[STEEMSHARE.COM] - The Dedicated STEEM Post List Organizer and Discovery Platform

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Hello Steemers, 


I'm proud to announce a new release.   Steemshare (Alpha Release) is solving a big problem I was having organizing and storing my favorite posts.  

Many new features are on the way including Chrome/FireFox/Safari plugins to make adding links dead simple. 

Steemshare is a tool to handle the following:

  • Create named lists (marketing, funny, crytocurrency, etc).  Lists can be marked public or private. 
  • Add steem links into any created list.
  • Discover new content you might not of discovered by visiting public curated lists by topic/category. 

Here's a quick guide once you create your account:

1.  Click add list

2.  You will be re-directed to your newly minted list.   Paste any steem links that you want to curate for the list

3.  Your new steem link will show up in the created list.  Keep building your lists and organize them for future reference!

Many more features are in the works.  This is an early alpha release.  Upcoming features include:

- Gallery Thumbnails automatically scrapped when you add a link

- Gallery Thumbnails for lists

- Better search discovery for other steem share members. (Tags, search)

- Chrome/Firefox/Safari Plugin (Easily insert a steem url into one of your lists with a click of the button)

Steemshare is hoping to bridge the gap and solve an issue of organizing your favorite steem posts. 

Check out SteemShare.com!




Thanks for all your good work but I don't like it. I don't want to have one more registration on centralized service to decentralized network! I want to use my Steem account. Upvoted to keep you building :-)

@hipster I completely agree. Unfortunately, as you know there isn't any secure authorization to do that "yet". But having some oauth like access is a dream for me with steem. There is great innovation there, and something I've been tinkering about in my mind. I'd love to make that a reality.


[IMPORTANT] This post covers the Similarity between YouTube and Steemit as well on How to use Steemit and It's OFFICIAL CONTENT RULES.

And I don't want to have one more registration
don't need to reinvent the whee

Nice! This is what i needed:)

Thanks @yonuts ! Many new features are on the way including thumbnails, and browser plugins to make it super easy to curate lists.

Same same! Keep up the good work Originate!

We need to have a steem Symbol!


Great work, well done and keep it coming!

There seems to be a new tool built on top of Steemit almost on weekly basis. For those who are not aware, you can find a collection of such tools here >> http://steemtools.com/

@originate, you might wanna consider contacting @roelandp so that SteemShare can be added to http://steemtools.com/

Hooray! I am a new Steemian and was looking for more tools in order to visualize this new medium.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Pretty nice !

Can you follow certain users? There is a follow button on Steem but I don't think it works

You can follow them through @jesta 's https://steemstats.com - another great tool

The Pinterest of Steemit?

This is awesome! Should have some kind of shuffle / randomize button too :) keep it up

Great and congrats. I will certainly try it out.

The collection of very useful Steemit tools is constantly growing. Excellent :)

@originate This is really cool! I'm totally upvoting it!
I'm working on something similar that uses human curation & social similarity to do something similar with the intent of highlighting content of interest for people.
I would love to have your feedback on the idea.

Also here

Can't wait to check this out thanks for solving a big problem I was having. Pocket just wasn't cutting it anymore!

Very usefull tool, thanks!

Congrats on another amazing development. Steemit is exploding with infrastructure. It's incredible to see. Puts the likes of Litecoin to shame, Awesome. Thanks for your efforts. Hope you're richly rewarded.

This is a great feature - the kind of thing that would be a great addition to the main site here. I would say a good list to start with would be a list of all the supporting sites that have been created around steemit.com - such as this one!

I really love all the new tools that are coming out for Steemit! Keep Steeming Steemers #steem

can i feature your service on my site www.beststeemitsites.com??

Very, very interesting ! Thank you !

This is awesome. Very useful tool. Well done!!

This is great. A lot of new features keep popping up and there's a lot of development being done by the community. When Steemit comes out of beta it will be unstoppable.

Awesome, have been waiting for something like this. There are some css improvements neccessary on Safari, though.

Essentially another good website for this community

Very cool! :-)

Public curated lists are a great addition. I can see the potential of great curators making money on posts by creating great steemshare.com lists full of discoveries that didn't go to trending when posted.

Aquí está traducido el post al español.

Great, thanks very much!

You do great job. Thank you :)
Ill test it

Thanks for making this tool! It's been great seeing all of these great add-ons to the Steemit ecosystem :)

great this is the kind of solution we need to increase the visibility of posts that are in your interest Great Job

This is cool!

Its Goood!!!

Awesome, this will help to get organized

Thanks. Great work. I was looking exactly for something like that. Will try it.

wow..its amazing !! its new world

The eco-systems grows! Good job.

this will be great tool, at least they working on making the site very user friendly

Very good idea!!

pretty nice article !