Introducing UserAuthority (UA), @steem-ua and UA-API !

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Introducing UserAuthority (UA), @steem-ua and UA-API !


Great news! After a lot of research and months of development by @holger80 and myself (@scipio), we finally made it happen: UA is now a reality!

Introducing UA: a new kind of Reputation Score

For those of you that haven't heard about UserAuthority (UA) already, I introduced it as an algorithm in my article How-to solve SPAM and Democratize Steem: Introducing UserAuthority in November 2017. In essence, UA can be seen as a new Reputation metric: it looks at the entire Steem Follower Graph and carefully tracks who follows who. It doesn't directly care about how "rich" an account is, or how old it is, or how much an account has posted, but please keep in mind that those factors do indeed indirectly influence any account's UA score.

The currently used Reputation metric used by Steem itself, can be "bought for": to put it simple, "Rep" looks at the total amount of "upvote value" a given account has received over time. However, by self-promoting a few published posts, any user could quickly increase its own "Rep Score", which doesn't really reflect that account's True Reputation. We had the idea to develop a Score that better reflects an account's True Reputation: UA is that new score!

How are UA scores computed?

All UA scores are computed daily by first updating the Follower Matrix; we do that by continuously tracking every "follow operation" (= an account following or unfollowing another account) using @holger80's own Beem API for the Steem blockchain. With every new block produced (every 3 seconds), so is the UA Follower Matrix. And all those "follow operations" (~ 150 million currently) for all accounts on the Steem blockchain form a gigantic data cluster of ~ 1.2 trillion EigenValues. We then look at Trusted Accounts to initiate our sub-algorithm "WitnessRank" with: each day, we check all witnesses for being -a- active and -b- up to date, and -c- their Witness Stake; we use that Witness Stake to propagate "Trust" from each witness to the accounts it follows, and who they follow, and who they follow, etc. etc. etc. And after heavy-heavy HEAVY number crunching, as a result, the UA score for each account comes out.

You can check the current UA Top 100 Rank and your own current UA Score & Rank on our website (for your own UA Score & Rank, please log-in via SteemConnect)!

How to increase your own UA score?

To put it simple: by being interesting / "attractive" to others. Either you publish interesting content that people want to read and comment on (like @paulag for example), or you own a lot of Steem / SP that you might want to share with the people you interact with (like @thejohalfiles for example), or you do other noteworthy things with that people might be interested in (you form a community like @dtube, @utopian-io, @steemhunt or publish an app like @steempress for example). Being a Top Witness helps as well! ;-)

Introducing @steem-ua: Algorithmic Curation via UA Scores

UA, as a Reputation / Influence metric, has quite some interesting applications. @steem-ua utilizes one of them: since every Author Account has a UA score, so does every Post Voter. Instead of looking at the SP a Post Voter owns, @steem-ua, our own Algorithmic Curation Service looks at the UA score of the Author and all its Post Voters. Using both metrics, we're able to Algorithmically Curate via the formula:

UA_Vote = x * UA_Author + y * UA_Post

where x and y are the weights we use, and UA_Post = sum(Voting_Strength * UA_Voter)

... and that works pretty good! Although @steem-ua's Curation Mechanism is completely algorithmical, it incorporates other users' votes as well.

What's the goal of @steem-ua?

With @steem-ua we want to encourage all Steem Authors to write High-Quality Content about their expertise, which could be about any topic. The higher your UA Account Score, and the higher your Post UA, the higher our upvote! Please join our Discord server and we'll gladly help you on improving your UA Scores / Rank and build up your account!

How to receive @steem-ua upvotes?

Since all types of content are welcome on @steem-ua, and because we cannot upvote every possible Post published via the Steem Blockchain, we decided to let the @steem-ua Bot score & upvote posts published by @steem-ua SP delegators:

SP DelegationSponsor Benefits & Upvote Frequency
25 SPmax. 1 @steem-ua upvote per week
50 SPmax. 2 @steem-ua upvotes per week
100 SPmax. 4 @steem-ua upvotes per week
250 SPmax. 7 @steem-ua upvotes per week
>= 5,000 SPStake-Based Sponsor Rewards + max. 7 @steem-ua upvotes per week

PS1: delegation requirements could be subject to change, we'll then post about that prior to changes being applied.
PS2: @steem-ua reserves the right to reject upvoting accounts demonstrating abusive behavior.

Nota bene: regarding your Post upvote, it doesn't matter how much you delegate to @steem-ua, every Post is scored & upvoted by its UA score: a higher @steem-ua upvote cannot be bought-for. High-SP Sponsors (with a minimum of 5,000 SP delegation to @steem-ua) do receive Sponsor Benefits, but those are based on their Sponsorship Stake using an additional upvote mechanism.

New to Steem? Don't have enough SP available to delegate to @steem-ua?

Not a problem! Just talk to us on our Discord server and we'll work something out to get you started, you're welcome!

Introducing UA-API: our UA Data Providing Service

Do you manage a Steem dApp, Community, or other type of Steem Service and you'd like to use UA Data to better manage User Access and Reputation Scoring? Now you can! In order to incorporate UA into your own service, we've created a UA-API Data Service that Steem services can use as Registered UA Partner with a Private Key. Everybody is invited! Just talk to us (@scipio and @holger80) on our Discord server and we'll help you integrate UA!

UA, Steem User Authority: Use Your Influence!

Visit our website - View your UA score

Quick Delegation Links:
25 SP | 50 SP | 100 SP | 250 SP


We are proud to support this initiative and hope to not only show with words and a welcoming upvote, but with actions.

We strongly believe that the way to make this blockchain stronger is by empowering the best users and their communities, so this initiative not only makes sense, it’s exactly the type of project this community needs more of.

To the @steem-ua team: we offer our sincere congratulations on the launch of this project.

We are looking forward to the positive impact it will have on the community and the blockchain.

Team Smartsteem

Hey @smartsteem love your service, I'm wondering how can I get access to the *exclusive votes on

Thank you for your great support!

What define a high quality creator??? Though i belive UA is best thing to happen on steem still people will take time to understand the basic of algorithm...still waiting for the best....congratulation @scipio for bringing up the ultimate change

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Thanks @therealwolf for supporting this , are you supporting by delegating or doing development for this ?

there is going to be some collab dev happenings in the soons.

Leaving comments asking for votes, follows, or other self promotional messages could be seen as spam.

More Information:

The Art of Commenting
Comment Classifications

Agreed! just delegated 100SP to UA and have been delegating 100SP to smartmarket! Two great initiatives I am lucky to be a part of!

Great work needs to be done

You guys really need to put together some graphs so that the users have a better grasp of what the distribution of UA is across the population.

For example, I know from the table on the website what the high-end distribution looks like – but I have no idea whether outside of the rich and famous, I'm doing okay, I am coming in at a pack level which is less than impressive for my content creation, or how UA is distributed throughout the population as a whole so I know if there are Pareto curve representations or other longtail effect.

I have a number but I don't have any context, and I need that context. Without the context, I don't actually know what that number means in relation to the numbers given to people elsewhere on the blockchain. I don't know if it even is meaningful.

So, some sort of graph which shows the distribution of UA across the population in general. Some kind of graph or other representation which shows the distribution of UA and what accounts are in the area that I am in terms of my ranking. And some kind of way for me to put my account in and have the UA ratings fan out from my account along the links from people I follow and who follow me. All of these are going to be something really critical to demonstrating what this number is actually supposed to mean and how people can use it.

I look forward to seeing some of the stuff come to fruition and maybe power some useful tools.

Here you go ;-)


Well, this looks extremely familiar. It's the same curve which describes the distribution of SP across the population, except that it doesn't flatten out at the end quite as quickly.

Taken as a sum, how far down the curve in number of accounts before half of the population has half of the total UA ranking in play? About 20%?

This kind of curve is the product of nature, you can't get a normal distribution in anything when human action is involved. Pareto distribution is all we'll ever gonna get.

A Pareto distribution is natural; it is normal. You see it outside of human activity as well; anytime that there is an advantage to be had in an agent population by having more of a thing to get some of the thing, you get Pareto longtail distributions.

A lot of the discussion around cryptocurrency and especially around steem seems to go in a direction which denies that Pareto optimizations are desirable or necessary, and flying in the face of logic and reason like that is a good, solid way to fail.

So – we have another Pareto-reflecting curve on our hands with an exponential top-end and an exponential bottom end. What we really need is some way to visualize the difference between the rankings of the accounts involved in the traditional Reputational curve and the ranking derived from UA, and whether or not they are significantly different in ordinal rank for any given account or whether they, by and large, are in as much lockstep as they appear to be.

Because if it's just Rep but with a few accounts left out, it's not really very useful or revelatory. If it's a different Pareto distribution of the account list, how much different is it?

We could start to figure out how different they are with some pretty simple tools. You could start with a simple diff of the ordered list of all of the accounts by Rep next to all of the accounts ordered by UA. If there are transitions or transformations, that would be an easy way to start getting a handle on how to visualize them. (I'm thinking in particular of diff algorithms which let you know for any given member/line where/how much it has been moved, which is really all we care about. Magnitude of move and direction of move should be pretty easy to depict in some sort of graphical way.

After all, we know that UA takes significant computational resources to calculate. It has to be updated, effectively, for accounts of interest, every time there is a transfer within the event horizon of any given account. That means there's a significant cost for calculating UA for any given account. If it doesn't really do better than Rep for the vast majority of the account list, that's a lot of wasted energy.

So this is the kind of thing we need to see in order to determine if this is actually a useful metric or just another way to write Rep that takes longer and kills more electrons.

One example where UA shines is in - for example - recognizing @thejohalfiles as being influential. Without blogging an account cannot get upvoted nor increase its Rep score.

It's interesting that you would use that example, because it supports my position that follows are definitely not useful as an indicator of quality.

This account has no blog posts. It's influence is not related to its interaction with the social network in an observable way. While it does have a number of comments, none of them are particularly revelatory or insightful beyond a base level I expect of all people who interact with others on the social network.

So there's no reason to think that this one should "shine" at all.

And that's a problem, because we as users – no matter what we want to use UA for or what we imagine it might be used for – need to understand the reason that one account may be higher rank in UA than another. As it stands, and as the explanation and descriptions have changed, UA becomes an ever more amorphous single number attached to accounts which, in some way, at great computational expense, provides a number. One which doesn't come with an understanding of why that number is what it is, one that hinges on an interpretation of the platform mechanics which is unintuitive, and one which appears to be fairly readily gameable by engaging in behavior which isn't in the best interest of the way people are using the social network.

I think those issues are a problem.

But first we have to have an understanding of how UA differs from Rep in a real sense, in the context of comparing the two spaces as they stand – and you clearly have all the data necessary to do exactly that at this point, so let's do that.

After that, we can talk about what is going to be necessary for UA to be a meaningful designator, in part by allowing the system to give feedback to a user about why the ranking is exactly what it is.

We know exactly what Rep is all about and what it hinges on. It's about getting voted on. Stuff you make gets votes, your Rep goes up, it's a very simple signifier (even if it has some very obvious flaws as a comparator).

UA is a black box, and the things that you've said about what go into making the black box tick don't really jibe with creating a useful singular ranking of accounts for the purposes of a user looking to discover content, which is the one thing that it should do.

One example where UA shines is in - for example - recognizing @thejohalfiles as being influential.

Ultimately, on the issue of UA, we have to ask what "being influential" means if it's not about actually blogging or not about actually engaging people in comments. What kind of influence are we talking about? Because if it's just "this is an account that throws around a lot of SP," we already have very clear rankings for those.

So there's no reason to think that this one should "shine" at all.

A good reputation (UA score), being highly regarded and thus having many followers, can also be based for example on being a good developer, a wise witness or a precious curator.

And finally, if there is no logical reason at all for having a high UA score, then many people could simply decide to unfollow a certain account so that its UA would decrease.

PS: This is a log-scaled UA Score distribution, on a 0.00 - 10.00 scale, where it gets increasingly harder to go from 7.00 to 8.00 than it is from 2.00 to 3.00.

PS2: this is merely a UA representation right now. Things could change drastically now that UA is out in "the wild", making people more aware of who to (un)follow.

Right, which is pretty much in line with SP in that sense. It might be worth plotting this with Y scaled log to flatten it out more for differentiation.

In fact, it'd be an interesting comparison to see how UA and SP scale accounts in different orders, or by how much it does. At some level, it's already described as a bit of a proxy. The question is whether it is ranking things significantly differently or largely the same in aggregate.

Also consider , when relying heavily on follows it will inevitably lead to a black market of -

Will follow for X $ for Y Days $

If anything, paying for follows will be considerably easier than paying for votes. Follows cost nothing. And while each additional follow scales the overall value of your following by the number you follow, despite all the effort on the front end to screen for isolated island networks and the like, it will be extremely easy to build inheritance architectures of follows that fairly straightforwardly game the system as long as one or a few witnesses jump on board, and given that there are witnesses who are heavily involved in the bot community as is – why wouldn't they?

I really appreciate the effort by devs but the criteria needs to be really diverse for the rankings to be meaningful in longer run.

From my previous comment, factors such as :

average number of votes received for each post , how soon someone replies to their comment , uniqueness and length of comments made/received , unique average posts made each day ?

Hello, I do not think I have run across your account before. So we may run in entirely different areas of steemit. A comparison of our UA may help me understand what the number means.
According to the UA web site, my stats: "score is 4.009 and you have a ua rank of 3389"


Fairly close numbers. Most of my content is just new user related, recently a few photo post, and for most of Jan-July a steemit game/challenge. So basically average to below average post quality.

Hey @shaka ,

tks for the upvotes...fam

You're truly a hero: not only making the idea work out both in theory and practice but also spending time and effort to make responses like this.

You rock.


I second this! :)

You are proposing a new Reputation metric of which only those users can benefit who delegate to the entity that computes it (in a black box). Am I getting this right?

No you're dead wrong actually on those assumptions:

-1- don't confuse UA (the influence / rep metric) with @steem-ua (the algorithmic curation program using the UA metric). Our UA-API broadcasts all accounts' UA data, to be eligible for a @steem-ua upvote we need to limit access (we'd need 100 million SP to upvote all content on the Steem blockchain!), and delegating SP is that delimiter. BTW, a @steem-ua upvote is completely independent from the amount being delegated.

-2- UA is *not a "black box", our algo is open source, our code is open source, we just haven't published the repos yet because we need to document it properly first and do some more unit testing. Also don't confuse UA-API data access with a "black box", we merely need to control server access to avoid system overloads.

(edit, upvoted for visibility & clarity)

a @steem-ua upvote is completely independent from the amount being delegated.

The amount of the delegation buys the frequency of the steem-ua vote. If that's not counting as buying upvotes then I don't know what it is.

UA is *not a "black box", our algo is open source, our code is open source, we just haven't published the repos yet ...

Well, as soon as the code is out and thus accessible for review and independent testing I'll be happy to not label the UA metric a black-box anymore.

The amount of the delegation buys the frequency of the steem-ua vote.

Well no! :-)
The more SP delegators there are, the more contributions we'll curate algorithmically, and the higher the UA_Vote threshold will be to get an upvote at all.

I clearly said max. 1/2/3/7 upvotes per week, not guaranteed "bids" or anything

Thanks for asking this 8-).

Currently it looks like this, yes. But this will change. I believe that UA will get adopted by many steem services, and the code is planned to go open source soon as well, so that black box will get "removed" soon as well.
I do think that UA will be implemented in many more places. I'm just mentioning a trending feed based on a post's UA, and not it's payout value! This would possibly be something everyone could benefit from. But because UA is still very new, there aren't many use cases out yet. Stay tuned for the new ones!

PS: I rather see @steem-ua as some kind of Proof of Concept for that new reputation metric

I'm just mentioning a trending feed based on a post's UA

I can already see the daily reports coming in.

Why the cynicism?

My apologies for that. You are right, there was no need for spinning my objection that way.

Okido, evertbody gets "cranky" sometimes ;-)

Nice work on actually implementing this @scipio!

I am still not convinced that followers are a good metric and I will not change my follow habits for ua.

I am intrigued when selling high ua followers will be a thing ;)

If UA proves to be a good metric, I will see to add it to minnowbooster and steemvoter. Having the api closed is sad but understandable. I suggest you look into caching ua scores in a database and have a web service just look them up. Once you have the data, lookups are dirt cheap.

I'd assume you can tweak the algorithm just like Google did and is doing constantly so that exploitations vanish.

Also can't imagine so many high UA users can be corrupted that "buying UA follow" would be worthy.

Tweaking until which endpoint? How would the UA derived content ranking need to look like before it's considered a good metric? As soon as the majority of the high UA-accounts are happy with trending? No cynicism here, I really would wish to get an answer to that.

Personally, I already consider it much better than, like, anything else in the ecosystem (SP, reputation, etc).

But nothing's perfect, even Google and Youtube witnessed shortcuts and exploitations at one point.

For them, user satisfaction with the accuracy of results was the major driving factor, and I'd imagine this is what Steem needs, too.

That when I go to /r/cryptocurrency, or in fact, any blockchain-related community, I don't have to hear people shitting on Steem and how trashy its content is.

That when I go to Trending, I don't have to scrool through 42 pages of marketing garbage or cliché garbage before finding ONE interesting post.

I don't give a fuck about the satisfaction of high-UA accounts. I just want quality improvement and less circlejerk.

Considering how many of the top 100 UA scorers are bidbot owners and/or delegators, I would think they are already 'happy' with Trending.

Bidbot owners, not the bots themselves. UA can contribute to break bot dominance.

We will see how it plays out. I hope that the ua score becomes a good metric over time.

Wondering.. why do I have to login with steem connect to see my score? The less places that I login (steemconnect or otherwise) the better IMO... Thoughts?

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Just a way to secure data access, its safe as can be, ask @fabien! :-)

But why can't I look at other people's UA without using the API? Why would I need to log in for that?

The level of UA computations is... pretty extreme. The server costs are something to consider as well. That's why we limited full UA-API access to UA Registered Partners.

Is it open source?

It isn't yet. But it is planned to go open source soon.

It is ;-)

It is, we just haven't deployed the repo(s) yet.

How much do I have to delegate to become a UA Registered Partner?

I think you just have to contact either one of the owners about your idea of using UA and they will consider adding you to that Partner program. So it is not based on delegations as far as I know. (Especially since UserAuthority is the reputation metric you want access to, and @steem-ua only is a curation service making use of UA)

You should get in touch with @curie and ask them for curators stats for rewarding exceptional content on steemit and somehow incorporate this into this reputation system. Curie curators put in a huge amount of time and effort behind the scenes with little benefit to their rep, in fact often the amount of time spent curating prevents them from blogging to help drive their rep up.

Would it be possible to incorporate the amount of work they put in to help user retention within your algorithm @steem-ua? I'm thinking taking the curie Approval rating and curation score and somehow calculating how much engagement they have driven simply by doing what they do.

Full disclosure, I'm a curie curator ;-)

P.s. I really like the system and the vision behind what you are doing here, I have delegated 50 sp of my stake. I stopped using bidbots on principle around 8 months ago and my crawl up to rep 60 has been slow and painful despite only publishing medium to long posts, mainly creative writing which I feel is to a high standard. There is definitely a need for a rep system which disregards the influence of bidbots and it seems you've managed it! Awesome job :-)

Hey @raj808, thanks for the kind words! Integrating with other communities, dApps, curation systems, SMT & external airdrops etc etc is of course on our roadmap. We've only been "live" for 4 days now!

One thing though, please don't confuse:

  • UA, the influence metric
  • UA-API, our data providing service broadcasting various sorts of UA data
  • @steem-ua, our Algorithmic Curation Program, using UA data.

What could (also, possibly?) not might be 100% clear (to people) is that there are various sorts of UA scores:

  • UA_Account: that's the data you see on our website (and various other sources already)
  • UA_Post: that's our curation algo regarding the votes a post itself received
  • UA_Comment: deals with the level on user engagement on a specific post.

Those various things together determine UA_Vote.

^^ I'll post about this, and other updates regarding UA, UA-API and @steem-ua, shortly hereafter!

Cheers! (@scipio)

Thank you for your response @scipio and making clear the various sections of the system. What their functions are etc.

Integrating with other communities, dApps, curation systems, SMT & external airdrops etc etc is of course on our roadmap. We've only been "live" for 4 days now!

I guess I did jump the gun a bit. What I was trying to get at was some sort of way to include active (guild curie/OCD etc) curators curation activity to count toward their ua score. It would be wonderful if, in the future, this could be incorporated as these curators really do spend a huge amount of time retaining and building steemit user-base.

First obvious question from someone highly interested in finding and rewarding high quality content creators: Is there an API to retrieve a user's UA ? I'll ask @Fabien directly to see if it's possible to have it built into SteemConnect (that the Byteball rewards rely on) for an even easier access.

Congratulations on the massive progress. Guess it must be incredibly satisfying to take a look back and see how far you've managed to get in such short amount of time. Props to both you and @Holger80.

Access to our UA-API will be given to Registered UA Partners: just talk to @scipio and/or @holger80 on our Discord ;-)

You're doing great job to make Steemit better, but please, if possible, do not use #ua hash tag.

#ua is for Ukrainian posts,
the same as #ru, #tr, #kr , #cn

I didn't realize the #ua tag was taken already by the Ukraine! ;-)

We don't need any tags to detect posts to be scored / upvoted on actually ;-)

yall need somebody to whip up some badges for you (*somebody not me ;> )

I could always use another pretty pic in my sig !

#505 UA rank wooo-hoooo!

This is awesome work guys, I'd be happy to throw a 100SP delegation your way. Can you drop some delegation links at the bottom of your post?

I will!
But you could also use for easy delegations to @steem-ua, a nice tool by @yabapmatt !

Nice to see that finally the introduction post is out! :)

One of the effects of this post was to stimulate me to start checking more thoroughly whom I should follow and whom not. :)

I always knew you were a wise man! :-)

Great Script! I'm testing it out as I write this. Only a 6.183 rating. I better step my game up. 😂

A UA rank of 226 is not too shabby! :P Only 225 places to the top spot, you can do it! ;-)

Hi guys

I know you guys have been working really hard on this, people are unhappy with 'Reputation' as it stands, and hope that UA can act as a fair alternative in the future.

I've delegated a little to support the project.

Thank you and good luck!

Thx! We'll keep you informed, and upvoted! ;-)

This is a fascinating idea. I've perused the previous article but am having difficulty wrapping my mind completely around it.

I'd like to try and put it into layman's terms if possible. Is the algorithm in a sense a means of formulating an assessment the user's value apart from say circle jerking bots and straight self-voting?

Is the algorithm robust enough to identify users who use proxy accounts to self-vote via bid bots? I know one top witness in particular that engages in this sort of thing and I find it quite deceptive as it makes it seem like they are less of a self-voter than they really are. Basically the activity would entail delegating SP to a bid bot delegation scheme, transfer the liquid Steem/ SBD to their proxy, and then use that account to self-bid.

If possible, I would appreciate if the algo. can account for this sort of apparently veiled behavior and adjust UA accordingly.


Put together Steemconnect links to delegate to yall. About to do so myself.

25 SP, 50 SP,100 SP,500 SP,1000 SP

Good idea!

really good work guys, I know how much effort went into this. Steemit needs an improved reputation system and this is for sure a giant step forward.

I would like to use your api in some data posts and maybe also a project I have been working on. Will dm you on discord to find out more about this.

Also I was lucky to get a few votes while you were trying things out, nice and thanks.

Oh a question, as being a "top witness helps" and also "we use that Witness Stake to propagate "Trust" from each witness to the accounts it follows" I would like to ask you what about witness teams where the witness account may represent a number of witnesses?

I would like to ask you what about witness teams where the witness account may represent a number of witnesses?

I asked about this the other day and for witness teams, the UA scoring of the witness account is transferred to the team member/s :) I think that's the right terminology but happy to be corrected.

Correct @abh12345 ! The Trust Vector Initiation of the @steemcommunity witness account is split between @paulag and @absh12345 ;-)

and for all other witness teams too? This was a manual job then, well an element of manual

They sent me the list, looks complete 😎

Apart from typing the code, indeed mapping "team witnesses" was the only manual job!

THIS IS A GREAT IDEA! Thank you @tarazkp for putting me on to this.
I have followed @steem-ua, resteemed and delegated!

Super cool, very innovative. Thank you for your hard work!

Massive congrats @scipio and @holger80!! It's been incredible watching you take this from an idea to reality. So well done.

Thx sweetie pie! Also for being one of our pre-alpha SP Delegators to @steem-ua!

I have been following the UA for a long time. I have been talking to scipio for a long time now. A strong mind with great idees I am happy to see this finaly come to fruition and i hope it gets the support that it deserves.

You wil get my delegation soon!

Thx for the kind words and your support! It's greatly appreciated @ZoeF!

Fantastic work, I am looking forward to work with the UA API for the 1UP project!

The UA-API is working now @flauwy! Just talk to me on Discord and we'll set you up!

So we now have 2 available rep systems and this one rewards you for delegating to it?

Well, not exactly:

  • UA is the "new Reputation metric"
  • @steem-ua is our Algorithmic Curation Program, using UA data to evaluate contributions, and you can enter its program by delegating SP to @steem-ua.

So @steem-ua is an application using the metric UA; let's not confuse the two! ;-)

Great post I liked it very much. I could have invested only if I had only 5 SBD

If you cannot afford a 25 SP delegation, we have a Gift Program as well! Just join our Discord and talk to us for @steem-ua access!

Oh my God, I'm so fucking glad it already happens! Ever since read @scipio 's initial proposal, I've been waiting for this system to become visible and usable in practice.

Huge kudos for doing it!

Yo Adrian, we did it! (From Rocky :P )

Wouldn't it be more logically to try and calculate a "bot-free" version of the users rep? Seems vote bots are what is braking the rep system, so if you could manage to subtract known bot rshare contribution from rep score, you should have something quite good without having to totally reinvent a metric.

@thejohalfiles for example is extremely influential as being a Steem Angel. He deserves a high UA score for doing good deeds, but when an account doesn't blog, it also doesn't increase its Rep score.

Something else to consider is down vote attacks which can render an account useless by pushing its rep to < 0.

A single high SP user can keep down voting another user's posts and eventually that 2nd user's posts no longer will display by default via #steemit or #busy.

This metric, if used to replace the existing rep score would remove that particular type of personal attack vector.

The ability of a single high SP user to effectively bar other users from the #steemit platform by the simple use of down votes is a sign of a definite and very serious flaw with the existing rep system.

While not a perfect measure of an account's value to the #steem ecosystem the UA score is a definite 100,000% improvement (IMHO).

When looking at @pibarabot's reports, there are basically four kinds of flag usage:

  • Policing flags against abusers
  • Corrective flags against disproportional projected payouts
  • Capricious flags by some of the big guys: because they can.
  • Retaliation flags. Tid for tad.

I used to think capricious flags were a big problem before I started looking into it. @freezepeach has the low end of this problem covered and while we could probably use an orca sized @freezepeach, the number of people affected by true capriciousness is actually quite limited.

Today I believe the true problem with flags is the culture of fear brought on by retaliation. Most users really don't flag enough for reason #1 and #2 out of fear. If they did, crap post that bought their place into trending would likely get flagged down en-mass and we wouldn't have the self amplifying bidbots reputation problems.

Use bidbots, increase your rep, become immune to reputation damage because of your high pseudo rep, and from monetary concequences as well, as people with lower rep won't risk flagging you out of fear for retaliation.
In fact, people with higher rep won't dare to flag you because they know your rep will surpass theirs because of the bidbots, and you might retaliate later.

The "fix" you suggest assumes someone has lots of steem to spend.

Nice to introduce with u.

Likewise! :-)

This is great @scipio, congrats at rolling it out. I can't wait to see this incorporated into other dapps. Over time it will be much more meaningful than the current user rep. Definitely look to incorporate into my upcoming projects. I'll be sending my delegation shortly. Keep up the great work.

Had to check my UA out... Was a bit worried but after seeing it... Not so much now.

Welcome jasonbu!
Your ua score is 3.988 and you have a ua rank of 3483
Last blocknumber included: 25417030, Updated at: 2018-08-26T21:52:51

The door to entering the top 3K is wide open for you! :-)

I haven't been very happy with the way the current reputation score is implemented, and the fact it can easily be boosted via purchased votes.

Your system might not be perfect, but it is an alternative working in a completely different way than the current reputation score.

When there are alternatives we can choose what to pay attention to, and there is a better chance of progress.

So, thank you for this project! I've delegated some SP to @steem-ua (maybe more later on).

Cool! Thank you for the delegation support!

I will use this also for the steemjet website once its back online with its database well functional.... Thanks @scipio for letting me in on the project. It's quite fascinating.

Keep up the great work!!

Wow, great concept. We're following this project with interest. Will happily list @steem-ua in the next update of our directory.


Cool! Appreciated!

I understand how this score is a better measure of reputation and is harder to be bought, but I'm struggling to the understand the overall point of having this score. Granted as someone who enjoys derived statistics and data science this is cool, why should anybody care about improving their UA score? It's not like reputation currently serves any real purpose right now outside of filtering some spam for some interfaces.

There are many reasons to care about one's UA score, but of course that all depends on how wide UA is integrated throughout the Steem Blockchain and multiple services:

  • @punqtured from ByteBall for example wants to integrate UA to determine ByteBall airdrop amounts with, and determine if an account should be eligible for a Steem Attestation at all;
  • @smartsteem will use minimum UA-scores to use their bid services at all
  • @steem-ua (our own algorithmic curation service) goes one step further and computes not only the UA-Author scores but also the UA_Post scores which incorporates all votes on any post by looking at each voter's UA score, not their SP.

... and I could go on with these possible use cases until this comment is longer than our intro post ! ;-)
UA has many, many applications

Vote trails can customized their vote strengths according to UA score..

I understand how this score is a better measure of reputation and is harder to be bought, but I'm struggling to the understand the overall point of having this score.

In future a high UA score could lead to a higher voting value. In my recent article I mentioned the example formula:

vote_worth = UA(voter) / UA(average) • SP • vote_strength.

Keep being awsome @scipio, alternatives to evaluate quality are always welcomed, and since we cant expect steemit Inc to care about these "minor" features, this is a great addition to the community.

But, i have some questioning to do here:

  • Shouldnt all users scores be public? After all we are talking about a public blockchain, and transparency is always good.

  • Will the witness be curated and recieve votes by the ua curating bot? This is Just a personal opinion, but If we are talking about better rewards distribution, witness get a big advantage, and since they are already being rewarded for being a witness (and having a big stack) wouldnt they get an even bigger slice of the pie?

Please keep in mind not to confuse 3 things:

-1- UA, the Reputation / Influence metric
-2- @steem-ua, our own algorithmic curation service
-3- UA-API, broadcasting UA data to UA Registered Partners

Good project! I like it!

Congratulations @scipio and @holger80! Even though I am pretty new and small, you're addressing something that has bugged me a bit since the start: I'm a "real" account, creating "real" content and constantly in "real" engagement with other community members... and yet others who started about the same time as me have MUCH higher reps because they keep throwing money at bidbots... and don't actually DO anything here, aside from "harvest money."

It'll be interesting to see how this reflects differently. Good luck!


Just contact us via our Discord and we'll help you! ;-)

This looks like a wonderful, newer and better, version of the reputation scale. I'm contemplating to delegate 25 - 50 SP in the future. :)

Why in the future? You can earn it back really fast by delegating immediately and publishing high-quality posts!

Very cool idea ...
I delegate

Thanks for participating!

Good project. Is possible to check others' account user autorithy score?

Only for UA Registered Partners (at the moment)

Would you guys consider adding micro-transaction based authentication to steem-ua for those who rather not use steemconnect for what seems like mere authentication?

I wrote this post on the subject after the name of UserAuthority had me starting to read this article of yours with completely wrong expectations (authority as in authentication rather than authority as in reputation).

I personally feel steemconnect is way overused for services like this that require mere authentication, and it would be really cool if steem-ua could also implement the simpler one of the alternatives (pure micro transaction based authentication).

It's very nice thing, my ranking is 1807 , I feel that I'm doing well and my score is 4.496, I'm not far from the top users, thanks for making such amazing tool. ☺

Rank #1807 is alright to begin with, congrats! Simply a matter of keep doing what you're doing and you'll climb up the UA ranks in no time! :-)

I'm not sure this is working correctly. Some people who have been inactive for months are higher than me in the rankings, probably because they still have a bunch of witness votes?

Not sure if that's a problem, though. It's just one metric among several others. Especially because you and @dtube are both within the top100, which is very well deserved, and, then again, are quite accurate measurements about your usefulness.

In addition, I can still remember your frustration you "unleashed" with Operation Clean Trending. Don't you think it's a potentially amazing chance to help the "trash trending issue"?

Maybe filtering "trending" to high-UA users would work well, isn't it?

Yes, that works! Actually we'll deploy a UA-based Alternative Trending Page soon ;-)

Oh my...I'm not even sure this amount of teasing is not sexual.


And a bunch of high-UA followers ;-)
All UA scores change with every (un)follow operation, which we block-stream continuously scanning for ustom_json follow operations (stored in chronological order since the inception of follow ops on Steem).

100% upvote and re-steem-i will delegate 50 SP

Thx! :-)

I'm really excited for what UserAuthority will bring to Steem apps and am looking forward to incorporating it in one of my Steem app ideas in the future. Thanks for all the work put into that project, I feel like it will be useful to many!

Just delegated 50SP. My UA score is at 3.341 ouch, but I guess that was to be expected since I only blog in french (except for Utopian posts).

Sure! Just contact me on our Discord server!

Will definitely do when my project reaches the point of being a MVP! :D

This certainly looks like a great alternative. I haven't done a clear out in a while.
If I unfollow a tonne of old, inactive accounts, that'll likely boost my score?

Nope, but it would slightly increase the UA scores / ranks of the accounts you remain following after cleaning up! ;-)

Interesting. Thanks. Mentioned UA in a post today. :)

I'm sure you'll progress over time!

2 days for My First Week ! Lets do it !!!

Welcome newtechblog!

Your ua score is 0.000 and you have a ua rank of 394063

Last blocknumber included: 25417030, Updated at: 2018-08-26T21:52:51

You have still outperformed about 700,000 other accounts ;-)