The "How To" of Steemit Posting (Good Quality)

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This is a new series of posts I am starting to (1) help out the African community with a few tips (2) Help out anyone else who needs some advice and tips of anything related to steemit posting, commenting and curating. If there is anything you would like me to post about, comment it below and I will do so. I want to share my knowledge and experiences with you and hopefully they will help you to

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So today's topic of this post and "how to" comes from: @fisteganos, "Would like to know what makes a post "good quality" and how I can make my posts be of the quality people will want to read."

What makes a post "Good Quality"

Does length matter? No, your post does not have to be extremely long to be high quality. Remember that it is not the quantity that matters, but the juicy information that is contained inside. This also doesn't mean that your post must be short, this will make it feel rushed and your reader might not even get the information that you were trying to give them.

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How long should a post be? It all comes down to your topic, how interesting is it, how much you can share and how much feeling you can put into it. Never post something that you do not have passion for; a reader can pick up the passion in your writing, so make sure you add some experiences in and a bit of yourself. If you feel your post is too long and you have just been writing a whole bunch of words.

Stop right there, read through it again and change your paragraphs, sentences and, if needs be, start over again. Some things require a longer format, wording and description than others. As long as your post has enough information in it to make it long, then do so.

It all comes down to the simple question you need to ask yourself, "is this paragraph sentence necessary and will my reader want to read it". If the answer is no, then change it.

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How important is content? Words on a paper, no matter how fancy they are, mean nothing if they are not connected in a way to create meaning, or to paint a picture in the readers mind.

So how to create good content? Pick a topic, it can be anything, add a splash of yourself and start to write. This does take practice, but once mastered you can create the most amazing content from boring topics, just by adding yourself. Each writer has a different style, this is key in your content and will make your content even greater.

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No one wakes up one day and decides to create good quality posts, it all takes time. One thing that you can do that does not take much is making your post look professional. It is simple really, go to someone you know who posts quality posts and mimic their format, layout and style (funny/serious). Proofread your work to make sure that everything is spelt right and that all your sentences make sense. These things will improve your posts quality instantly.

Just on a little side note for self improvement. I will be doing pushups, situps and squats for the amount of $$$ (ratio;$1:1) I earn on this post and will give a short feedback every day at the end of each post. This will be split in equally between all 3. Any not done will carry onto the next day.

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Pick a topic you are passionate about and
add a bit of you self as you write.

This is my takeaway from this nice post. I often come across articles that I like to upvote but discover that it is a copy-paste from somewhere else. If the author had taken the time to add something, their own opinion or thoughts about the topic I would upvote, but never without some original content!


I often read some amazing posts and do exactly what you do and it is sad as I really liked it, but I can not give someone a vote for nothing


Hey @fanstaf . If you really want to something which is quite interesting and also have personal opinion of author, then this is the post you can visit. I assure you won't resist yourself from upvoting it.

Thank you.

I agree completely. At first I thought I could use steemit to just post any random content and hope to get some cash for it. Then I found out that doesn't work, but most of all, I wasn't having fun.

Then I wrote a post about that discovery, just something personal, and it didn't get many upvotes either. But i didn't mind, I liked writing it

Then I decided to start building my own steemit app, just for fun. It might not ever be something great, but it's good programming practice and I enjoy doing it. So I wrote a little article about that. I put effort in making it look good, and most importantly I had a lot of fun writing it because programming is my passion. Suddenly I got rewarded for it! Not much, but enough to realize people liked it. That really makes me feel good.

Writing about something you really enjoy makes it easier for people to like what you write, and it makes it fun for yourself too. I think they'd the most important part of


Wow this is a great story of your experiences, thank you for sharing it. I am glad you found something fun to do, in the end this platform is meant to be fun and enjoyable.

just post random trash and upvote your own stuff tactic?


Haha , good point , let's just stick to random shit tactic :))


Stick to random shit and you stick to shitty rewards.....How about that😡


Nah that is a bad idea, remember that each vote scales with each other. So voting on other provides more for them and for you.

thanks for the info... i will bear that in my mind.... im just new here so im not yet familiar on how to post things... i just go on random posting....


When I started out I did the same as we all need to find something we enjoy writing about and doing, so testing different things is a great idea.

Thanks for sharing @dragonslayer109
I got information more today about steemit

Thanks for a most useful post, tips are always welcome for how to create better content!

good guidance: the content of the post should be the need of the community, if it is a need then a good content with the above guidelines will bloom

Great information, I feel too many people are just rushing in and starting to write without getting a feel for the place and what does well here first, I'm trying to see what makes posts successful before I start. I do think certain topics are considered a lot "juicier" than others to the community and I worry about finding topics that will be interesting to read.


I took a month before I started to post anything. My suggestion is to find a tag that you enjoy that is high on the trending page and write stuff about it in that tag, people with the same interest will then start to follow you.


That's great advice, thank you!

Tips are always appreciated, always looking to improve my work! Thanks!

Thanks for the information... i learnt a lot.. Nice post.. followed and upvoted.. Do follow me @bindu

Dis is a very important message for me, bcos i have been asking myself how i can make a quality post. So thank you very much for sharing dis. Glad i met you.

I love this:

No one wakes up one day and decides to create good quality posts

So true! Lots of thought and editing goes into any good quality post. It's rare that you get all of your thoughts and ideas down in the first try without having to make at least a few edits :)


Even as you write you change things. I did that in this post and something that I wrote first ended up being at the bottom of my post as I added more.

Good idea on the self improvement :) We all need a little motivation from time to time ;) Anyway I'm not African but this was still helpfull for me, thank you!


I am glad you liked it :)

Im newbies in steemit , i try to do my best for quality posts
I think that steemit will be the first social network in the world because it has the potential to be, it is a new concept different in the world in the social networks, it is time to invest a deep money And time
Thank you for this post,
Upvoted & Followed


Yes they potential is great :)

I've found that doing posts like top 5 ways to improve your introduce yourself work out the best because you can go into more detail if you want, but for those that want to skim the post to see if they want to read, it gives them the highlights.

Good post and sine tell nuggets of information.

Well, I agree with, @fanstaf. People like to read posts whose authors are passionate about those topics. I have learned a lot from reading the post of yours, @dragonslayer109. Great tips!!

The most important thing a person should know about writing an article is -- Adding his own opinion .

Writing is an art but still it is kind of technical. Not everybody know how to write a good article. I believe a person can write on any topic if he could relate that topic with his own thoughts. There are a lot of quality content articles on Steemit but most of them lack only one thing that is -- Personal opinioin.
Without it, it's like sharing someone else's thought which is actually kind of cheating. So, my opinion is -- The way to a good article goes through you, you just have to understand that topic first, relating that topic with your experiences and then write about it with your own opinion.
That's it.

Thank you @dragonslayer109


This is very true, thank you.

Super awesome post. Thanks for sharing!!

Pretty helpful post for most and nice challenge you have there at the end. Got to keep in shape :P. I usually do these for random stuff like video games and such.


Well as long as you find a way to keep in shape then it doesn't really matter how and in what way you do.


True that! :)

I like this post. Especially the part about it not having to be lengthy. Often times, less really is more! If the post is too long, most people just get bored lol..

Awesome stuff brother! Keep the content rolling. I want to have your reputation :D It's glorious haha. Talk soon.


If it is too long, I personally do not read it, or at lease not all of it. :D


Same, that's why I enjoy @Sweetsssj's content so much. It can tell amazing stories just by scrolling through her pictures in a matter of seconds. I actually would like to incorporate that kind of vibe into my content too. I tried my first one in my latest post about the super car I want to buy.

Great info, I will take your ideas on board when I do my next post. Thanks

Great post. But i will still be right to say not all good post get the attention it deserves. I have come across some articles on this steemit, months after being published but with little or no reward. However, efforts are never in vain. Someday it will be rewarded.


The value of posts don't always lie in the amount of $ it makes but the amount of life's it has touched and changed

Thank you soo much @dragonslayer109 for helping us out to create good quality content.

"It’s not the quantity, but the quality that matters."

@dragonslayer109 personally, I believe that a post that's too long easily gets boring.

These are great tips for quality contents. One thing I love about steemit is that, it helps you improve on your abilities.

Thanks for sharing.


I personally hate reading and will avoid reading about topics I am not interested in or when it is too long. I get bored really easy, so what you said is very true.

It is just hard to make a post that will just earn within 7 days then no more but topic-wise there are a lot to write about and many guides like these that we can learn from too. Thanks. @dragonslayer109

great stuff and it really helps.