Steemit Sports Betting Curation June

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This is now the 5th edition of this sports betting curation list and it is very rewarding to see this community grow bigger and stronger each month! The Steemit Betting Community Discord Server now has over 100 members and a lot of the sports betting related content here on Steemit now gets upvotes from the @sbcbot which has nearly 1600SP !

I recently swithced from Steemvoter to Steemauto to give out automatic upvotes which is a big improvement sice they allow to add a "1 Daily Upvote Rule". Using steemvoter in the past often caused some issues to keep my voting power steady when someone suddenly increased their amount of posts or It was frustrating to see big quality drops.

A lot of good things happened to the betting community last month, some solid new members joined and the SBC League kicked off thanks to @beat-the-books which gives a nice incentive for people who post picks to finally do it properly posting odds are keeping a record which is something I have been a big advocate for.

June Sports Betting Blogs

@marcusbraeburn is a good example on how the SBC can provide some benefits and exposure when your make posts and interact on the platform in a very genuine way. He's been on Steemit for 5 months posting Sports betting related Dtube videos without getting noticed. To illustrate the difference in upvotes after joining our SBC Discord Channel...

@kryptocek has been overdue to get on the list. His blog is not Sports betting focussed, but he is into sports betting and active in the community and on discord. He is one of the many genuine members who makes our community so good !

@sergino has been posting Sports Betting related content for a while and has made a lot of improvements to his posts as of late.
[Post Last Month vs [Post Now]

Sports Bettors Curation List June

AccountFollowersRepSPUpvote %
@acelad1253 (1146)51(51)879 (868)60%
@inittowinit73 (63)36 (36)191 (190)40%
@suit562(54)33 (33)70 (70)40%
@stimp10242732 (2056)72(70)42290(40509)4%(x10)
@beat-the-bookies435 (235)52 (49)101 (71)20%
@numpypython1564 (1395)62 (62)1050(1006)20%
@fullcoverbetting849 (555)55 (53)364 (200)10% (x2)
@braveboat2127 (2042)56 (56)429 (426)10%
@boatsports901112 (960)59 (58)916 (873)10%
@sportfrei546 (375)56 (55)998 (857)10%
@djoker267 (94)47 (45)15 (10)10%
@buggedout2388 (2146)65 (65)4707 (4848)10%
( ) Previous Month numbers

The main ideas behind the list is to encourage community driven behavior which I believe is most important right now. Overall percentages slightly increased because of the lower Steem Price.

@djoker (1 @steembasicincome share)

He made some great improvements and set the trend by being the first one to join the SBC League. To give a small encouragement and extra upvote on each post I sponosred him and SBI Share during last month.

@sbcbot 25SP Extra Lease (150SP total)

The bot has been the most effective way to support the entire community and it is being used more and more.

SBC Founding Members (Daily @upvoteshares Upvotes)

I am setting up an experiment to start a scalable daily upvote support group (see detail & updates on our discord). Right now I'm doing a test run and have given the ones who really made a difference in the creation of the SBC some shares (each share is worth 3.58 STEEM now)

@beat-the-bookies 4 Shares
@fullcoverbetting 3 Shares
@stimp1024 3 Shares
@acelad 2 Shares
@numpypython 1 Share

(These shares give and will continue to give daily upvotes from the @upvotesshares account once the project starts off. They are locked and can't be moved but will give upvotes for as long as this project will run in the future)

SBC League Contestants (Temporary @minnowshares Upvotes)

I added everyone who properly participates in the SBC League to my @minnosshares account that has 200SP right now. This is the account that will be used to sponsor minnows once the @upvoteshares project starts (upvotes will be removed at that point).
Previous Months Curation Posts

I will be looking out to add more accounts to the list the next 30 days. Feel free to give me suggestions on who I should add in the comments! (please don't ask to be on the list)

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Love that you do this and keep track of the people you're following. Thank you for leaving me on the list even though I haven't posted much about sports recently, or I guess really posted much of anything. The new baby has really cut into my computer time, haha.

Glad to see @kryptocek make the list along with other new SBC members!


Anyone who supports this community will stay on the list regardless content or activity.
Congrats again with your fathership !

Like always a great analysis of last month, I did not expect any less :)
Just the community is improving fast, looks like we do nag enough :)

Really enjoyed the World cup build up from @marcusbraeburn and how sneaked the bets into it! And thanks Marcus for ripping some olds wounds!
@djoker was indeed the first participant of the new SBC league. He had a flying start and then a set back but it back on track.
And the posts of @sergino indeed improved a lot!
So, thanks for supporting them. I am trying to do my best with the commenting part and to upvote them, but I always do have voting power issues :)

Thanks for the ever lasting shares within the @upvoteshares . I do know that it is well worked out, and could become something great! You know that if you need any help that you will have to let me know!
Also great to see that @beat-the-bookies is getting some extra reward. Day after day he amazes me with the work he does for our community!

It is great to see that with the world cup, the members are showing that we are right on track! The interaction in the discord channel is increasing and I do think that everybody feels at home, like they are and should!

@costanza you are great guy. Glad to have you around on steem and on the Discord channel!



Congrats with the delegation and make sure you don't burn yourself out Peter !
You are a machine :)

enjoy the @upvoteshares I really hope they become really valuable over time and make a difference.


I know these @upvoteshares will become the next big thing on Steem. We will make sure it does :)
Thanks, it was an unasked delegation. I doubt it that I will get the one for upwhale now.
We will see how that evolves.
2 more weeks and then we do have an holiday, so I will manage. Until then everything for the community!
I will use the delegation to give the good ones an extra push in the back!


The upvoteshares themselves are unlikely to get big, it's more something of a model experiment and my goal is to get it to a 10k SP account which afterwards pretty much runs on itself and slowly continues to grow. I hope it works and a similar model maybe gets adopted by accounts with more time and steem power.

Thank you @costanza,

two months have passed since I wrote the proposal. Look at us now!

Thank you guys for turning an idea into a reality!


It's nice to read it back and see where we are right now !
It would never have happened without you

Thanks for all the support @costanza! It's awesome for people like me especially since we may not always sports but when we do we have the community behind us! Thanks for the kind words! Hope you're enjoying this month of football!


Good Social interaction > Only sports betting content :)
Thanks for the promo tip again


Absolutely! Like you said it's not great for big players but sometimes may have a promo or better odds so doesn't hurt to use it sometimes.

Well done @costanza! You successfully guessed the match result.

Group Phase - Egypt vs Uruguay
Click on the badge to view your Board of Honor.

Do not miss the last post from @steemitboard!

Thank you again for the support @costanza. It helps growing, and feeling well on steemit !

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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