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Thanks to everyone who has shown interest in our services.

We have, so far, received a total of 24 987 delegated SP (not counting the SP we have leased ourselves to sustain the services). It's rather small compared to another upvote service launched recently but we are not working the same way.

What is SmartVote?

SmartVote is a delegation-based upvote system that will reward quality content authors with 10x their delegation in the form of daily upvotes on their content or daily payout of STEEM into their wallet.

SmartVote Services highlights

Our main points are:

  • Fixed 10x upvote based on the amount of SP you delegate, for example: if you delegate 1000 SP we will use 10000 SP to upvote your content.
  • If you opt for daily payout of STEEM directly to your wallet, we will pay you a fixed 13% annual return. So for example: if you delegate 1000 SP, you will receive 0.356 STEEM per day regardless of the price of STEEM.
  • You can control your SmartVote membership preferences by using micro transfers with some specific commands added to the transfer MEMO.
  • allocate part or all of your delegated SP with other Steemians, this is ideal if you are running regular contest and want to share your SmartVote benefits with your contest winners

What's new on SmartVote?

We are constantly working on improving our services and website, which in a way, is also a Dapp that uses the Steem blockchain for retrieving and storing data. Here are the changes we added since the launch of the services:

  • The minimum delegation is now at a fixed 25 SP. This should make it more accessible for the new Minnows and Planktons. We can't get it lower as it gets difficult to manage and upvote with small values but we will be adding new ways for those who don't have enough SP to delegate.
  • We have added the min/max info to the Delegation Tool to make it easier to get those info
  • A new set of MEMO commands is now available to use, especially for contest hosts who can now share their SmartVote delegation with their winners
  • With the MEMO Command Tool, you can now send MEMO commands via 0.001 STEEM transfer right from our website using SteemConnect
  • We have implemented a user blacklist checker using the Global Blacklist API (that displays steemcleaners, minnowbooster, buildwhale and utopian-io blacklists) to help us with content quality control and help fight plagiarism and copy/pasting on the Steem Blockchain. Our system will NOT automatically blacklist users present in the Global Blacklist API, we are only using it as an alarm bell that will trigger a manual review.
  • We have added a dashboard showing your current account status (if you are a delegating member).

Language support

Currently, SmartVote can only upvote content written in English, Vietnamese and French. We are looking to add support for more languages in the future.

Delegation links

You can estimate your ROI using our SmartVote Calculator and our SmartVote Delegation Tool will allow you to start delegating and getting upvotes.

For those who want to start delegating right now, here are the SteemConnect delegations links:

For custom delegation amount use our SmartVote Delegation Tool.

Contact us

If you would like more clarifications please contact us on our Discord server: Alternatively, you could also leave a comment on our posts, but a direct chat can make life simpler.

For up-to-date information about our services, please head to our website:

Thank you for using our service!
The SmartVote team.



Soon I will be looking to be a part of this.
Thanks for updates and information provided.

I am going to be a part of this. Thanks for the information you have provided.

Looking forward to seeing you amongs our members

I will be looking at this later. Looking like a good option from quick read. Thank you.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

that is good and i want to be a part of your creatures thanks

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