Why It is A Good Idea to "reinvent" the Wheel Sometimes. WARNING: Major rant!! Calling for a Whale Wake-up!

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Greetings my Steemians. In this blog I will be discussing why I think it's a good idea to dust off the saddle & reinvent the wheel sometimes. I am speaking to ALL Steemians 🐟🐟 but I'm really hoping my voice reaches to those in the whale and dolphin ranking. 🐳🐳🐋🐋🐬🐬

Maybe it's because I'm soon to hit my 9 month anniversary on here, not sure but I've made it this far on the platform and I'm still trucking along, or certainly trying.

I have recently started following several new people. Well, more than several. My list grew from around 100 to 143 of some really cool Steemians that I'm following. I am really enjoying the evolvement of this platform. In many ways it's truly great to see.

However, with the influx of growth has also welcomed some, less than pleasant characters. Steemit is not a game. Should you be enjoying yourself here? Well sure!

However, you really need to be aware of how your online presence comes off to others though...PARTICULARLY when you are on a platform that pays!!

Here are some tips

  1. Don't lead people on. Don't be an upvote for upvote whore. That won't get you anywhere. Be real or be gone. We don't need anymore fake bs here on steemit.
  2. Realize that who you are talking to IS another human being (although i know there are a lot of bots around....)
  3. Realize that not everyone will be where you are in YOUR journey right now but that doesn't make them less intelligent or make their voices less valuable to be heard.
  4. Realize that cutthroat and greedy behavior with your upvotes won't get you anywhere! I can honestly say I understand why newbies get frustrated with this platform. My voting power is 35% at the time of this post. That's because I exercise the principle of paying it forward!!
  5. Realize that when you assume you make an ass out of you and me!

Yes, you heard me, paying it forward!! I will say that many, many of you are totally understanding this concept. But, many many of you still ARE NOT! Wake up!

You should ALWAYS be humble & kind!

You don't know where someone else is in their journey. Just because you PERCEIVE they aren't at your level right now doesn't mean that they aren't!

You should ALWAYS be humble and kind!

Do you HAVE to run your VP so low? HELL NO! It's actually not the norm for mine to be so low right now. But it's all good.

You claim you want all this steem power but once you have it you don't do anything with it. SERIOUSLY?

I will say that this post is NOT actually aimed at anyone in particular & is rather an observation after literally months of somewhat passive observing.

Newsflash! Being wasteful isn't cool people! If someone has been gracious enough to delegate to you, then for God's sake please use your VP & influence to help the platform grow.

I simply am seeing a ton of whining and not much action. Stop whining and get up and do something to improve the situation.

Many new users here are doing a great job. So are many "old" users. I would have to say to the whales who've been hibernating for a while... is this really where you want the platform to be?
Are we becoming another Facebook??

That's why I'm calling my dolphin & whale folk to come out of hibernation. Many of you are truly freaking awesome. You're making literally a ton of change.

On the other hand, we got people here who are abusing the system and BIG TIME.

  • Your VP shouldn't be wasted in useless flag wars.
  • Your VP shouldn't be wasted on upvoting your own comments
  • Steemit should be seen as a SHARE THE WEALTH model not hoard the wealth.

On the topic of HOARDING YOUR WEALTH...I have simply seen so many of you doing that! Now, I know we all have busy lives and what not but when you are profiting off a platform that actually operates off a share the wealth model.... you might want to ensure that's what you are doing! That does NOT mean upvote everyone in sight either.

I'm calling for all Steemians to PLEASE be careful about who you're curating. We need to be careful that our wealth is going to the right people. You should really be well acquainted with those you are upvoting.

That's why I'm ANTI selling your votes, ANTI upvote for upvote. That's not a legit way to promote your steem fam. If you want to actually help people, please support those who are producing QUALITY content that is:

On that topic, I'm seeing a lot of you producing the quality content but then begging for upvotes and/or "rigging " the system. And, that's why I am calling for people to PLEASE not ask or SPAM for upvotes. In the long run that won't get you anywhere. It really won't. I'm still great friends with some people I started with on this platform. Like for instance @stortebeker is one of my first acquaintances on here & he was gracious enough to delegate 100SP to me. I can't even tell you how much that means and has meant to me.

Just imagine if I would've begged David for upvotes & resteems.... you think he would've graced me with a delegation? I will let him speak for himself. But, I can say pretty confidently the answer to that would be NO.

Right now I'm gonna wrap this up. Please know that I'm a kind caring person who really just wants everyone to get to enjoy a piece of the Steemit pie! Please stay tuned for more on sharing the wealth!

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Yes I agree with your post here quite a lot @chelsea.

Part of my background apart from my massive love of playing the sax is social media marketing and naturally a lot of that is centred around attraction marketing. I am mentored by a younger brother I started paying more attention to at the end of last year when at the age of 33 he made just under $500,000 profit online and that is not to brag I am just making a point that i don't just have an average interest in my field and i am still very new here and blogging is a very new skill for me that I am pushing myself to develop and this has to be one of the most challenging journeys so far.

Been pretty smart myself it's so obvious how much abuse is here and I have not really got to grips why we don't see more whales trying to lift up the new people here since we are vital for the future growth and survival of this platform. And you are right chelsea, some people mistake true leadership with "Time Served" thinking reputation instantly gives them the right to dictate.

When I first joined my social media background influenced me to go look for facebook groups. You were the second person I met and if i could have gone back I would have chosen you to be the first because the first person i met seemed to help at first but ran a facebook group of 18,000 which actually has an average of maybe 15 to 20 people a day that actually contribute any real kind of value and the guy running that group was dictating. He's got people paying steem just to put a freakin link in the FB group whilst he idolises one of the top whales here who I see go into one one my favorite platforms dsound play some total absolute garbish and get away with a few thousand which kinda deflates the real guys sharing value struggling to hit a few cents. You Know Shit often runs down hill and when people see stuff like that it attracts a weird mindset of other people that idolise it and for me it starts to look very selfish and i do ask myself even now after 2 months how can we get more good education to new people how can we get more whales thinking " Let's teach these new minnows how to fish so they can grow and help others" There is nowhere near enough of them seeing the long term, it feels it's like get in get out.

I have met a few I have gravitated towards who don't carry the ego who genuinely do listen and share ideas. I love meeting new people myself personally and seeing others do well is awesome and I kind of got the feeling that this was going be more of the mentality that I would see here.

I am a big believer that your followers on any social media platforms are the ones that genuinely resonate with you and find value in what you share and have some kind of attraction to your mentality.

I joined a lot of facebook groups my first week and there were a lot of people just taking on this like for like and it does not surprise me that we have a whole load of people coming in and quitting very quickly because they are not seeing the long term value this community has the potential of building and we need to keep this value because it's what separates the concept of this platform from everything else.

Anyway I am so sorry I could go on but I won't and @chelsea I will say genuinely I loved your artistic mind set and even after 2 months of been here I'm grateful you still show your support on my blogs from time to time and thats whats nice about steemit you do come across real people who have a gem of a heart and wear it on their sleeve.

I do have a few ideas already in action could do with having a chat with you cos I also see you have an affiliate product I can share some awesome ideas with and you have been right from day one since I first said hello someone who does have some great value to share with others so you keep doing what you do enjoy your day stay awesome and tell me if you just smiled :)

Hey there! You raise SO many great points and I'm happy to see you haven't given up on Steemit. It's quite frankly refeshing to see your mindset on this. So many people aren't actually trying to understand any of it and that's why so much of it has gone awry.

I think I may know EXACTLY what you mean about that Facebook group. I too was in a bunch of steemit groups at one time. Before I knew it most of the groups were certainly not running well at all and I saw a lot of the shenanigans you speak of unfolding left and right. So now I'm only in two groups and I bet you know which two I mean.

Yes you successfully had me smiling. Thx for weighing in. Let me hit you up

Far too many people are just not long term thinkers. They want to pillage anything they can get their hands on today even if that means burning everything around them to the ground. While they go and try board their ship and sail off they might notice they burned that as well.

No one likes to be told what to do in life even more so when it comes to how much you can earn. Because of that sometimes you got risk everything in hopes of saving the village. Because when you let people walk all over you and pillage it to their delight everything you work for is just being taken out of your hands.

Steemit been pillaged far too many times. People are greedy and sometimes you just can’t focus on community building when you can just seed the lust and greed in someone eye of wanting to raid that community and pillage it till it burns down to the ground with nothing left.

Unless I’m mistaken the average post here earns less than $1. This leaves many people sick and tired of being the mule that gets kicked in the head daily. So while I can understand your love and peace that’s just not always an option. People are greedy. If they had it their way they would be earning 99.9999999% of the reward pool themselves.

Yeah totally. And I'm not saying we need to be pushovers here. Trust me. I give people much less of a chance anymore honestly.

It's just sad things had to go the way they are right now. So many community are affected due to one persons actions. Even more so with how rep works.

I completely agree. With power comes great responsibility, right?

nice! you have your hemp paste page at the bottom like mine! that looks awesome! yeah ive had to let my vp build up a lot recently because of #steemskate a steemit skateboarding community where i upvote like all their comments and posts and stuff so that they stay hyped lol. i usually set my slider at 33% for normal comments that im glad to read, 66% when i want to move the comment up in the feed, and hundred for bomb comments. i always 100% upvote peoples blog posts when i do upvote them which i try to do to a lot of accounts that are lower than me

Right on and that's exactly what I'm saying. If I was a Whale I would definitely be helping out the "next generation" here on steemit like you and I are!

The issues that you raised need to be fixed. The whales will see their investment in Steem decline if the platform keels over from abuse & decay. The increasing number of signups is a mirage. Less than 10% remain active on the platform after 1 year. Hopefully things will change soon.

You're absolutely correct. Many of those new accounts do NOT survive. The reasons for that are plenty for sure. And I don't necessarily know that steemit is the right platform for everyone for that reason. However, many great content producers are being snuffed out because those in power seemingly refuse to give many a chance. Pass on the torch please my whale franz!

Super post and I totally agree I strive to keep my VP above 85 but below 95 that way I know I am using my daily VP to the max somedays I get carried away and drop way down but then slowly let it build again

I mostly do manual voting but to keep the votes going out I followed a trail while kids were here and I wasn’t online but will be going back to manual I think

I to get annoyed with vote for vote or spamming for votes when I see that I will run away that’s nit my way

That sounds like a good method @tattoodjay. Thanks for weighing in. I've definitely been struggling with knowing where to keep my VP at. What you are saying sounds like the sweet spot in order to ensure one doesn't have bandwidth concerns.

Well I never say my way is the best but it works for me

Well if so it's best not to Knock it :)

Lol 😂

I agree, we have a responsibility to the platform to be agents of growth and to keep it healthy! There are always going to be desperate people who are attracted to the prospect of making money and our job is to make it crystal clear to them that spamming and begging are not the way to go.

Yes you're exactly right! :)

Upvtd and resteemed. Brain not functioning on a level to leave a good comment.

Question though. How is the daily rewards pool calculated and is it growing proportionally to the new signups? It feels like the more people join the smaller the payouts are becoming.

While i'm not sure how its calculated its not in proportion to signs up people would exploite that. In a year from now we all might be joking just how easy it was to earn a single Steem.

I'm not sure about daily its done weekly.

@enjar yeah. So why do you think our original steem power was removed? As an attempt to weed people out?

I have two theories behind this.

First, to reduce that cost of “free” accounts that is signing up. They have talk in the past the massive issue all that SP was and how it would be an issue down the road for Steemit growth. For them to just grow to the size of reddit would have been many billions in value worth of SP to do so.

Second, defang those abusing the free account sign in. Spammers who start out now have massive bandwidth issues if all they want do is spam. Those who are getting around the “only” one free account per person protocols/protections now have less power. I’ve wittiness maybe 500+ botters get their upvoting powers reduce massively due to the changes.

So, while we all love to have more SP and that free stuff will be missed. It is going to help grow Steemit at a reasonable price. People looking to abuse the system now have much less power via free route.

That makes a lot of sense. Thx for sharing your insight on this

As I understand it : When you open your Steemit account for the first time you are sponsored x amount of SP. If you're buying an account ( you want a second account of you lost your password and need to open a new account. Don't ever lose your password) the minimum is $6 but you start with an sp balance of at least 5. As you progress through the ranks you build up your own sp and you no longer need to be subsidized by Steemit. Those funds are then used for other new accounts. You can check it out on Steemd.com/@yourusername and you can see when the Steem bot ( Steemy I think?) removed it's delegation to you.

Yes I had heard something similar to that but the way you've explained it sheds some clarity on it

Also we recently had our steem removed that was given to us when we first started.....

I think that's because of the visibility issue. What do you think?

Must be. I've resorted to resteem bots just to get any kind of visibility on my posts. Used to also be that you could post at a certain time of day to get the best chance of being seen.
I don't know anymore.
Steemit is still very unwieldy and cumbersome to use. Steepshot does not work. The apps are very painful to use.
Facebook is also horrible at the monent. Since they changed the FB and Instagram algorithms a lot of people are migrating to Vero. Now if Vero could just hook up with the Steem blockchain we would be on to something!

Yes I hear you @simplylizelle
I think that with something like Steemit growth pains are inevitable. It's what we do from here that will matter the most imo.

Share the wealth. Good idea.

Glad you agree:)

Great post Chelsea, I believe it is good to get the things that are bothering us of our chests so we can talk it out. Communication is the key to understanding and growth.

As a minnow, I will admit I was at first blinded by the concept of monetized social media. I saw steemians making some nice cash from their posts, and I became excited that perhaps I could do the same.

I found myself on YouTube researching steemit for tips and strategies and I came across a few hyped up videos of people making $100's from their very first post. When I looked at my own posts not even being seen let alone not being upvoted I got quickly discouraged and I almost walked away.

However, I did not walk away because by that point I had started forming friendships. And with these friendships, I found the "soul" of steemit. I'm still not making much here and I'm okay with that. The encouragement I have received more than makes up for that.

Perhaps someday it will all come together and I will find I can enjoy steemit and get paid a little for my efforts then will be a bonus. I do hope that this corruption that you speak of does not sink us all.

I understand the frustration and I get why some people choose to give up. I've only had the minor dlegation I got when I first joined which was taken back recently and I run my VP down to 25 sometimes...most of the time!! I could tell a couple stories also but won't but as they say nothing is private on steemit. Being humble and kind was something my mom taught me as well. After she died my friends had this made for me and it hangs above my door as a reminder!! xoxo

I'm sorry you lost your mother. That is a cool sign hanging above and boy do we need more of that in our world

a great proverb, I love your optimism, in our lives there is no surrender, complaining and despair, even though we have fallen, we must rise again @chelsea88