and giveaway WINNERS

in steemit •  2 years ago

So, i've been running this giveaway for 10 days ( first here and then second here ), it got a "huge attention"..., just like i expected...but, nevertheless winners deserve those domains, i am very sure. I believe those people would bring significant value to steemit, even though they didn't have a post with "holding white paper verification...."

So here are the winners:

Thank's all for participation!

Winner guys please sign up at (if you haven't already) and send me something to steemlink(AT) from email you used there to sign up, just so i know your emails. They will be used by 101domains to send you the auth codes for domain transfer (more detials here, scroll down, right column: When you send the email, please include some secret word or a send date in it, then post it in replies. This way you won't have to share your email publicly and i will know 100% its you.

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