The belief that mass-automation will create unemployment is unfounded. The steam engine did not take horse guys out of business. it create an exponentially new industry (engines) that employed even more people in a variety of industries.

I really hope you're right. I value your logic, that's one reason I'm drawn to your posts.

Thank you man. It means a lot.

My pleasure @kyriacos, you're one of my favorite authors on Steemit. I don't always share the same views with you but you have great intellect and cut through the bullshit like a razor blade. Have you ever considered self-publishing a book?

you are way too kind. yes I have but it appears a bit douchy to me. I also don't want to depress people. I get that a lot from people around me. my thoughts make people miserable.

Understood. Online is the future for writing anyway. As you said in a comment people can consume online content in manageable chunks, as time and their interest allows. Posting my novel in installments here last summer convinced me of of this.

Thanks for sharing .... i follow/Upvote and Resteem :)

I really enjoy reading this post. Thank you for sharing Eric!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks!

I like this type of valuable content !! thank you for this type of post.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks!

Have just read your post from last month A Gateway To A New World
I was born in 1973 and I feel like I've been getting lied to all my life by my country. This is only my second week on steemit and I only had little knowledge of crypto currencies. I wasn't a big fan of more tradition social media (like Facebook ) ,but this seems different,something new or special even,dare I say.
I really enjoyed reading it and would be happy to sign up to your news lettr.

Thanks! I think so many of our generation have had that moment where we literally "woke up" from the years of brainwashing. What a great feeling of liberation. I appreciate you signing up for the newsletter! Cheers!

This was really excellent Eric. It's a little saddening to see some of the comments from new people in here, I'm glad they at least got to see a post from you. I provided a list off the top of my head to hopefully help change their minds :)

Thanks Dreemit! Yes, those few negative comments were disheartening but if they're not finding quality here I'm afraid they're not looking hard enough. We have lots of talent here but you can't please everyone, I guess. I hope you're well!

I agree, that's why I gave them a bit of a starter list :)

I also believe that steem and steemit are going to make a big impact in the world.. thank you for this article ..

What a great post, Eric!

Very soon I’ll be completely free and the old world will seem like a distant memory. It’ll then be a mission of mine to become like a ferry boat pilot that will bring people over to our new world one load at a time.

That sounds so beautiful :)
Thanks for always finding the words to describe what a lot of us feel but probably most of us can't describe the way you do.
The best is yet to come...

Thank you, @surfermarly! I'm just months away from freedom now (depending on which way the markets go.) You'll soon be seeing lots more books and writing. : ) Totally true...the best is yet to come. I really appreciate your kind words and your support. You're a great asset to this platform.

Just keep going, we're all here to support you on the way.
Thanks for your kind words, to hear it from you means a LOT!

I certainly appreciate it, 100%. Thank you!

Congratulations @ericvancewalton!
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Rarely is a piece of writing able to capture the nuances of what my wife and I are firm believers in. We’re a little younger than you @ericvancewalton but close enough to completely resonate with what you’ve authored.

As I commute to work, I’ve often pondered the idea of “just get by” and how much my existence – indeed that of all of us – as a cog in a wheel seems to have been baked into a cake, the recipe for which was written long before birth.

My wife and I use the term “The Schwarzenegger effect”, in reference to Arnold’s autobiography “Total Recall”. If ever there was an example of one man’s success being the result of a sequence of right-place-right-time circumstances, it’s his.

The point is, he is the trophy example of reaping the rewards of a methodology that is now unavailable. Someone now could work every bit as hard as him but due to the saturation of markets, the end-state of globalisation and the distortions of capital and wealth, there is no possibility of repeating the outcomes.

This speaks to your notion of the obsolete road-map. I completely agree with this concept. I also, in the quagmire of serfdom, find a spring in my step when I think of the liberation that the tools of today and tomorrow may afford us.

If people like us are correct in our thinking, we may be spoken about in the future (in terms of witnessing turning points in history) as those of the American revolutionary war, and struggles like it, are spoken of now.

I'm glad you enjoyed the piece Paul! You've hit the nail on the head. It's nearly impossible to escape the cycle of "just getting by" these days and becomes more difficult with each year as the cost of living further distances itself from wages. I do believe it will eventually get better from here but there might be a period of greater struggle before we get there. Thanks, I appreciate the thoughtful comment!

I feel the same like you - but - the knowledge means power. Living right now in this age is not a luck - if you don't know about the digital and tech potential. Millions of people are pushed and pulled down by the job loss caused by tech itself and automation. Can we call these job losers lucky - this is a question -

You're so right, knowledge is power and so is participation in this platform. I think cryptocurrency might be the life raft that will save us during the massive lob loss. Other governments are being proactive and putting Universal Basic Income into place to prevent financial collapse but we're not so lucky in the US.

Universal Basic Income - yeah that's another great idea - I used to live in Italy - and even there - government is not supporting these rewarding ideal. This is a nice topic but we cannot discuss about it here in comments - maybe it will be good to create a new page for this here on Steemit

There will be no other way for this new world to work. If UBI isn't put into place there will be massive social unrest and revolution. Good idea about creating a community here to have an ongoing discussion about this!

A big thanks (as like as sky) for this post. @ericvancewalton

You're welcome! Thanks for reading, @kyra-kristian!

Thanks, We have an opportunity. If we can kept. It's big challenge. We must be vigilant.

You're welcome! I appreciate the comment.

Even though there is a monster slashing the rewards into halfs, i still won't run off Steemit. That is ImpossiCant!

Thanks for this great post @ericvancewalton

I'm loving that I found this fantastic community with such huge potential, both in a monetary and networking with others kind of way

Thanks, @gmuxx! This community is amazing and I'm glad you're a part of it.

Great content, @ericvancewalton ! I'm feeling in a positive mood about steemit and I love to think that we're working for a new world! ^_^

Thank you, @silviabeneforti! There's a lot to feel good about here. The platform is still so new, it's incredible that its found this much success so early. Thanks for participating!

and we are all so lucky, we know and get steem from steemit before it's exploded,

when steemit exploded and become viral..we are who ever join now and active here will be can keep my words

I totally agree. Yes, all of us are early adopters. The future is very, very bright.

VOTED and RESTEEMED. Great story my friend!!!
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Hey man @ericvancewalton, this was a damn good and well put together article

Many thanks to you for the kind words!

Thanks for a great post @ericvancewalton. I share your hopes for the future but worry that the elites will find ways to control it. Hopefully, people are more aware now and will recognise when this happens and will resist. Thanks again.

You're welcome, thank you for reading! I worry about them finding a way to control it too. Some countries will see more regulation than others when it comes to crypto. I think it will be toughest here in the US.

I think you could be right although the EU over here is another entity that likes to control everything and will probably not be too far behind the US in terms of regulations.

I agree. I'm glad I was not born earlier in the golden ages. And some time I wish I was bor a few hundred year into the future to live in the more advanced now futuristic world that we dream of.

However living now gives us the opportunity to join and be part of the big things from the start, the moment they're more beneficial, when they are just planting the seeds and we'll be part of its roots.

This is a great post.

Great post! I do agree we are experiencing the new world here at Steemit

Thanks! It's definitely and exciting thing to be a part of.

Actually I am new in/on the Platform. Your text answered some burning me questions. I am singing: Power to Steemit with the Steemit Power. I am going to write a text on Power of Steemit… thanks for inspiring!

Welcome to Steemit, @leosenior! This is a very good place to be and will only get better as time goes on. Best of luck to you here!

Hugs man it’s always not easy for newcomers, I am afraid of bullying ;)

If anyone bullies you, you tell me. ; ) You'll do great, just be YOU.

It sounds supportive))) Steemit is our field, ain’t it?

This platform is highly supportive! It takes a little while to gain traction but keep posting and commenting and you will start earning and become a part of the community!

Am not quite in praps we should work out a collaborative article..?

Sorry, as much as I'd like to work on something, my schedule is too full to commit to another thing for a while. I wish you well on the platform, I think you'll really like it here!

Similar to the digital disruption theory, there is the proposed notion that human conciousness is on the cusp of a revolutionary change. Maybe it's just something that evolves with the technological advancements, but you can already see it happening.

Terrific post, Eric, and yes my boat is loaded with Steemiens headed for the New World!

Thank you! Awesome gif.

Great post man it really resonated with me the way I'm feeling about crypto, blockchain, and Steemit right now. I do think that within the next 1 - 3 years we are going to see the debt laden fiat system blow up (stocks crushed, real estate down big, defaults on loans everywhere etc.) and we'll have to go through a real tough period worse than the previous crash in '08/'09. I believe the answer to pull us through the coming wipeout will be more people embracing a new system with the newest tech and blockchain/crypto at its core. Many people don't realize how much of a role our current fiat system plays in controlling the situation they are in right now. We just need to educate as many people as we can to turn this movement into an unstoppable tidal wave that crushes the old system and makes the world so much better for everyone that's not currently a rich "elite" out there!

Thanks @altccy! I think the financial system is in a bubble right now too and I agree this crash will probably be worse than the previous one. As I've written about before, my wife and I were nearly ruined financially by the Housing Crisis in '08. We didn't think we'd ever recover...we did but it consumed nearly a decade of our lives. Now that we're involved in crypto this will never happen again. I appreciate your participation in this conversation!

The same thing happened to me. Got crushed in the '08 crisis both in stocks and having my business go under. Took me a long time to dig out but doing well now and even better with cryptos here. Only been on Steemit a little while but loving the community and idea behind it already. Great to meet you!

Great meeting you too!

Very well said! My parents played by the old rules - they attended college and worked for the same companies nearly their whole lives. And yet Dad never feels like he can retire, and my Mom, although retired, never has enough set aside. I'm so thankful I was introduced to Steemit, and then to other forms of Cryptos. I believe the current world views about how to work, save, and retire are going to be in history books very soon. We are certainly witnessing history, and I want to live a better life and pass that on to my children. Great post!

Awesome post, nearly forgot about you ;) Sorry, how could I...

Thanks, I'm glad you found your way back! : )

blockchain = the future = I'm excited

Thank you, I enjoyed reading this blog. If I may be so bold to add another point on the old road map - bricks and mortar? In the past this was the road to security but since the early 2000s the initial step onto the ladder has become harder and harder. For me, crypto/blockchain has given he new age a different ladder to step on. Let's hope as many as possible take that step before again, the ladder is pulled out of sight. Thanks again, asher.

Digital disruption is a great term! It is happening at breakneck speed and will only continue to increase. Those in power have to be trembling in their boots!

What a well written article!

Thank you! Those in power are plotting, I'm sure. I think here in the US they'll try to squash crypto via IRS regs.

Yeah you are exactly right... Can the crypto space stay one step ahead?

I identify myself a lot with this, the truth, I have that same feelings of hope since I read for the first time on the blockchain, then, as the years go by and now find out about steemit I see with fascination as this amazing technology is getting more done Accessible, approaching little by little, to live at last in a world more equitable, sustainable and less self-destructive.

For someone like me, who lives in a country like Venezuela, what we can do is dream - and put our hands to work - so that this technology is adopted massively and finally get out of centuries of suffering, cultural backwardness and exploitation. I think it's our time.

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for your comment. You're right on. I've learned from my travels is most common people are the same all across the world..they're intrinsically good and kind. People just want to live a good life and provide for their families. The main problems we have in the world today stem from deep rooted corruption and propaganda by those who are in power. Blockchain and cryptocurrency will bring us all together in unity, it creates a true convergence.

Freedom is what life is about. Thank you.

'Tis true! Cheers to freedom. Thank you for your comment.

"Damn, we’re so lucky to be alive right now." hahah that what my dad said about the beatles!!!! haha you just made my day!!

Funny, @frankmb!

well said.
welcome to the Revolution!
upvoted and resteemed!

Namaste. Your support is very much appreciated!

I laugh... The road map to life... I believe it was missing a few very important chapters... ( Oh no one told you that part) Those chapters were never written by the way, I was born in 1960, a lost soul never really feeling home, never "getting" what the book taught... yes I was one of the early ones, here to question everything, and change the planet. SO imagine my surprise when I went to the book and discovered those chapters did not exist... There was a lot of stumbling along the way, and while I may not actually fit in in the main stream, I agree with your assessment, we are living in extraordinary times, things are about to get crazy better and having streemit as a place to be exactly who we are thinking and expressing exactly what we intend... is one small part of a much greater picture... Great post my friend!

Thank you, @billie-Jean! It's so sad to see those who are stuck in this broken system and feel like they have no way out. I truly believe this is why many turn to substance abuse. Thanks for your comment!

amazing very nice post

"Damn, we’re so lucky to be alive right now."
that's how I feel about Digital Currency and Steemit

I love the idea that one day US will be surprise of the large number of the populace to stop working because they had turn on to cryptocurrency. Actually, its not only united states but the whole world. When steemit will be widely adopted more than facebook, that would be the time that only ceo's and high rank officials will remain inside a company because majority are here in the platform enjoying the services of steemit.

Yes, we are fortunate to have join this amazing platform. Welcome to the future.

Thanks for your comment!

Wow, this might just be the best post I have read here on Steemit so far! Good stuff :)

What an amazing compliment @dalaidennis, thank you. I'm truly blessed to be here and consider it a great honor.

Yeah, us Generation X-ers are having to adapt. I am very thankful for Steem, it has saved me financially when my "safe" job is no longer safe.

I totally agree @mctiller. I appreciate you coaxing me on when I was ready to quit last summer. I'll never forget the support you gave me.

I like this post, its very educative and reach in matters of the moment. I look forward for a day I will graduate to this level.

What a glorious future!... the beginning is just a foretaste. More to come... Congrats @ericvancewalton for being an early adopter.

The future is very bright, there's no stopping it either. Thanks!

Love this.

"If you’re a member of Steemit you have a front row seat." I think that's a great way to put it. Awesome work.

If I could I would send you digital flowers.

Great post @ericvancewalton. I always think that we are all lucky to be alive at is time, when the technology is much advanced.Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

You're welcome! I appreciate you reading and commenting!

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It’ll then be a mission of mine to become like a ferry boat pilot that will bring people over to our new world one load at a time.

One of the reasons I love reading your work is seeing how much you care for people - that quote speaks volumes. May we continue working and blessing people with the Steemit platform.

Thanks, @lydon.sipe. I truly feel that those of us who've been blessed with opportunity have an obligation to spread the good fortune. I appreciate your support and hope you had a great Holiday weekend.

steemit ha cambiado al mundo, y con tu post he aprendido más de lo que te imagina , la cantidad de seguidores suman y suman cada segundo . Felicitaciones

¡Gracias y estoy muy feliz de que el post te ayude!

There are lots of changes coming, and I suspect starting this year. I'm sure the blockchain will have unforeseen uses, and benefits, and will only grow and become more powerful.
My wife and I recently embraced the tiny house movement and ditched our rental house in favor of an RV. Since I work remote, we can travel on weekends and tour around the US. It's a huge and beautiful country. Lots to see and do.
More and more people are embracing the lifestyle.
Paradigms are shifting. Let's see where we can take it!
Thanks for your thoughts!

Thanks and I appreciate your comment! We've thought about trying a tiny home and may still do it. How do you like it? It sounds like the perfect lifestyle. I can't wait to see how smart contracts impact the business world. It's only a matter of time!

What I like about Steemit and the revolutionary now is the vast surge of ideas, equal opportunities and possibilities. For a newbie like me, this has ignited a newfound passion! Thanks for this insight!

Thank you for reading!

Hello @ericvancewalton ! I'm a philosopher who loves to write in abstract ways.

I am going to make the second edition to my philosophical challenge, writing about topics that people have given me.

I would like to invite you to participate. ( leaving a reference link to your profile in the post).

If you would like to join in, please leave a reply to this comment with a topic.


Thank you for including me @vangelov! Cheers!

No problem :) Would you like to leave a topic for me to discuss?
If yes just leave it as a reply here.

Sure, @vangelov. What about the probability of artificially intelligent computers eventually becoming conscious? The societal implications of this would be huge.