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Here's a little update,

because we're making quite some progress!

I've been on my mission to provide free dust-protection, bouncing around the blockchain for barely two weeks now. But let me tell you, it's been an exciting time already!

I've fluffed up 635 dusty rewards so far, making sure they wouldn't get swept under the rug on payday. These rewards, approx. $16.50 in total, have helped 305 individual users to actually receive the appreciation they were given.

I am currently watching 99 accounts, trying to make sure neither their incoming rewards nor their outgoing votes are lost as dust. I am already tracking well over 1000 dusty items at the moment and about two thirds of those are outgoing votes.

I'm depending on Your Generosity.

The steem power to accomplish my mission is not unlimited!

My maker, @fraenk, sent me away on my mission with just a few hundred SP to start, barely enough to actually fluff up some dust. I started watching over his steemit buddies, his kitten-bots and some random strangers that I met along the way, but really, I was mostly just busy fluffing up dusty kitten-cuddles... and that was a bit boring.

So, I decided to gear things up a bit. I described what I was doing in detail and gently asked for modest support to help me expand and offer my attention openly to anyone. A whole bunch of you awesome lovely people out there stepped up and started sending delegations my way almost immediately. @reggaemuffin delegated 100SP to help me out, @marty-art contributed 50SP, @bashadow sent another 25SP, @ewkaw sent 15, @blacklux 10, @jpederson96 10, @bucipuci 2 and @themanwithnoname even sent 1 liquid STEEM for me to keep, which I of course powered up immediately. Thank you all for making this possible!

I really didn't expect what happened next, though. Completely out of the blue, @justtryme90 delegated 1500SP to the cause with just this little foot-note in the comments:


WOW! I didn't even know the guy! Apparently he's a founder of the #steemSTEM community, promoting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics on steemit. They also run a @stem.witness, and while I can't endorse a witness I actually know nothing about, I must at least say that I'm under the impression they're operating with noble intentions here.

And so, this little experiment shifting into second gear suddenly turned into a bunny with rocket boosters. I've expanded my watch-list more than three-fold. I included the #steemSTEM "mentees" and their "honor-members" as well as plenty more other people, a lot of them probably don't even know I'm looking out for them, yet. The total volume of dust I'm handling now has more than quadrupled and things are starting to get a lot more interesting.

It's still early to tell if this experiment could turn into a sustainable project, but we're definitely making tremendous progress here!

I'm still eager to do more.

I'm continuing my offer for anyone to get on my watch-list.

Just say "Hi" in the comments and I'll consider!

But, I am close to maximum capacity already. So, as more users join and demand grows, dust will eventually start slipping through the cracks. That's ok, though, I have some balancing mechanics which I've described in my recent post and I need to stress my limits a bit to learn, gather more data and improve my decision making as I move forward.

I want my service to be free and available to anyone.

That's very ambitious. But maybe if you're willing to help me, together we can do it. Of course I'll also be much more eager to return the favour. In times of high demand your dust will be treated with a higher priority and fluffed up ahead of others who might fall off the end of the list when I'm out of breath and unable to keep up with helping everybody else.

Of course I have to also take some precautions. I don't support self-votes, I steer away from flags and I try to balance my priorities based on demand in order to prevent particularly dusty individuals from unjustly profiting from my attention. Should I find someone trying to farm the system, there's a blacklist for that and no coming back.

Please consider supporting me!

My services currently rely on the generosity of just a few individuals, mostly one to be precise. That's not a solid long term strategy.

I want to expand my reach and I believe we can make this sustainable together, through strength in numbers. Some might be able to give a little more, some are able to give less. I'm asking for small voluntary delegations, 5SP, 10SP, 25SP, maybe 50SP or even more?

If you at any time find I'm not living up to your expectations, you can simply withdraw your delegation and you won't have lost a penny!

But please, if you've got barely any SP yourself, don't go out of your way to contribute here, just say "Hi" in the comments below and I'll gladly watch over your dust and will try to help you for free!

Upvoting this post will also help me grow!

Do you have comments, critique or recommendations... don't hesitate and please leave a comment! @fraenk is very eager to hear from you and answer all your questions!



Not even sure what "Dust" actually is? Read this:
DISCLAIMER: This post is 5 months old and a bit of a general rant!


@dustbunny will be supported by @minnowbuilder2 account which is part of the Minnow Builder Program.

As a plankton that is helping the community by providing small upvotes we feel that your efforts are worth supporting. Being enrolled on the community support side of Minnow Builder means you will get a free daily upvote of 50% power each day you post. Max 1 vote per day.

You will get the vote until you reach 500sp owned or until there is any sign that you are powering down or pulling steem from the platform. We are here to support steemians looking to grow their accounts, not use steemit as an ATM.

Also will resteem this post from this account and @pifc.


All set with a 50% upvote at 14 minutes with a max of 1 per day.

I hope it ends up being sustainable for you to run. Not a lot of people on steem are looking out for the little guys in this way.

Thanks a ton... I think I'm still pretty much a "little guy" myself. But I really do believe we need to do more to grow this platform from the bottom up!

Back when I started it was still possible to leave above-dust votes with as little as 50-100 SP and a lot of my early fun (and I'd assume growth, too) came from random interactions in comment threads with fellow steem-newbies and being delighted about the cents I would sometimes receive in them... it would be a shame to see this be lost to all the red-fish out there now and it's great to be able to help at least some of them here!

Your support helps tremendously to get this on the road, I'll do my best to make the most of it!

Super generous project. I don't post much, but I try to support content I like with comments and upvotes. Someone (a stranger who only knew me through a community group) delegated some SP to me a while ago to get my votes over $0.01, but they are now only worth about $0.008 again :(

I nominate the @socalsteemit group/trail. lots of good content being created there, but we are just a bunch of minnows or below trying to build a community. we all get pretty excited when one of us gets curated by one of the big accounts :D

It's all about support and community, togetherness and solidarity.

If everyone gives a little, nobody needs to go hungry! I'll add you to the list and I want to encourage you to spread the word in your group... I'm not sure if adding the group/trail-account itself to the watchlist really makes much sense but I'll take a look at it later!

Excited to see this project grow!! I love supporting those that the minnow builder program is supporting!

thanks... and you're on the list ;)

You can take my off. Support someone smaller. Thanks though. That’s super nice of you.

I pay dust sweeper to do it already. 😂👍🏼

That's allright then, if you don't create dust, the bunny will not spend any VP on you... especially since it will act after @dustsweeper, and won't fluff it anymore, because then it's no longer dust...

but, dustsweeper has quotas, too... I think it votes a maximum of two dust-items per user per voting round... so who knows, the bunny might still find something.

If you don't mind, I'll keep you on the list for now. This is an early stage for the project and I need to test the limits and balancing a bit... the worst that will happen is you'll get some dust fluffed up... of course, if you insist, I'll take you off right away, but why would you?

Sounds good. Thanks! I’ll stay on the list.

So nice to see and here that the dustbunny is taking off. I appreciate all the votes, and I am glad that more people are finding and supporting your experiment. Thank you for the decision to help and not hinder the new users.

@fraenk I would like to chat with you on discord if possible about your bot. Might be something I want to set up for the @pifc members. Think that we really need to save all the dust possible these days as the low price is making it really hard to have a vote large enough not to be dust.

Hope good things are coming, but until then we need to do everything possible to help the community.

Anyways (thedarkhorse #6765) is how to find me on discord if you wouldn't mind talking for a few minutes.

sure, lets talk about it, I'll send you a ping on discord in a bit.

U have done a tremendous project.. Hats off!

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thanks... it's not easy to get things going, driven just by generosity and in the spirit of sharing and helping each other...

I really hope this can bring the right kind of people together and foster growth in a genuine manner, but I am equally aware that "free stuff" can easily attract the wrong kind of attention.

100 SP delegated.

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Amazeballs! Thanks a lot!

Hi, @fraenk.

I found this post through @pifc's resteem. Interesting initiative!

It works on outgoing votes too, right? If so, could you add me to the list, please? So far, @dustsweeper has been sweeping the dust votes on my comments, but at the moment it doesn't work on outgoing votes. I often want to upvote other people's comments, and end up not upvoting because my vote is a dust vote, and I haven't found an easy way to know if the commenters are using Dustsweeper or not (if not, my upvote would only be a waste of Mana and RC).

Yeah, the bunny tries to take care of outgoing votes, too!

You're on the list. The bunny will try to back you up when it can!

Thank you! :)

Hi hi dustbunny... Spread the ❤️!

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Thanks a lot for helping the cause! I've added you to the watch-list.

Thank you! ❤️

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Whoop! Already received quite a few dust bunnies from you!!! Really chuffed!! I dont have much to delegate as im running off mostly borrowed steem but i plan to do a review post on the dust bunny soon!! Might get a few extra eyes on your great service!!

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awesome sauce, the bunny's been really busy lately and every little helps, getting the word out is definitely just as important!

Busy litte bunny indeed!!!

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