Growth Hacking the Sign Up Process of Steemit to the Next Level

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Growth Hacking - By Using Proven & Tested Methods


Since I came out of sabbatical yesterday, I decided to write another article about the marketing of Steemit in order to increase user signups.

But first, I want to acknowledge the amazing work that has been done so far to improve the sign up process. It is 1000% better than it was a few months ago. As I went about looking at the new signup process from a critical point of view, I was pleased to see some great addition to improve conversions from traffic to user.

My goal is to bring additional insights on how Steemit could bring to it the next level by adding a viral loop inside the process of signing up.

Overview of the New Sign Up Process

First Page

Second Page

Third Page

Final Page


The very nature of effective marketing comes down to one thing: a seemless message and process to carry the user from point A to point B.

Taking into account the issue I pointed out yesterday in my article we have to give credit where credit is due. This is great work! The design is slick and the number of steps are outlined really well. This has been proven to improve to conversions for a long time now. I am glad Steemit adopted this.

It would be difficult to simplify this process any further because of the nature of the blockchain. That being said, effort on simplifying should never be considered "done". There is still space to improve conversions but it would take time and a lot of split testing.

Where the "Seemless" falls apart

Okay, now comes the critical part of this article.

Right when people completed the signup process...steemit drops the ball with a clunky and terrible "thank you"/"Welcome" page. See what it looks like here.

It's a long boring page with a bunch of info that makes your eyes gloss.

Don't get me wrong. It's better than it was before BUT there is so much opportunity here that hasn't been capitalized on. THIS is the place where you grab people by the collar and get them excited...not bore them to death with thousands of words on a white background.

Introducing a Viral Loop

You remember the promise of giving them free STEEM POWER at the beginning? How about giving it to them by completing a series of action like dropbox does?

Turning every signups into an advocate and free advertising

Complete the Tutorial => Get 5 SteemPower
Share on Facebook => Get 1 SteemPower
Share on Twitter => Get 1 SteemPower
Follow Us on Facebook => Get 1 SteemPower
Follow Us on Twitter => Get 1 SteemPower
Buy SteemPower => Get 20% discount for the next 24h
Tell Us What Brought You Here => Get 1 SteemPower
Invite Friends Over E-Mail = > Get X SteemPower for every person you invite
Write Your First Post #Introduce-Yourself => Get X SteemPower


The tutorial could simply be a "Learning Mode" where the user is brought through different part of the website with bubbles and a nice "Next" button on the bottom right corner. Kind of like Facebook does with new users these days.

We could reward our users for going through the tutorial and in this way improve the retention rate of our userbase.

Another Additions

When people share and invite people to Steemit, I think that a better "landing page" would be required. Something with an explainer video, FAQ and a big fat signup button would be best to convert that traffic than the regular header.

Another possibility to increase sign ups by a lot would be to add a sticky pop under like Pinterest does for it's unregistered users. Right now the header is at very top of the page.


I understand how Rome wasn't built in one day but I think Steemit is at a point where it should focus on this type of stuff. By introducing a viral loop strategy inside the sign up process, Steemit could turn every new users into free advertising at a cost many time cheaper than Facebook Ads, billboards or any other "push" marketing.


I couldn't agree more with your criticism. The welcome page could definitely use an overhaul. I think it's important to get people right into the fray asap and let them learn by doing while keeping it as simple and fun as possible along the way.

Hey @piedpiper - please see my response to @cryptoctopus in the comments.

awesome, thanks for enlightening us and thanks for all the work you've been putting into it!

Hey @cryptoctopus - I appreciate your feedback on the welcome page. @bitcoiner and I were actually the ones who built this. It just went live on the site last night. We posted about it here, and mentioned the fact that this was only "phase 1". The main problem that we were trying to solve is that users who signup do not have any direction and were missing a lot of key information. This at least gives them the info - which is a really crucial step that we didn't have before.

There is a comment in the post that talks about making it prettier for phase 2, and lists some of the things we are planning to do. If you have any additional suggestions, feel free to add them there.

Sorry, I didn't mean to be an insult on your work. This is way way better than dropping people in the deep end of the pool. I would love the content you made to be used as a walkthrough that brings people page by page and rewarding them for completing it. Gamifying the welcome process with your content would be wonderful.

Hehe, no problem. We agree, it is 'crude'. I just wanted to give you the context :)

We made the decision not do do all the 'fancy' stuff right away, because getting the change approved and put up on the live site is a lengthy and time consuming process. We did not want to slow it down even more by trying to do everything all at once. We figured if we could at least get the content up - that would be a huge step forward from where we were before.

It is definitely very appreciated and a 100% improvement over having nothing. Looking forward to what you are going to come up with. What do you think of the reward for completing the welcome process?

I think it is a great idea! It is a complicated feature to develop (correctly) though. While I fully support it and think it would be a great addition, I think the one 'problem' will be timeline. I don't think something like this is going to be implemented in the short-term. Steemit has a lot of changes in their pipeline. Within the ~2 years though (when I predict Steemit will be done with the site), then adding something like this is definitely a possibility.

Ok, so I am creating a mock up based on the welcome page. @krnel is down to help with dev. If you could join us here with @bitcoiner : I think we could get this thing kicked off within 90 days.

One thing I will add too.. I mentioned it in the comments of @bitcoiner's post, but when I started pushing for the welcome page several months ago, it was in the same position as far as priority. It actually got done because Sneak (from Steemit) assigned it to me, and let @bitcoiner and I do the work. If we had waited for the official Steemit dev team to work on this, it would have taken a lot longer. (Again, they have a ton on their plate right now).

One thing you might want to consider is if you could get some community developers interested in this, you could work on it and submit it as a 'pull request' - like @bitcoiner and I did for the welcome page.

oh brilliant. Unfortunately I'm just a marketer and do not have the coding capabilities to execute it. :-/

But it's true, if I could find someone to work with on that stuff it would definitely help the team move along.

I personally think that if they want users, the reward system should take the front row when it comes to marketing. Turning new users into free advertiser was what brought Facebook and Dropbox to mass adoption (back when it would ask you to invite your friends via email).

I shall look for a dev who wants to cooperate with me.

You penned an extremely cogent article filled with many useful ideas. In particular, I liked the "Turning every signup into an advocate and free advertising" section. It could be perhaps even more effective if each of the rewarded steps told a story or was part of a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt to make the wading-into-Steemit-experience even more meaningful.

hahaha! Love it! GAMIFICATION :-)

Great suggestions.

The welcome page is new, was added yesterday/2days ago I think? I assumed it would undergo polishing to make it more visually pleasing and digestible. I think this can also be turned into a FAQ with anchor links to make it easier to find info.


Thanks. I didn't know it was that new. Its definitely better than just dropping people into the deep end of the pool as it was before.

Do you do Montreal Meetups any longer? Or you're not involved in those anymore, like the Live SteemFest a few weeks ago?

I've left the administration of the meetup to @pnc because I got crazy busy with side projects. But its still there ready to be used for maybe a future SteemFest?

Was just wondering. You mentioned "I shall look for a dev who wants to cooperate with me." So I was thinking it might be useful for that. I can code. I'm making a curation site, but also getting into the witness/node, and possibly going into python to redo the curation site I'm making... not sure yet. And also making posts each day :D

Anyways, if you want to contact me for whatever: [email protected] or go to discord and you can PM me there:

And maybe we can work together ;)

Your suggestions of ways for new users to earn more steem power are fantastic.

Hi Cryptoctopus,
Well, your two last post were exciting. I was also thinking a lot about those topics the last weeks.
The idea of rewarding new comers for taking instant action is perfect.
I would also appreciate your advice and thoughts on a post (about marketing and communication for Steem & Steemit) that I made 2 days ago for the challenge from thecryptofiend! It would be great to have your thoughts and please check the comments from blocktrades & thecryptofiend if you have time- Thanks 😊

Link to post 

no one get's my phone number.
no one.

I understand you position. Do you any other idea to stop people from creating an infinite amount of fake account?

not right off hand.
Spammers have destroyed email
I'm not letting them do that to my telephone.

Note: computers are cheap, especially older ones.
and wi-fi is becoming more and more available.

Phones...more expensive, especially smart phones.
requiring a phone number from someone who hasn't got one?
who knows...might happen.

That's COOL! I hadn't heard of that.
BUT...the Bloomberg website illustrates a problem.
It took a LONG time to load. I suppose due to the countless 'redirects' for spam.
AND it enabled an audio/visual without my permission.
I HATE that.
I shut it off instinctively before I heard two words..

I think that I will black list BloomBerg
Fake News sites do that sort of thing.

URF! Good stuff here. I particularly like the idea of earning ones free Steem. I've been working on a plan to make transfers between Paypal and Steem more easy. This, I think could drive growth tremendously. Here's part #5. Feel free to take a look and comment if you think of anything as we're both working towards the same thing!

I'd love a way to easier transfer funds from steem to paypal!

Working on it my friend!

Finally, things that move!

I like the thought you've put into this. But I do have a strong opinion against popups prompting sign ups.

Seeing a popup when I'm reading something on a site I've never been to before often causes me to stop reading, leave the site, and not look back.

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super good advice. great tips!