How To Join The Steemit Betting Community

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The SBC is a Community Group Initiative that grew out of efforts by @costanza, @beat-the-bookies @stimp1024, @acelad and @fullcoverbetting to Support and Grow the Sports Betting Community here on Steemit.

Everyone on Steemit who is a Sports Betting Enthusiast can potentially join the Steemit Betting Community and get whitelisted to receive daily upvotes.

The main thing we look for are people with proper behavior on Steemit who also add something to this community which can be done in many different ways...

  • Making Quality Sports Betting Related Posts
  • Supporting Community Members
  • Making Genuine Comments
  • Hosting Contests
  • Be Active on our Discord
  • Welcome & Guide members who are new to Steemit
  • Help Build Community Tools
  • Delegating or Donating to the @sbcbot
  • Recruit New Members
  • ...

Everyone can find their own way of bringing something to this community and the main thing we want to avoid are people who want to join just for the benefits that being part of this group brings along without them actually being interested in the community aspect.

Steemit is a social network and the Steemit Betting Community is a great way to find and interact with other Sports Bettors on this platform. There are many ways someone can get support and benefits from being part of the Steemit Betting Community ...

  • Free @sbcbot Upvotes The bot can be used by everyone that got whitelisted once every day on sports betting related posts by using the sbc tag. The upvote worth will eventually get to a point where higher quality posts get bigger upvotes.
  • Getting Exposure It can be difficult to get initial exposure on Steemit, being part of the SBC makes it a lot easier to get noticed and build a following.
  • Community Support The more someone adds to this community, the more likely they are to get support back from other SBC members which should help them grow a faster.
  • Technical Support & Guidance The learning curve on Steemit can be very Steep. Some of us have been on this platform for a longer time and are willing to help you understand how everything works which might save you a lot of time and give you some shortcuts.
  • Discord Server The SBC has its own active discord channel that is being used for general chat, post promotion and as a way to share or receive live bets.
  • SBC League The SBC intends to host a SBC League. Properly Posted picks will get upvoted and tracked automatically in a monthly content format which rewards the best performers.
  • Exclusive Contests There are other Sports Betting Contests on Steemit that are sponsored by the SBC and have prize pools exclusively for its members.
  • ...

Just join our Discord Channel and let us know who you are on Steemit in the introduceyourself section. We will check out your blog and manually whitelist you in case you qualify. You can start using the Daily upvotes on your posts once you are approved and followed by the @sbcbot !


Excellent initiative and momentum are being offered to the sports community @contanza.

Looking forward to being part of this community. Just joined the Discord channel as well. Thanks for setting this up.

Cheers - nice work, lads.

You are great @stimp1024 I am happy in this community.

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