Show your steemit posts on your wordpress site!

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I've been pretty excited about #steemit and love the promise that it holds. To that end, I built a wordpress plugin to showcase my posts.

That being said, as someone who runs (and builds) websites, I really want to be able to showcase my steemit posts on my own #wordpress website (and to show the small businesses and crafters that I build sites for how to do so as well).

I looked at the possibility of creating a fully integrated plugin, but without a public API it would take a lot more time to build than I have available. That being the case, I decided to go ahead and build a simpler plugin.

The Privateer Offsite Posts Wordpress Plugin

I've never previously needed to link to articles that I've written on other sites from my own site. has certainly changed that. See it in action on my blog.

This plugin will let you do the following on your wordpress site:

  • Choose which types of posts can be linked to articles
  • Choose, article by article, whether to have a post link to or shown on your own web site
  • Display all of your posts (whether you send people to or not) on your blog, your date archives, your search results, etc..

Why would you use a plugin like this?

If you are new to blogging and/or don't have your own website, you might want to simply post on and call it good.

However, if you have an existing user base or web site that you have been blogging in (or posting tutorials on, etc.), then you might want to make it easy for your visitors to find your content. If that is the case, this plugin might be right up your alley.

If for some reason down the road you decide to no longer link out to steemit, having your content show on your own site is as simple as deactivating this plugin, provided you entered the content of each post into the editor as well as into the steamit post editor.

Where to get the plugin?

You can visit the downloads page and download the zip file provided there if you want to install the plugin through your wordpress admin panel.

Optionally, you can visit the project page and grab the git repository.

How to setup the plugin?

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, do the following to get set up:

  1. Go to Settings - Reading
  2. Scroll down to the section titled Post Types for Offsite Links
  3. Choose which of the shown post types can be linked off site
  4. Optionally set your user name in the Steemit Offsite Referrer Name option
  5. Click Save Changes

Once you have done that, you should see a new meta box in the editor for each post type you selected called Offsite Redirect URL. Simply enter the url of your content on (or any other site) and when someone attempts to browse the article on your website they will be automatically redirected with a 302 temporary redirect.

I chose to use a 302 redirect so that if you disable this plugin your content will show up normally as entered on your site.

How to get new features?

If you want a new feature and it is workable, just reply here and I'll add it if I have time.
Alternately, grab a copy of the project from bitbucket and adjust as wanted.

Where to report problems with this plugin?

Hopefully there aren't any, but if you do run into troubles, just let me know here (or on the project page) and I'll get back to you when I get a chance

Please keep in mind that I'm just one guy and I keep a full load of work, so a reply might take a day or two, especially if you catch me on a day when I have Judo practice.

Non-buyer Beware

I put this up simply to share with those that might want such functionality and make no promises about any use case or even that it works (works fine for me though!).

Can I see an example?

Sure, check out my blog and you should see an article with the same title on it. Click that article and you should come right back here.

Known Issues

Because there is no integration being done, your posts in your blog and/or archives will not show proper comment counts. Sorry, a guy can only do so much.


Had an issue there for a few minutes. All good now though!
v1.0.3: Updated to remove permalink rewrites in favor of simply redirecting when the singular page is displayed for seo purposes.


Nice idea @tony.jennings! I am interested in creating a similar plugin for Joomla. Do I have your permission to use a similar logic in my plugin?

Of course. Ideas should be free.

All I did for my little plugin was to attach an optional offsite url.

If filled in, two things happen:

  • If the singular form of the post is requested directly, the user is redirected to the url provided
  • If an archive type page draws the post in question, the title (and read more link, if used) links to the offsite url specified.

I later adjusted it to remove the second item as it was redundant. Now, any request for the singular display will redirect to the offsite url.

Super simple, but very effective.

Thank you for the info :)
The simplest ideas are often the best.

Nice idea, but what about the other way, posting from WordPress to Steemit with the posting key?

I was considering doing that (using piston might be a good way to go about it), but decided not to at this point as I have other things I'm working on and the quick off site linking plugin I wrote does everything I need.

There are some great posts out there on pulling data ( see @xeroc @jesta @fabien and @lukestokes and various others) and I know at some point I saw some good information on posting to the block chain as well.

Once I wrap up a few of the things I'm working on I'll probably take a look at this some more.

Cool, thanks. :)

Hi @jaggs

I'm looking for this too.

Did you find any API or tool to auto-post in

I wonder if there any other platform (e.g. Bitcoin) with a similar project.