Where will the real estate business be in 100 years?

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Where will the real estate business be in 100 years?

Elon Musk has said, 3 generations of only 1 child between a man and womanwill lead to only 12% of the amount of people in the world [1], [2]. This would be a huge detriment to the real estate business because less people = need less homes. It is true that supply may be kept in line as everyone will have 3 to 5 homes and the people around will be super rich.

However what happens if there is a nuclear war?

It is true that if this happens many fertile areas will not be that productive and some areas may be worth more then others. This is a far out idea but it could happen and this could keep real estate prices high in some areas.

Will the major economic centers stay where they are with a decentralization of the world?

As computers and soon robots take over we may not have to be in certain places. Everything could become remote and may not need super centers or super industrial areas. Also we may all go back to our roots as people say and a localization of everything happens where we dont need huge economic areas anymore.

Comment below with what you think will happen in real estate 100 years out.

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I don't see the population growth slowing anytime soon. While the developed nations are starting to slow down and even showing projected declines in population, the developing world is still procreating at an alarming rate. don't worry about your real estate investment. It is one thing that will likely keep appreciating in value over time

I'm very curious to know how things gonna be in 2118, not only this aspect but all of them

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Any company that has high frictional cost or prices out of proportion to costs are ripe for disruption by digital technology:

Real estate, education (colleges, textbooks), and basic healthcare are literally huge industries that are going to drastically change over the next couple decades.

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