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RE: Steem Hard Forks & Now People Are Making Even More Money On The Blockchain Based Social Network Steemit

in #steemit6 years ago

I'm gonna post this comment. Up vote it. Make 2 steem of it. I love the future


I upvoted you.

hahah smart, If you have the steem power to do it, can´t see why not. Great to see the power given to the people, its quite anarchist in a way and I just love it.

And I'm going to up vote it to help you get there

Why not - I'll throw you an upvote!

@dollarvigilante post is solid..see my latest post where I mentioned him and indicated how steemit will take over social media...good cooment.

upvoted all.

LMFAO wow you actually made more then 2 steem lol good job!!!

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