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RE: My "Periodic Personal Pantheon" of Steemit Authors

in #steemit4 years ago

Thank you, @creatr - I'm honoured. I think this type of support is invaluable b/c there are so many peeps on here I might never get to see unless you point them out to me. You are more eclectic than me - I'm the same way in my food choices - not adventurous, content with what I know. Well, sometimes I discover something really good and yeah...I obsess with that for the next few months ad nauseam. So, I need a breath of fresh air now and then - something new - Hey, that's kind of like the way I stumbled on you. Surfing? Ha! I don't even swim, but here we are :)


God willing, one day I will teach you to surf, my friend... :) If not here, in the Glory? ;) 😄😇😄


riding a cosmic wave on the Sea of Time - that would be awesome, creatr :)

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