Steem Hard Forks & Now People Are Making Even More Money On The Blockchain Based Social Network Steemit

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It has been a year since I first heard the word “Steemit”.

Being involved in the world of cryptocurrencies I hear a lot of things on a daily basis. So much so that I really only have the time and energy to look into a small portion of the interesting things I hear about every day.

And, so it was with Steem. It was last June that a few people began to mention it to me. “You need to take a look at this,” was the general comment.

I kept hearing about it in the background noise so much that one day, last July, I decided to go to and make my first post, “The Dollar Vigilante Is Now On Steemit.”

I hit “publish” and went on about my day expecting to never hear about Steemit again. But, soon after, out of curiosity, I went back to the site just to see if anything happened.

Below my post it said I had earned $15,000! This can’t be true, I thought.

Nope, it was totally true!

Given the economic incentive I then plunged myself into learning as much about Steemit and the cryptocurrency Steem as I could.

It wasn’t easy, even for a crypto savvy person like myself. Steem, designed by Dan Larimer, was incredibly intricate, technical and, well, genius!

After a few days I began to really get my head around it and began saying that Steem could change the world of social media and everyone should get on it.

What followed were hundreds of slings and arrows from people saying Steem was a scam… a ponzi scheme… or just an outright fraud.

I’m used to the arrows though. That is the definition of a pioneer, after all, “a man lying in a pool of his own blood with his back full of arrows.”

I’ve never shied away from being the first to proclaim a paradigm shift though. I did it in 1993 when I quit my job at a bank to start an internet company that went on to be worth $240 million.

At the time hardly anyone knew what the internet was. And of those who did they said it was just a fad.

Even the great Nobel winning economist (COUGH), Paul Krugman, thought the internet would amount to nothing bigger than the fax machine.

In 2011, with bitcoin at $3, I proclaimed bitcoin to be one of the most important inventions of our lifetime and an evolution in money and banking.

Even with bitcoin near $3,000 I still hear how I am wrong and that bitcoin is a fraud or ponzi scheme.

And now, with Steemit, it has been nearly a year since I said people really should get on it.

In that time, I’ve made more than $100,000 and still often earn more than $1,000 every time I post on the site.

I’m not the only one either. There are literally thousands of other people doing the same.

My friend, Randy Hilarski, who I interviewed on Anarchast here, and who also manages social media for The Dollar Vigilante, got on Steemit after I recommended it and has been posting daily.

Him and his wife just bought a new car from their Steem earnings and he still regularly makes around $500 every day from posting on the site.

Other people I know have had their lives changed dramatically. Lily Da Vine defected from the USSA as she was wanted on charges for cultivating cannabis to help cancer patients and was threatened with being in a cage in the US for 25 years.

She escaped to much freer Mexico over a year ago with only $50 in her pocket. That was enough to get by in Acapulco, Mexico.

And when she heard about Steem she began posting daily. Yesterday was a fairly normal day for Lily and she made about $2,000.

She’s gone from an American refugee to richer than most people in just the last year from Steemit.

And these are just a few of thousands of stories like it.

And, now, Steemit has gotten even more lucrative.

Steemit just enacted “Hard Fork 19” which gives smaller contributors a much better chance to make money. As much as four times more.

Now a lot of people who used to make $4 or $5 on a post are making $20… which makes a big difference.

And this has created a rush of new activity on Steemit. More people are signing up on the site every day than existed in total just six months ago. In fact, they are so overloaded with people wanting to get on the site there is apparently now a waiting list to register as a new user.

I’d advise everyone to get on that list.

Steemit is an evolution in social media the way bitcoin was an evolution in money and banking.

Can Steemit survive in the long run? That’s anyone’s guess. Trying to go from nothing to a Facebook killer in just 1-2 years is a pretty hard thing to do… but Steemit is giving it a great go!

But with FascistBook now censoring out most truthful information it only makes sense for everyone to move over from FBIBook to Steemit.

And, you make money just by posting, upvoting or even commenting on articles.

For all those out there who don’t have much money and have lots of time you should be on Steemit regularly figuring out ways to make money by contributing to the site.

It’s the easiest and cheapest way to get into the cryptocurrency game as you can earn Steem which you can keep or convert into bitcoin, ethereum or any other crypto without risking any of your own money.

At the very least you need to check it out. The Dollar Vigilante posts all of our content on Steem first so it is archived in the Steem blockchain and can never be fully removed from the internet.

You can follow us HERE. And you can follow my new personal channel on Steem HERE.

I told you about Steemit a year ago and most people didn’t listen… the same thing happened when I told people about bitcoin in 2011.

And many people made fortunes on both bitcoin and Steem from my recommendation.

The Steem cryptocurrency has risen more than 1,000% in just the last two months.

But it’s still not too late to get into these things. Steemit itself is still in beta. Most people still haven’t even heard of it. Get on there now and start building up your network and earning Steem and you’ll be way ahead of the pack.

And, if you still don’t fully understand cryptocurrencies, check out my free 4 video webinar HERE where I even offer to send you your first $50 in bitcoin if you accept our offer.

Cryptocurrencies are changing the world… and it is just getting started. Don’t get left behind.

Steem on my friends.


Im looking forward to the next fork and i can upvote $100 each time. thatll be swt. I love giving away money.

Me Too !! And thanks , im more then willing to take it , haha !!👍👍👍

People helping others out without expecting anything in return, is the what life should be about. :) :)


totally agree! and just for that phrase you got a new follower here man! :D

So true !! Steem on my friend !👍👍👍

Im following and helping everyone here, good luck all :)

Exactly. Nice work

That is what missing in today's life...

Ohh hope my account is even 100$ now lolz... minnows for life.

Hah ! Yup !!👍✌😂

You have 1k in your account!!! that's like x10 of what i needed lolz. I won't give up creating good contentttttttttttttttttttttssssssssssss

Haha ! Patience and Persistence my friend ! I had well over 11,000.00 after a year of blogging , Before I got laid off and to power it all down ! that was when I could I get steem for .15 cents !! Those glory days are gone now and its going to be harder to get that again ! Good luck , you will do it eventually ! Just never give up ! 👌✌👌✌

Wow freaking 15 cent!! 1 dollar spell on steemit seems like will never be broken. But if this things go out of beta and be like facebook. Now will a great investment. I'll try invest small and slow, won't invest more i willing to lose! Thanks for the pump!! This song represents me!!!! Won't give up!

Awesomeness !!💕👌✌

Dude, here(Serbia) you can live with 100$ whole month:)

I love to visit Serbia one day :D

Belgrade is an amazing city. I am in Sofia currently but my plan is to move to Belgrade in a couple of months time. I am in a much better position because I was able to save on living costs by being in the East, at the same time as I did a shit-ton of writing that made me 20k steem power over 6 months. I have a pair of Belleville TR103s and Kitanica ASP's coming in the post now... really happy about that (I have wonky feet, the boots are going to be wonderful). Also, idk about serbia, but thanks to the small (though corrupt) government, I was able to get a doomsday survival quantity of iodine together recently. There is more advantages than just lower living costs in this part of the world.

Steem, Ethereum & BTC are safe bets.

Tremendous changes ! Since that time you brought so many people here giving us hope and explaining everything that we didn't know about government and especially central banks.
I went all in here and i am truly grateful for what i am having right now .
Thanks for everything Jeff

This is a wonderful fork!

we are asserting the future of blockchain; a paradigm for regaining control of our planet from criminals. our own social platform. our own currency.


Me too. When I had it I always loved sharing it. Whether it was taking care of friends by letting them stay at my house for free or paying for everyone's meal, being able to share with others surely gave a great sense of enjoyment to life.

+1 - It's what life is all about eh! My place has always been a crashpad for mates or mates of mates who are going through a rough time. Everyone who knows me know there is a hot meal and a couch for them to sleep on should they need it.

Edit - Wish I could do an extra +1 for your username...

Thanks bro. It great to see other people feel the same way as I do. I don't know if anyone would want to eat my cooking, but I am sure back in the day a pizza was always just a phone call away.

hi @dollarvigilante @omninova i would totally appreciate it if you take the time out to read my last post and tell me what you think. thank you + nice post by the way @dollarvigilante

You can definitely send me some as well, mate! :)

These developments are awesome!!!

Send me some money.. I need some badly :P

Wow! $100 for one upvote? I just joined Steemit 2 days ago. It all still feels a little surreal for me, but reading comments like yours fuels my excitement.

I also like this idea :)

Hihi when you got to much think about me :P

keep helping others is a good way to enjoy life.

I like it too)))

I feel so much good in this comunity. unlike fbibook twitt or any other mainstream social media platform. Wouldnt like to see that change. peace and abundance to all!

Plz do for me am new here..

what is the next Fork?

awesome videos man! i have learned so much from you.

Great job and I can also definitely relate to your experience in relation to getting paid for the first time, July 1st 2016, the value of what my first few posts were worth. It also blew my mind and, somehow, still does!

Thanks for the great coverage relating to Randy Hilarski and Lily Da Vine as well.

Namaste :)

What a wonderful post. My kids got me here, I am not one of those lucky ones who get a lot yet but post 1 post everyday. What I find is that you can talk about anyting ,there are always someone who does like your post. Mine are still in the beginning stage but Iam sure I will get there. Being on pension was so boring now there is something to think about everyday.

I'm gonna post this comment. Up vote it. Make 2 steem of it. I love the future

I upvoted you.

hahah smart, If you have the steem power to do it, can´t see why not. Great to see the power given to the people, its quite anarchist in a way and I just love it.

And I'm going to up vote it to help you get there

Why not - I'll throw you an upvote!

@dollarvigilante post is solid..see my latest post where I mentioned him and indicated how steemit will take over social media...good cooment.

upvoted all.

LMFAO wow you actually made more then 2 steem lol good job!!!

Jeff your insight will not go unoticed. I also think blockchain tech will be the future. It's not a matter of if, but who will carry it to the top and like you, I believe Steemit to be a huge, huge first mover in the social media platforms. When I tell people to post on Steemit, I always try and make them tell me why they shouldn't post on Steemit over Facebook or Instagram. Let me tell you it's always a short list. I believe once many more famous Youtubers like yourself, continue to flood into Steemit and their followers follow, it's only a matter of time before we blow up. I just hope that we can continue to be this great helpful community that I have begun to know and love Steemit for! Thanks again Jeff.

But with FascistBook now censoring out most truthful information it only makes sense for everyone to move over from FBIBook to Steemit.

Hahah, that is funny.

A really good article @dollarvigilante. I remember reading your article when I first joined last year. It was a great motivation. And this one is too. Specially the examples of people who have done awesome things thanks to Steemit.

HF19 is really going to help out the newbies and people who have been consistent but not making more than a few dollars a post. It'll also make newcomers feel more welcome and motivated.

Thank you for this article. It was a really good read. :)

I wish I were a part of those who joined last year. i just joined last week and so far I'm having a great time here. I learning new things from a lot of steemers and I feel like this is a beginning of a new revolution. The time has come for more and more people to join and as I've always said I'm going to be a disciple of steemit steeming all the way.

Extremely good post, I also told many of my friends to get into bitcoin and steemit last year but almost none of them listen

Haha funny story! I told all my family member to look into steemit, and everyone thinks I'm retarded. Ill be laughing in the end. They never listen.

Lolz same. But its not too late. My mum approached me a few weeks ago asking about bitcoin. I told her you should have brought some last year when I told you to, you would have quadrupled your money at least by now. Never the less she is getting in now with a small percentage of her inheritance.

Wish you'd told me, then I would have been here sooner :P

This is so awesome!!!! Thank you Jeff again for introducing me to it back in August!

It is nice we can earn a lot more after Hf19. I fell very happy about it too. I hope I can earn a lot and be a big whale someday! However, how do you cash out what you earn from steemit? It is not easy as some exchange closed the cash out service like the one start with "Po" and the price of other exchange drop. I feel uncomfortable about it.

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