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RE: My "Periodic Personal Pantheon" of Steemit Authors

in #steemit4 years ago

@creatr I'm humbled

This is a third entry in that list, a list of authors who I read as regularly as possible.

wow, this is so touching T.T
I barely drop by your page - and I remember you told me once, "we can't be everywhere" yet, you've managed to check out mine. Thank you very much


You're welcome; Thank you for your good work here on Steemit! Actually, I'm hoping to use this page as a tool for better maintaining contact with the authors I appreciate most, since I'm not (yet) using any 'bots... 😄😇😄


@creatr not using bots either, prefer manual as much as possible, checking every now and then to return upvotes
been gone for a few days and took my voting power to recharge to nearly 100% now down again to 60+% for just a few hours sighs.
Anyway, thanks a lot! If it helps, I'm making a list - like santa does :)