dMania Walkthrough and How I Create My Memes

in dmania •  9 months ago

Learn how to make money by simply creating funny memes and posting them online. dMania is the first website in the world that rewards their users for posting memes, funny pictures and videos. All rewards are generated by the Steem blockchain. In today's video I'll walk you through how to create and post funny memes on dMania and start earning money with your humor.

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Lol, yeah unfortunately that does happen.


Lol looks like you’ve got the hang of it 😆


I did not know about this, looks really cool.. do we have to signup for it or can we use our steemit info to login to the site and upload meme?

I see a lot of memes created and posted on that platform. Not sure that the crypto will be worth anything, any time soon. Do you think Steemit will run ads on older posts to generate $$$$ like Facebook does?


No, I don't think Steemit or any other platform built on Steem will ever show ads. Those that are creating these various applications on the Steem blockchain are heavily invested in Steem and many of them are also Steem Witnesses. So trust me.. they're incentivized enough to make Steem a better place for everyone.

Release the Kraken! You got a 24.38% upvote from @seakraken courtesy of @brandonfrye!

Great tutorial… I am used to doing it by hand in Photoshop! This will be a huge timesaver :) look forward to more great content.


Oh yeah, that's another way to do it and that way you don't have the logo overlay but if you want to save time then it's worth it. Glad that was helpful! :)


I am honored to be one of the winners! Thank you so much for your SBD! I look forward to building a relationship with you here on steemit and would love to collaborate in the future. Really appreciate your content and always look forward to your posts.

I have used dmania a few times.. However i don't know how that dmania bout works. I have seen it Upvote shitty memes which aren't funny or years old and have been circulated time and again in several places. Rewarding such memes is kind of discouraging those who make new and creative ones. Can you please elaborate on how that bout works, if you know about it?


I guess (just like with Steemit) your earnings on dMania will be determined by your following, whether you're using upvote bots, and if your post goes viral or reaches a lot of people. I would just recommend continuing to create new and creative memes and as your following builds over time you will begin earning more and more.

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Great tuto .. I never used memgenerator before but I will definitely give it shot


Cool, I'm glad I could share that with you. It really does make generating memes easy. :)

I saw this video. This video is really awesome. Thank you so much to share this video.


You're welcome, thank you for watching @ashaduzzaman. :)

Nice Video, i really would love to see some more Steem platform itroduce Videos

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dmania dlive, wordpress, dsound, dtube...all these cool apps and sites, wow Steemit it is coming of age much Brandon.. there might need to be an app to arrange all the new I can keep this all in order...
I love that you showed us how to do the memes.
Cool beanz..going hot!


Isn't that the truth... so many apps to use on the Steem blockchain! :)


Explanation of Dmania was great @brandonfrye, but you are absolutely right that there should be different user interfaces for different websites of steem blockchain. like Dtube, Dsound and Dmania etc.

I think and Steemit match each other because both of them are related to articles, tutorials and coding guidance.

Dmania is still great because It brings happiness to the faces of people by sharing funny memes and animated GIF.

One of the concepts that I liked about is "the chosen one", Earning by doing nothing, Just delegate some of your Steem power.

It's slightly surprising that some of the users earn $1800+ per month and $500+ per week by sharing just funny memes, but overall it is a great platform.


Thanks @mslifesteem, and yeah I really wish we had the option to post only to one site if we wanted to. That would give authors the ability to focus their content to different audiences.


My pleasure @brandonfrye.

Yeah, Exactly.

Every website of the Steem blockchain has different audiences and every audience don't like about informative articles because some of them may be interested in memes or vlog or music like in Dsound.

I hope that in future Steemit will figure out this issue.

Hello everyone
I have uploaded some great and hilarious content on my channel and would be great if you check it out! :)

Hours of fun to be had with memes, but like you say would be better if it were not all coming through your main feed and clogging up your main stream.


Right, maybe that'll change one day. I hope so. :)

I love the concept of dMania but I feel like there is not enough active users and too much people using bought votes to gain dMania bot upvote and take the prize.
Sometimes I feel like it makes no sense to post memes sinc I mostly don't get any huge success.


Maybe not, today was the first time I really used it. As I was telling someone else, with all of these user interfaces on Steem you really have to build up your following first before you start making considerable money. Just like with any social media site. So keep posting and building your channel. It will pay off in the long run.

Nice explanation!
I used to be on 9gag a lot, that might change in the future, dMania is awesome.


Interesting, I had no idea about 9gag but after looking at it I can see that dMania was created to be a competitor. Very cool! Thanks for sharing that.

Good stuff man. Yeah I'm trying to find my footing with Dmania. I've been enjoying creating memes and quote pics but hasn't gotten a huge amount of traction.

I think the comedy angle works much better in Dmania than 'useful content' if that makes any sense.

It's fun though....Let's me be a bit more creative :)


There are some funny memes and videos on there. I had fun scrolling through there today and seeing what people had come up with. I don't think I'll use dMania too much myself but I think it's cool how many different applications (and uses) we have for the Steem blockchain.


Yeah that's another point you made and I'm kinda on the same boat. Right now I'm just poking around and trying everything but like you, I'm always thinking 'can my audience benefit from the info I'm putting out'...And memes etc...Not sure if I'm clever enough to create that lol

Regardless, it's so exciting to see all the projects being built on Steem. I'm like a kid in the candy store lol

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Thanks for the video. I’m finding it intriguing to learn about all these different branches that are coming from the Steem blockchain. I just recently made my first ever meme for a contest posted here on Steemit. It was a fun experience. I’m not sure I would use it all the time but I can certainly see myself playing around with it. I agree with not wanting my steemit board to be cluttered with all the memes but the occasional one or two could be fun. Will check it out!


Cool, I'm glad you got a chance to play around with dMania. It's fun but like you said, I also don't want my feed cluttered with memes. But it's neat to see all of the things being built here. We've literally got something for everybody. :)

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Great post! If someone upvote here on Steemit count on DMania right?


Correct they’re both linked on the blockchain. 👍🏻


This can be good or bad, because you may want to have two types of profiles with different goals


Right, that's how I feel. I wish we had the option to post in one place or the other.

Hi @brandonfrye

●Thank you for the informative post.

● looking for it since evolution thank you again.(Apparently you've just solved my problem).

●The chosen ones community is fascinating indeed.looks pretty cool in making some quick bucks but still need SP it would be a far subject at least for me now.Thanks!Thanks!Thanks a lot.
"dmania I'm commin😎🤘✌️"


You're very welcome, @iamanwaar. I appreciate the feedback and I'm glad this was helpful. :)

I used to be on 9gag a lot, and i think that dmania might change that soon. It has a lot of potential.


Cool, I had never heard of that site before. But it looks like that's where dMania got the idea. What's cool is now you can earn rewards for your memes. :)

I got to use the instruction on this video to generate my own meme.
Thanks for another informative video. With reference to, can you explain what bandwidth on the Steem blockchain is and how to use it wisely? I have been having trouble posting videos and I feel that might have something to do with it. I look forward to more educative content from you. Have a great day.


That's a great idea for a video and something I will have to look into a little more. But I will put that in my queue of things to talk about. It's something I personally want to learn more about myself and find out why some people are having issues with bandwidth. I believe it might have to do with your Steem Power and how often you're posting. But again, I'll need to research that and get back to you. Thanks for the idea and I love your meme! :)

Thanks for the handy tutorial. I love creating funny images and memes, so I think dmania is right up my alley. I am new to Steemit though and I do have a question: Should I also post my new memes here on Steemit to drive more traffic to the mania post?


You're welcome @keciah, I'm glad this was helpful! And to answer your question: actually it will automatically post to Steemit when you post to dMania. So you don't have to worry about posting it here... it automatically does it for you.

thanks, I am about to post my first meme on dmania, perfect timing

The only thing i dislike in Dmania is that if you want to have a chance to get that sweet DmaniaBot upvote is to pay for your post to get promoted. Like 100% of the posts the bot uvpotes are promoted to hell and back.

I didn't know it was that easy. No wonder people filling up my feed with memes. I will be checking this out. Great video as per usual @brandonfrye. You explain everything in great detail and very understandable content. Thanks

Good stuff Brandon @brandonfrye. I want to get into memes. Seems like fun, and you can use your Creativity. Thank you for this video.

Btw, loving your Content here at Steemit. Keep it up, bro :)
signature_2 (1).gif

Love your stratagy u always help people to earn extra bugs online.keep rocking

What get paid for memes this is awesome

oh my!! ignorance is indeed a disease. I used to think dmania is somehow complex to use but you tutorial is the perfect cure for my ignorance. Now I can't wait to go all out and start using dmania just like I have been using

But I want to know if dmania can function effectively on mobile device because I currently carry out all my steemit activities on my mobile device.

Thank you for this great exposure

Thanks! I Love Putting Memes On My Posts! This Was Very Helpful!!


Great, I'm glad that helped. :)