The Official "Welcome to Steemit" Landing Page is Now Live!

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"Come for the rewards, stay for the community."

Welcome to Steemit

@timcliff and I were tasked to create a "Welcome to Steemit" page. It was to be the first thing that new users would see after creating an account. The goal was to have a page filled with all the "must have" information for new users to get started on Steemit and be successful!

We wanted it to contain all of the essentials, but not overload the user!

For more information and context, see these past posts:

This task has been in the works for quite some time, so we are very pleased to announce that it is now live on Steemit!


The page is always accessible via a link in the hamburger menu:

When new users sign up, they will be redirected to this welcome page.

On the user's blog, if they haven't posted anything yet, they will see a link to get to the page:

The link will be shown on an empty feed page as well:

Direct Link

Future Changes

This is just the first version. There are still a lot of improvements that can be made on top of what we have done. Examples: Table of Contents, accordions to collapse/expand content, more content, etc. Now that it is up and people start to use it, perhaps the community and dev team can continue to build on it.


I notice there is confusion as to whether the hash tag is #introducemyself or the original #introduceyourself
Picture verification and twitter/blog verifications remain my favorite.

Yes, we are planning to make that change in our next update. It is mentioned in my comment below :)

So I'm going to start a feedback thread. If anyone has any "constructive criticism" / suggestions for the welcome page, @bitcoiner and I will be working on a phase 2. Feel free to add your suggestions here!

Planned changes so far:

  • Graphic at the top
  • Better organize the content
  • Tell people how to find the welcome page if they want to get back to it later
  • Add setting avatar pic to the todo list
  • Change introduceyourself to introducemyself, since that seems to be the new tag people are using for that
  • When referring to "Helpful Posts from Steemit Users", mention that it is at the bottom of 'this page' (on the welcome page)

What do you think of my idea to reward for completing the different steps?

I think it is a great idea! It is a little more complicated of an enhancement than @bitcoiner and I would be able to do ourselves, but I'm in support of the idea :)

Good job guys. It has a good balance of information, but seems a bit visually barren. Can we add some graphics or a picture perhaps? Even Google's welcome page, notorious for being stark and simple, still has a graphic image.

Yes, we are planning to snazz it up. Our first goal though was just to get the content up, since that is the most important part for new users. More on phase 2 will be posted soon :)

That is awesome! What a great way to welcome new steemians to our community! I wish we had that when i joined , lol ! 😂 keep up the great work ! Love seeing all the improvements! Thanks !♨ 👌👍♨

@karenmckersie, we do hope it will help the newcomers to our community! All thanks to @timcliff for conceiving the need for such a page. I know I would have loved having it when I joined haha!

That's awesome! I'd actually just run across the 'looks like you haven't blogged yet' part by happenstance and took a screen shot for later. Lol

That's freaking awesome though! Thank you so much for the work you guys put into this. I really see it being extremely helpful for the new Steemit users!

@timcliff and I hope this will help new users navigate the site and be acquainted with the basic concepts and tips to get more help. I remember being quite lost when I started and would have loved something like this haha.

Wow, what a great honor to be asked to do that for new users to get help starting out. Great job @timcliff and @bitcoiner !!!

@timcliff and I thank you! Actually, it was @timcliff who came up with this initiative and asked me if I wanted to help, so in essense, we had tasked ourselves haha!

It was a true team effort! @bitcoiner and I put our skills together to make it happen. It was a lot of fun to work together on this project :)

I see. If you tasked it yourself, how did you get Steemit to accept it?

Well the story was that I had been going on a 'spree' of creating issues in GitHub to try and get more things from the "Wish List" completed. One day I created an issue asking them to create a "Welcome Page", and @sneak assigned the issue to me. I'm not sure if he thought I would actually do it (or if he was just trying to get me to stop creating more issues, hehe), but I decided to accept the challenge.

I asked @bitcoiner to help out, since he had a lot more experience than me with working on changes to the actual Steemit code. We both had our skils that we brought to the table, and between the two of us - we got the content done and submitted it as a pull request.

As far as getting them to accept it, we both communicated with the Steemit dev team quite a bit throughout the process, to ensure that what we were doing was in line what they were expecting. We also had several rounds of "community review" to make sure everyone in the Steemit community was happy with what we were putting up.

Great work to both of you! I believe that it may be useful to link to it at the level of the front page, as tis may give extra useful information to visitors who could finally decide to sign up.

Thanks @lemouth!

It is in the "main menu" in the upper right corner. Just look for the "Welcome" link. It will also be the first thing that new users see right after they signup :)

It's not really the best thing to have right on the homepage though. It isn't very useful for most users (who have been here a while) and it would probably be too much info for someone who hasn't signed up yet.

True. I was more thinking about the new user who arrives and does not know much where to click. I was thinking that this should be accessible from a visible place (and I agree that the front page is not the best).

Great work - thanks for doing it!

(Upvoted, of course.)

Sorry I saw you typed Hamburger menu......
and that totally made me hungry :(
Also this is my first post mark it down in history!
I will make something of myself I will write an entry soon :)

Welcome to Steemit @flopaz!

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