My Steemit Cheat Sheet: Part 2

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Hey Steemians

So you want to be a SteemSuperstar, live large a big upvote, passive income. Coming up in the blockchain world you can't trust nobody, gotta look over your shoulder constantly. That's not really the case that was just me quoting Rock Superstar by Cypress Hill. Drama aside, the price for moderate internet fame on Steemit may not be as high as being a rock star but it doesn't mean it's not going to be hard work.

I myself have been grinding away trying to figure this whole thing out and sharing my views of it along the way. Three months ago I was still pretty clueless on how this all worked but posted my first cheatsheet for things I'd picked up and how I first started refining my content and my performance on Steemit.

I'm back, che is back, with part 2

I've learned a fair bit since then which I would like to share with you all. I'm by no means a Steemit expert so DYOR (do your own research) and figure it out for yourself and don't come asking for upvote for upvote I fill flag you into the event horizon.

A redfish and even a minnows life are hard. Scrapping the bottom of the reward pool like the Latino Cabana boy isn't glamorous and the lady of the house likes to watch you while she drinks Sangria and makes comments on your "Toochas" or is that just me?

Any way to survive in this pool you need to look at alternative ways of getting upvotes. I know we all want to believe that we're just going to post something one day and it's going to go viral and get hella upvotes, yeah well no that's not going to happen. How many times do I need to tell you, no one is that smart, handsome & funny? No one!

So what have I learned? Let's dive in and see.

Cheat sheet

Communities & programs

No Steemian can live as an Island, no Steemian can do it alone! It takes a village to raise a Steemian up through the ranks and I've found a few that have the aim of helping out the little guy become the little guy with more SP.

So who are these communities you may ask?

  • @welcomewagon and @tribesteemup are by royal decree and invite only. They have to like you in order for you to get an invite into their clubhouse, and yes there are girls allowed! Once you're in its time to shine, they will support you, give you advice, promote your content and help you grow your influence. Also, in case you're wondering neither community has its own members only jackets yet, I checked!

  • @minnowsupport - A great place to get started if you have no cooking clue where to begin. Join their discord and ask as many questions until you annoy someone and then go ahead and check out their support websites Minnow Support Steemit or Minnow Support Project. Its a great place to meet new peeps and find places to share your interests and engage with people willing to help out

  • Redfish Power Up League run by @paulag - You can subscribe simply by commenting in here latest post - Each week she posts an update with performances of everyone in the league and offers spot prizes to those who do well each week. It's a great place to meet other redfish and interact with them as well as a great motivator to keep going.

  • Curation League run by @abh12345 - Similiar to the redfish power up league, the curation league works on a voluntary sign up basis. Simply comment in the latest post to sign up. Once you're in you will receive weekly updates on performance and the spot prizes are awarded. It also generates some healthy banter and competition between users each week and its great fun.

Make some friends

Now go out there and make some friends, set some play dates and you know make dirt cupcakes or see who can fit the most marshmallows in their mouth. Whatever you enjoy I'm sure there is a community for it, I won't get too deep into the niche ones, that you'll have to find on your own!

Voting programs

  • @feedyourminnows - is a bot program run by @scrooger and @oleg326756 and you can find out more about it here. To sign up for the program send a memo with the comment feed me and that's it, you're in!

  • @schoolofminnows - Is great for when you're getting started and your upvote is not worth much. When your voting power reaches 100 it uses it to vote on other peoples posts and in turn those minnows vote on your posts when you post. Its a collective effort of minnow votes that ensure you get a little something-something for your efforts and a great service, no cost required. Just a good old sign up.

  • @steembasicincome - This is one of the most exciting programs on Steemit right now SBI is a program that pools together resources in order to create a number of bots that provide users with regular upvotes. To sign up you need to send 1 SBD or 1 STEEM to steem basic income and nominate one person. They will get a share of SBI as well as you! So 2 shares for 1 submission isn't that great? The more shares you have the larger your upvote will become!

  • @smartvote - Is a voting service that promises a x10 return on your delegation or so I've been lead to believe, don't quote me on it though. All you need to do is set up a minimum delegation of 75SP and you're in. Your post will also need to meet certain quality standards in order to be considered for an upvote. To find out more check out the introduction post here

  • @steem-ua - Is a brand new way to evaluate the influence you have on Steemit and an alternative to the traditional reputation system. It uses curation algorithms to rank posts and provides them with a healthy upvote from time to time. To get an update you need to relegate some SP (as little as 25SP) to the program. To find out more check out the introduction post here or check out their site here -


The Steemit site is your first point of entry into the blockchain, it's basically the vanilla ice cream of Steemit. Nothing wrong with it, we all love it, it tastes great and does the job. But sometimes we want to be more extravagant, sometimes we want a little more perhaps some sprinkles or a different flavour, perhaps some frozen yoghurt. That's basically what dApps are, they offer us alternatives and reward users in various ways.

All the dApps listed below offer a contribution upvote so posting via these applications to your profile will get you an automated support vote.

I won't go into too much detail and will provide a break down of these dApp rewards in future posts. I'm pretty sure there are more dApps that offer contribution upvotes. I simply have not had the time to explore them all. If anyone would like to share their favourite dApp and the rewards you receive simply by contributing let me know in the comments!

Competitions & bounties

A great way to get noticed, make some new friends and earn some STEEM or SBD is by entering some good old-fashioned competitions. There is simply no shortage of these things, from writing to art, to memes to doing something creative or silly there is and will be something for you to take part in.

A few I've jumped on are:

  • @fibra59 - Hosts Meme challenge & Photobomb challenge every week and everyone is free to participate. He selects a new judge each week so you really never know who is going to win these challenges but they are worth a shot

  • @stellabelle - Banana program (4 weeks in - Will run for a total of 7) - Even though this program won't run for very long I simply had to mention it simply because of the amazing impact its had on the blockchain. stellabelle has really got our feeds going bananas and its pretty good fun too!

  • @coinsandchains - This fellow loves SBI just like I do, his part of the nerd herd on Steemit and his regular "Thank You economy" competition is a blessing for little Redfish trying to make a name of themselves.

  • @originalworks - Releases a writing competition each week asking Steemians to review an ICO that has sponsored the competition. If you're into crypto then this contest will be right up your alley. I've personally won around 50 STEEM from my weekly entries.

  • @bountyworks - will bring you bounties and airdrops! Some of these will be exclusive to Steemit users! They have not been active in a while but its worth a follow should they pick it up again.

  • @steem-bounty - Allows users looking for engagement to create bounties on their posts. When other users engage in the comments section they get rewarded for their contribution. You can find all the currently available bounties here -

For more on Steem Bounty check out the introduction post here

These are just a few options to get you going. You can also check out the popular tags for more competitions


That's a warp

I don't want to overload this post and dilute its message so I think that's enough knowledge for one day, am I right Tai Lopez?


So go ahead and try them out and let me know what worked for you and what didn't. This isn't a set science, this is Steemit


Have any tips or just want to tip me?

If you have any cool tips you think I should try out, feel free to drop them in the comments and if you don't have any ideas just tip me with an upvote or a direct donation. I'll even do squats for every upvote I get! I was going to do them anyway, but getting paid for it sounds better!

Let's connect

If you liked this post sprinkle it with an upvote or resteem and if you don't already, consider following me @chekohler

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To be fair, i think that you have most of it included in this post. You have almost everything that i participate in on a weekly basis and a few that i've heard of but didn't really fancy. It's a good post for anybody looking to get involved or for starting off as there are chances to earn SBI or even a small bit of steem. Nicely put together.


Thanks @niallon11 I appreciate the feedback, nice to know I was pretty thorough with my review of the projects I could find. It does show that these projects aren't really well supported and we need to do a little more marketing to get more users involved instead of struggling on their own. It could also help create new projects if we can create a buzz around things like communities and collective upvoting projects.


That's why my favorite project at the moment is the engagement league. It gets people involved, adds a hint of competition and offers prizes. Not only that but if you do get fully involved you will meet some of the more active users and gain a few upvotes along the way. It got me interested again when i had gotten a bit lazy about participation. That and actifit which is another challenge to take on every day. Maybe that's why i like them as there is a challenge, a goal, and a reward.... For me it makes things more interesting when i am working towards an end result. I tend to get bored if there isn't a target to hit.


I agree, I really like the engagement league it gives you a nice overview of your efforts and how you rank with your peers and makes it fun and competitive. I really look forward to the launch of the Minnow Power Up league too. I do also like ActiFit ive just been a bit lazy but ill get back on it today hopefully..

I don't know why people think this must come easy like they have a right to it or something. You were using other sites for free for so long now you want to get paid for every thing you do on steemit lol im just having fun really and learning.


I've seen the red fish league and saw that they were working on a new project as well so looking forward. I really like the engagement league too and have had a lot of fun with it since I joined.

I don't know why people think this must come easy like they have a right to it or something. You were using other sites for free for so long now you want to get paid for every thing you do on steemit
I've tried lots of different sites over the years to try and add extra revenue to my wages. While it can be done through youtube or blogging or anything else they all require hard work and good content. Even with that I find steemit a lot easier to earn for a person starting out. I've powered up most of mine since the beginning but when prices were high did take some out to buy other cryptos. If we get to where I think we will in a few years, it should be possible to earn a wage from here without powering down our sp.

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Very useful summary for people who are just starting out. Pretty much on point on everything.

There's one minor correction on smartvote - the minimum delegation now is 25SP

One more recommendation - check out @pifc


Thanks I'm glad you found it helpful. Oh awesome thats great so now more people can get into Smartvote. I've only started using it a week ago so still figuring it all out.

oooh, thanks for the recommendation I'll be sure to check it out! You're a star


As I started @pifc and have a GINAbot notification of each mention I was brought here. Also look into @minnowbuilder which is a life voting program designed for people with as little as 1 steem. Besides gaining a nice upvote for yourself you also are giving back to the community with this program and helping to build minnows. There are multiple posts to read that explain all the details, but just know that the ROI will be really good for those involved.


Wow that sounds amazing. I've been trying to help some redfish i've met on the platform and minnowbuilder sounds like a great tool to help them! thank you so much for the recommendation


It's a great program that will hopefully build a real middle class here on steemit. More people that have a real vested interest in steemit the better IMO. It's easy to walk away when you own 20 or 50sp, but if you have 500 or more it's harder to just ignore what this can become.

Anyways do some reading and then ask your questions. Feel free to message me on discord also, thedarkhorse #6765

Nothing helps much my friend! Only luck plays here. One can never expect upvotes on his/her every post. However, nothing can match engagement and interaction. Building relationship is very important here.

Hmm, I got 50 steem in UA and I get 2 upvotes per week and the value is only 42 cents in a week, so I would not recommend that. ROI is not great


What you have to look at is what that 50 sp would do for you otherwise. Right now, 50 SP is not even worth .01. So you would have to upvote yourself much more than 42 times in order to get a better yeild. I don't have the resources with me right now to check, but chances are that 50 SP would only be an upvote worth lese than .001. That would mean you would have to selfvote 420 times in order to get the same yield. Seems like a decent investment to me.


Hey @pauliinasoilu

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it! So you're getting $1.6 dollars a month in upvote value per month, thats very low. I havn't yet done the math, but hopefully they get more delegation and it improves. I'm also thinking at these low prices we're getting more stake for our buck so its not an entirely bad thing is it?

Are you delegating to any other projects?

i've only recently started my trip into delegation. I've delegated to 4 projects now and 100 SP is in UA. I'm still learning at the moment and will evalute it after a month and decide.


They have already 450K in delegations and that is a huge amount, the problem is that they are casting to me 1.1% votes and they are using the voting power for some other users than 50 SP delegators. I would guess that you are going to receive 2.2% upvotes if it's based on the delegation amount, but I could be wrong on that.

I got that delegation as a gift from other user as he wanted to help me to grow (I have no voting power of my own, but I do curate one trail), so I'm not really delegating to anywhere else.

But based on my own experience, I would not recommend UA as a way to grow for smaller account.


I've received one vote so far which was worth 0.50 cents and that was i think 25SP and then increased my delegation so with 4 upvotes a week I should then get 2 dollars a week if the voting power isn't increased. I'll let you know if it increased and by how much

I really appreciate the input we need to be more pragmantic when it comes to initiaives because as a smaller account we're easily swayed by the opinions of bigger accounts and their opinions. The only way to really know is for us to be open and honest about our experiences so we can either focus on more constructive projects or try to fix these current ones


Yeah, Let me know I'm really interested to hear how but others are getting out of UA.

I agree, smaller tend to follow the advice of the bigger accounts and it just doesn't always work out unfortunately.


I did a review of what my votes were and took into consideration what @moeknows in the earlier comment

So I delegate 75SP to Smartvote which is worth 0.003 as an upvote value and I got back a 30 cent upvote on my post

While with Steem UA I received the following so far

  • 30 cents - 1.54% upvote
  • 50 cents - 2.33% upvote
  • 26 cents - 1.34% upvote
  • 42 cents - 2.25% upvote

So that's $1.42 on 100 SP delegation which could give me a 0.005 upvote or self vote. At the moment I think its worth it and it keeps me honest and posting regularly to receive my reward!

Omg I died at Tai picture😂😂
I don't particularly like him though....
once he was talking about suicide and said something like ''its funny how so many people who message me want to commit suicide'' and then he quickly corrected himself saying it's not funny but like that's an instant killer for me. He's very smart and all but on the emotional side I think he's clearly not the most empathic soul around.


I'm not fond of him either, I actually like the memes about him more than anything else. He tried to get into crypto but doesn't have much techical knowledge so he just went the whole aspirational route with anecdotyle stories. Like you're promoting crypto im all for that but don't lie about your level of expertiser or rather let people assume that you have any. His by no means a straight shooter and pretty much in it only for himself

Also for you, I changed the meme!


Omg dude you just made my DAY!!!!!
thanks so much you have no idea how much of a laugh I was having when you changed the meme for me!
Gosh you’re the best!!!!🙏🏻🤩😘
I actually did not know that but thanks for letting me know! I have his YouTube channel lol I’ll go spy him😂
Not humble at all LOL.
Like a while ago he was inviting ppl for a seminar in his backyard (or more like farm LOL) and saying it was half the original price and all (still 1 000$) LOLand since he said he could fit 300 ppl in his backyard he probably makes 300 000$ one shot lmao .
Sometimes (a lot of the times) being rich and famous gets to people’s head and I don’t think he’s that much of a wow person in terms of his internal value from what I’ve seen from him lol


LOL! I'm always amazed at how memes can bring so much joy into the world!

I only found out about him because he advertisers do much his videos would play before the videos I wanted to watch and anyone who does paid ads on Youtube is looking to put a target on their heads. We've seen it with John Crestini and that Billy dude that does the facebook ads, all pretty scammy dudes.

Anyway youtubers like h3h3 went after Tai and it wasn't pretty. Apparently his big ass mansion he owns was rented and some of the cars too. His selling you a slice of life idea and then overcharging for generic motivational talks, nothing new!

I must admit I did watch some of his videos to get a feel for him and I was like no, let me wash this out with a Jordon Peterson lecture, Canada might not want you but the internet loves that man and I do too!

That is a nice list and I'm sure it will help many red fish and small minnows!

Thank you for sharing!


Thank you and i'm glad you think so! I spent quite a bit of time finding these gems and I thought it would be a shame not to share it with as many people as possible. These programs are all there to help us so if i can send them a bit more support then this post did its job :)

I have resteemed because I love inclusion type stuff and everything you have mentioned can include everyone. Thanks also for mentioning the redfish power up league


Thanks @paulag you've always been a superstar! Thanks for all the help thus far, im a big believer in what you're doing and will never forget where i came from. lol keep up the great work and hope more whales and ocras begin to support what you're doing!


:-) sooner or later support will come for us all, including you. Steem on my friends

These types of posts are what makes the community so great as we all want everyone to succeed on the platform as it will encourage more engagement and growth of the Steem ecosystem. I have been trying to broaden out as well lookibg at communities to actively participate in. I have found a couple with pretty active Discords which is a great way to interact for quick communications. It has been a learning process there but I think it is an important platform that helps bring us together. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks and I agree! Like I don't mind using discord and all but it takes away from engaging on the site and its sometimes hard to find these groups, you got to really go searching for them and for a newbie its tough. Then once you finally get to the group you're just bombed with info or you're asked to read an intro post they left up in the chat!

I hope a few people find this cheat sheet helpful and start exploring more. There is so much going on on steemit in various communities so we can miss out on cool projects very easily.

Some great iniatives here. One that's worth checking out, particularly for people that interact with redfish regularly, is @dustsweeper.


I personally love dustsweeper, ive sent friends subscriptions and its a really awesome bot! I don't know how i lived without it, losing all those payouts was terrible. I also did a post on subscriptions services you can find it here

I've found some more since then and i'll eventually create cheat sheet 3 very soon so look out for it :)

Very cool post Che! Some valuable insight for us newbs. I think SBI works est if you have loads of shares. In the beginning, its pretty slow I have about 7 active SBI shares with a vote of 0.005 per post! In the long run, I think its worth it though.

Partiko is also great if you are obsessed with analytics and progress like me. It shows votes and rewards to 3 decimal places, so you know precisely how much contributions you are getting!


I've been thinking about delegating to SBI to see if that would work better since the shares thing is a bit slow

I see Partiko had a new update for Android today you can now claim your reward points for upvotes. I'll have to wait for it to come to iOS to try it out.


Im not sure if the delegation shares are worth it. Maybe check into it bef6you go ahead. Hows the UA Shares working for you though??

I actually just updated my partiko app today and tried the points redemption for upvotes feature. It only works on posts and you get three upvotes per day. 1 point gives you an upvote of roughly 0.002. Partiko-promoter then gives the upvote. So im wondering if you still get the extra upvote for tagging partiko. Will let you know if it comes through! Still a pretty cool feature since you earn points for doing day to day tasks on steemit!!

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I checked it out now does not look like delegation helps, its just to help improve the overall upvote for everyone and theres not a real benefit for you as an individual.

My 100SP delegation to Steem UA gets me a 0.50 cent upvote at the moment so i'm pretty happy with it, will keep watching it over the next few weeks because im supposed to get 4 upvotes a week so ill keep you posted.

Cool thanks for the update. When you redeem your points do you lose them and you have to start earning from zero again? How does that work?


Aaah thats good to know. Seems like they actually need more delegation as the project has gone viral and more and more peeps are acquiring shares!

Thats not a bad deal hey. 50 cents goes a long way!! Please do keep me updated. Building up slowly to delgate some love.

With regards to point redemption on partiko you dont need to redeem all your points at once. So you can allocate per post. And yes they then subtract points from your total, afterall it is an exchange. There is also a limit to points being assigned per post. So if you have a bunch of points you might not necessarily start from 0. But it looks like you don't get that additional vote for the tag, or rather i haven't received it as yet.

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Knew lots of them but didn't know them all.
Some are for sure worth investigating. You also have @upvoteshares, which is SBI related, but here you can sell your shares again. Also worth it!


I'm pretty sure there are more, I've literally stumbled onto most of them from reading random posts in my feed so who knows where the others are hiding. As I find out more and guys like you drop some knowledge in the comments I will continue to add to the series so everyone can find what they're looking for.

Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out shortly and add it to my next cheat sheet update :)


mhmmm @chekohler he likes to stumble and such😉


Lol we will always be stumblers at heart #neverforget 😉😋

Awesome. The steem cheet is worth it.

I know a few of them and I have been spending time doing them. But hey, your tips are wonderful and you have added more communities that do contest to my list.



Awsome man, hopefully it helps you out and let me know how it goes. As I continue to explore steemit i'll keep adding to the list, i have a few other ones lined up, I just need to make sure they are legit projects


Alright. I would love to get notified when the time comes.

It is very good post for minnows but your post payout is lower than it should get. So I send your link to C2 discord server.


I'm glad you found it helpful, just been my findings as I find my way through the site. Lol and appreciate you taking the time to give me some extra exposure! :)

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Thank you so much for the support :) Whoop whoop! WInning

Thanks for the knawledge.


LOL anytime @rhethypo knawledge is what sets us apart from being a millionaire or having two delcious pizzas. Its all about the 2 pizzas

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