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RE: Woah... I'm a busy bunny! There's so much dust to fluff up!

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@fraenk I would like to chat with you on discord if possible about your bot. Might be something I want to set up for the @pifc members. Think that we really need to save all the dust possible these days as the low price is making it really hard to have a vote large enough not to be dust.

Hope good things are coming, but until then we need to do everything possible to help the community.

Anyways (thedarkhorse #6765) is how to find me on discord if you wouldn't mind talking for a few minutes.


sure, lets talk about it, I'll send you a ping on discord in a bit.

U have done a tremendous project.. Hats off!

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thanks... it's not easy to get things going, driven just by generosity and in the spirit of sharing and helping each other...

I really hope this can bring the right kind of people together and foster growth in a genuine manner, but I am equally aware that "free stuff" can easily attract the wrong kind of attention.

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