thanks... and you're on the list ;)

You can take my off. Support someone smaller. Thanks though. That’s super nice of you.

I pay dust sweeper to do it already. 😂👍🏼

That's allright then, if you don't create dust, the bunny will not spend any VP on you... especially since it will act after @dustsweeper, and won't fluff it anymore, because then it's no longer dust...

but, dustsweeper has quotas, too... I think it votes a maximum of two dust-items per user per voting round... so who knows, the bunny might still find something.

If you don't mind, I'll keep you on the list for now. This is an early stage for the project and I need to test the limits and balancing a bit... the worst that will happen is you'll get some dust fluffed up... of course, if you insist, I'll take you off right away, but why would you?

Sounds good. Thanks! I’ll stay on the list.

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