Why is Elon Musk so disruptive?

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Having a will, tenacity, knowhow and resourcefulness is what has gotten Elon Musk this far.

Also, he has learned how to embrace the American capitalism in a really good way, thats if you do believe he is saving the world.

It is true though that Elon Musk trying to become the 21st centuries Nikola Tesla's is a far out idea and that hopefully he does not go down the root of losing all his money to inventions. He is definitely a game changer harnessing electricity to clean the world of oil/fossil fuels and getting the world on track to a cleaner future. It does take time for this to be fully adopted but this is not his only idea.

Elon Musk is trying to usher into the world a safer driving experience whereby ghost traffic jams happen less and that the age of autonomous driving happens and hopefully lowers everyones insurance premiums.

Furthermore, he is definitely bringing about a space age technological revolution and wants to pretty much usher in new forms of government that may or may not be deeply corrupt or messed up. It will be seen decades and centuries from now.

We have lots of respect for Elon Musk.

But that is our own opinion... Feel free to share here yours!

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Musk is nothing more than another government shill put in place to lie to you and dumb you down. And clearly it's working. People all over the Earth are simple minded enough to believe the silly fairy tales of rocket ships, people, and cars flying around in space. While simple experiments and common sense shows that all things that go up, must come back down. There is no magic barrier where one goes up high enough to break through and negate the effects of your density pushing you back toward the ground. Stop being so gullible and wake up!

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I agree that he has got a really great thing going. I think that he may be becoming like Nikola Tesla in the way that most people think of Tesla - a man way ahead of his time who doesn't quite fit into what society expects people to act like. You are right thought that I hope he doesn't end up like the real Tesla did...

I think he will ultimately do great things for the world, and already has done some great things. His willpower that you mention is a key to all of this. He is a classic case of why we should sometimes push forward with our ideas regardless of what other people may think of them.

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