Weekly Comment Catch-Up 2/09/2018

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Weekly Comment Catch-Up 2/09/2018

In today’s video I dive deep into your comments from this past week. If you commented on any of my videos over the last 7 days then there’s a good chance that you were mentioned in today's video. Special thanks to everyone who shared feedback, video suggestions, and other comments throughout the week. This is what allows me to keep producing helpful content that everyone enjoys.

People Mentioned in Today's Video:


Winklevoss Twins talking about the value of networks

NOTE: Unfortunately @dtube wasn't working for me today so I had to use YouTube

If you're interested in more videos, tutorials, and how-tos, I encourage you to follow my channel and leave me replies of things you would like to learn about. If I don't know the answer, we'll learn together! :)

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Today YouTube be like
Improvise Adapt Overcome 10022018063500.jpg

Steemit is beyond revolutionary. Thanks for the nonstop content @Brandonfrye


Thanks @drtarts, I appreciate it.

You deserved commenting on your Post.

The reason is not your reward, but your engagement and the way you explain the things. I like your teaching style.
It's Amazing that you appreciate the commenters via Weekly Comment Catch-Up.

Keep it up!


Thank you @mslifesteem, that's very kind! This is really one of my favorite videos to do each week because I get to engage with you all. By having a healthy conversation here on my channel I'm able to zero in on what it is I can better help people with. And I always learn something myself. So it's a win-win! :)


Glad to hear that. I appreciate you @brandonfrye.

Just watched your 10 things not to do on steemit.

thx for the tips man.


Excellent, and you're welcome. Thanks for the feedback! :)


your welcome keep up the good work

Because i am new and trying to figure out how to do things and save the money i make for college

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Hi Brandon, I just finished watching your "How Steemit Curation Rewards Work and How to Earn More" video, and I really enjoyed how you easily explained it all for newbies. I am just starting out use this site, and your video was very helpful.

I followed you too here, so I can learn more simple ways to best use the steem it site. Going to check out your other videos, to see if you have one on how to use the vote features here.

I did want to ask since upvotes cost us, and helps others too, which is so cool!!

Where do we track how much we can give back meaning, does it come from the steem, the steem power, or the other section, which I already forgot what that section was called??

Where do the funds get taken out from within our wallet at, so we can ensure we have enough to give with our up votes if I am even asking this question right. Thanks


Hi @libby-stories, thank you. I'm happy that my videos have helped you. I'm not sure if I completely understand your question... but I think you're asking where the money comes from for curation rewards. If that's the case, I did a video on that here: https://steemit.com/steemit/@brandonfrye/6d34q7nk

If not, let me know if I misunderstood and I'll try to point you in the right direction.


Hi, no that was not what I meant sorry.

I was asking this : You know when we do a upvote on a post etc?? Well does that say
( as an example) the .007 cents or whatever the amount is, does that get deducted from our own wallets section??

And if that is the case, can you point out, which section we should be watching for those said deductions???

Now you mentioned in the curations video about different sections within our wallets, and how we do not want the steempower to get depleted, so is that were we spend from when we are doing the up votes to others for their great content then here on the site?? Thanks for the help much appreciate it, as I said I am a very days old new here, and trying to learn all the aspects of how to use this site to its fullest potential.

@brandonfrye this is one of the good things that i like about you. You actually take the time out and make sure you answer all of the posts at the time which in itself is no mean feat, and if you haven’t answered them or they slipped theough the net you catch them in this video. Thats more than can be said about some others on the platform that i wont name ans shame. Kudos where kudos is due !!


Thanks @robmenzies, I appreciate you recognizing that. And yeah, that's one of the things I noticed when I first came to Steemit... especially among people who were simply posting their YouTube videos here and that's it. So I wanted to do this completely different. Unlike those people who see Steemit as just another stream of revenue for the content they're already producing, I see Steemit as my main social channel now. And that's why I will always try and connect with everyone here first. :)

Yet another friday already. I have not been to active on here this week but thanks to the steemify app I was able to check out your post on my phone anyway lol. I was also notify that you tag me in this post so I needed to watch it haha. Like always have a good weekend


Yep, another week come and gone. Time flies when you're having fun. :) And yes, you got an honorable mention this week. Thanks for your continued support on my channel. Hope you have a great weekend!

Like your posts. Following you. I am in Chandler, AZ!


Hey @pablop, what a small world! Nice to meet a fellow Arizonan here on Steemit. :)

Coucou @brandonfrye This is just a little message to tell you how much I like your account and your posts, I find myself very often in what you publish and I admire so much your way of seeing things.I follow your YouTube channel a lot and have benefited a lot from you


Thanks @moroccantoughts, I really appreciate the feedback and I'm glad you've enjoyed my posts. :)

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It is so good to see everyone participating and collaborating for ever more interesting and informative content. You, @brandonfrye, are doing this very well and the community is grateful.


That's one thing I really love about Steemit - how people come together to help one another. I'm grateful for everyone who participates in the conversation each week. It's incredible. :)

What Is You're Camera Equipment?? And How Do You Make You're Self Look So Darn Smart!! Lol.


Lol, I'm not sure about the smart part. But here's how I create my videos ;) https://steemit.com/dtube/@brandonfrye/ynrvybuf


Thank-you! And You Need TO Figure That Out And Patent It Or Something!


Haha, I'll see what I can do. Thanks @kephawalks. :)

Videos/motion photographs gives lasting impression on the mind of its viewers, that is why I say, "the efforts and time you invest in making video projects is worthwhile!" Keep up the good job @brandonfrye.

Many view Steemit as a get-rich-quick platform, should it be? I appeal you elaborate on this, helping us to contribute to this block chain, only after this one is rewarded..

Best wishes.....


Thank you @samal, I appreciate the support. :)

It's always great seeing people interact with their community like this


Thanks and I agree. I wish more would take the time to actually carry a conversation with their following. It goes a long way for both the reader/viewer and the author. Appreciate the support @sophor!

Nice Post ! Could not help but notice your profile. Did you mean Crypto 'Holder' ? :D


Apologies. Just read up on the Hodler Community. We learn something everyday :)


Yeah lol.. it was a typo in a Bitcoin forum back in the day. Here's a link to it: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=375643.0

It's kind of funny

Hi buddy ! Great blog. I have just read your some posts and found them very helpful and informative.
Loved the catch-up. I hope there would be more in future. You just earned a follower.
I would love to see more from you and also want to be one of them mentions.

Thanks for daily comment reward contest. It is great and unique. Steem on :)


Thanks @rahulsaini, I'm glad you've found my posts helpful. If there's anything you ever want to learn more about, please feel free to drop suggestions for me. Glad to look into anything... even if I don't know the answer. Have a great weekend! :)

steemit is one of the most beautiful social communication blog site i have ever found. it's really helpful people use it and help each other. lots of think we can learn from our post. also we can share our thought. we can do what ever you this it's best.
i love this platform


Same here, Steemit is unlike any other platform out there. And we're just getting started! :)


yeah. need support to build

Hey @brandonfrye Just watched a few of your very informative videos on YouTube...Really great tips for everyone! Highly recommended for #Steemit #newbies and #veterans alike!
I'll be following you from now on.

Great and nice video for steemians specially for newbies, after watching your videos from youtube and from your steemit account I slowly understood about steemit. Joining steemit without knowledge about it give me a little bit confused and i just keep on exploring but your video has a lot to learn giving us a lot information two thumbs up for you :)

Great post! Your knowledge of Steemit is very impressive. Followed, Upvoted and Resteemed by @cryptoryno33

Upvoted. Please follow @amfeeds if you like my content .Upvote, comment, resteem are much appreciated!

@Brandonfrye You are Awesome Dude ... and i think it's a Unique Comment only for You this weekend... Stay Blessed
keep posting HELPFUL Tutorials

Hey Brandon! You, my man, are a life saver! I've been stumbling along trying to figure out the best way to use this platform and finally found you on YouTube. Thanks for sharing your extensive knowledge in such a concise and conversational way. I have this image of you digging through the quagmire of "how-to" information thats out there, then spending hours composing and editing these wonderful post you consistently turn out. I hope you are around a very long time......don't burn out on us! And.....CARRY ON! Upvote and ReSteem well deserved!

@brandonfrye watching your post after long time you are doing great .. :)

I love the way u explain the things

I am more interest with this post..