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RE: Steem Hard Forks & Now People Are Making Even More Money On The Blockchain Based Social Network Steemit

in #steemit6 years ago

Im looking forward to the next fork and i can upvote $100 each time. thatll be swt. I love giving away money.


Me Too !! And thanks , im more then willing to take it , haha !!👍👍👍

People helping others out without expecting anything in return, is the what life should be about. :) :)


totally agree! and just for that phrase you got a new follower here man! :D

So true !! Steem on my friend !👍👍👍

Im following and helping everyone here, good luck all :)

Exactly. Nice work

That is what missing in today's life...

Ohh hope my account is even 100$ now lolz... minnows for life.

Hah ! Yup !!👍✌😂

You have 1k in your account!!! that's like x10 of what i needed lolz. I won't give up creating good contentttttttttttttttttttttssssssssssss

Haha ! Patience and Persistence my friend ! I had well over 11,000.00 after a year of blogging , Before I got laid off and to power it all down ! that was when I could I get steem for .15 cents !! Those glory days are gone now and its going to be harder to get that again ! Good luck , you will do it eventually ! Just never give up ! 👌✌👌✌

Wow freaking 15 cent!! 1 dollar spell on steemit seems like will never be broken. But if this things go out of beta and be like facebook. Now will a great investment. I'll try invest small and slow, won't invest more i willing to lose! Thanks for the pump!! This song represents me!!!! Won't give up!

Awesomeness !!💕👌✌

Dude, here(Serbia) you can live with 100$ whole month:)

I love to visit Serbia one day :D

Belgrade is an amazing city. I am in Sofia currently but my plan is to move to Belgrade in a couple of months time. I am in a much better position because I was able to save on living costs by being in the East, at the same time as I did a shit-ton of writing that made me 20k steem power over 6 months. I have a pair of Belleville TR103s and Kitanica ASP's coming in the post now... really happy about that (I have wonky feet, the boots are going to be wonderful). Also, idk about serbia, but thanks to the small (though corrupt) government, I was able to get a doomsday survival quantity of iodine together recently. There is more advantages than just lower living costs in this part of the world.

Steem, Ethereum & BTC are safe bets.

Tremendous changes ! Since that time you brought so many people here giving us hope and explaining everything that we didn't know about government and especially central banks.
I went all in here and i am truly grateful for what i am having right now .
Thanks for everything Jeff

This is a wonderful fork!

we are asserting the future of blockchain; a paradigm for regaining control of our planet from criminals. our own social platform. our own currency.


Me too. When I had it I always loved sharing it. Whether it was taking care of friends by letting them stay at my house for free or paying for everyone's meal, being able to share with others surely gave a great sense of enjoyment to life.

+1 - It's what life is all about eh! My place has always been a crashpad for mates or mates of mates who are going through a rough time. Everyone who knows me know there is a hot meal and a couch for them to sleep on should they need it.

Edit - Wish I could do an extra +1 for your username...

Thanks bro. It great to see other people feel the same way as I do. I don't know if anyone would want to eat my cooking, but I am sure back in the day a pizza was always just a phone call away.

hi @dollarvigilante @omninova i would totally appreciate it if you take the time out to read my last post and tell me what you think. thank you + nice post by the way @dollarvigilante

You can definitely send me some as well, mate! :)

These developments are awesome!!!

Send me some money.. I need some badly :P

Wow! $100 for one upvote? I just joined Steemit 2 days ago. It all still feels a little surreal for me, but reading comments like yours fuels my excitement.

I also like this idea :)

Hihi when you got to much think about me :P

keep helping others is a good way to enjoy life.

I like it too)))

I feel so much good in this comunity. unlike fbibook twitt or any other mainstream social media platform. Wouldnt like to see that change. peace and abundance to all!

Plz do for me am new here..

what is the next Fork?

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