Steem should have a Draft Post Option.

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For days i have been working on my new HUGE <--exaggeration ) post

But because it is so HUGE It is taking some time to put together because i am a fussy fella.

Now while i have been working on this HUGE post i seem to be getting fresh ideas.

When these fresh ideas come about, the first thing i think is: Why can't i have a break from this HUGE post and make it a DRAFT ? Like i am doing right now!

I have also seen posts around Steemit where users have lost there entire posts from accidently hitting something, which also happened to me and i never actually found the reason why. Fix =AUTOSAVE TO DRAFT!

Why not have a Draft and Publish option? . Can be called whatever but the principal is what is important.

Simple example:

If we had a Draft maybe we could go one step further and have a Share option for the Draft this way we could get some opinions of our post from friends etc before we Publish it. Heres just an example i edited from evernote

Having the option to show people and have people Proof your post could also help increase the quality of posts on Steemit.

Hell it could even be made as an incentive with rewards. You could have a 'Proof' reward....BTW that just came to me while i was writing this ~ thinking out loud here ~ yeah i know crazy but hey had to include my thought here.

But at the end of the day if nothing else, i think having a way to Draft our blog posts would be a huge plus in the workflow and give a little more peace of mind knowing our work is saved and ready for whenever we need it.


I concur. Want this. Upvoted!

For the time being use
Just my two cents.

Agreed I also suggested the same thing in response to someone who had lost some work. Thanks for posting it. Maybe we could have a Steem Improvements tag or grouping to help put these things together in one place?

Yep. Currently it auto saves, but that is a pain if you want to work on 2 posts at once.

exaclty..was doing that exact thing yesterday....i mean this is the Blockchain,lol...we should be able to create our post in the editor like it is designed to do and have total confidence we wont lose our work....saving the draft is the sensible meens we could be working on as many posts as we is easy to get sidetracked and go on a tangent to another could have that draft saved then go start another and so on...

That is a great idea! Hopefully it can be implemented soon. It'd be nice to see what the developers are working on and possibly letting users vote on features they would most desire to be voted on so that steemit can evolve past what it currently is already.

A preview button wouldn't be bad either.

well it already previews it below as you type.......but what i have noticed is it is a pain in the ass to scroll down to see your changes if your post is yeah maybe a preview button right at the op so you could instant view......

Yea a side by side view, would be cool

not a bad idea.

It definitely couldn't hurt that is for sure:)

I think you must use something else to create your post and when you are ready to paste the text and make the inpagination.

of course and a lot do that..but why should we need to if we dont have to?........i actually just use notepad, and thats only because i lost an entire post previously....the current way it auto saves is only browser specific, and if your pc dies so does your post....installing that browser again on a different pc wont bring your post back from the dead.

I absolutely agree, thank you for posting this!

Saving posts in draft mode would allow me to accumulate ideas for future posts and enable the ability to perfect a post before releasing it.

I often find myself writing a post, publish it and then editing it multiple times, after I've published the post.