Brush Up Your English Подтяни Свой Английский

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Instead of making new clones of Steemit, I would advise to brush up your language skills, my dear friends - stemians and those, who have not adopted this project yet.


Вместо того, чтобы запускать бесконечных клонов Стимита, я бы посоветовал многим моим друзьям -стимианцам, а также тем, кто только присматривается к проекту, подтянуть свой английский.

What do I mean?

Что я имею в виду?

I can not understand that jumps for joy about "NEW RUSSIAN STEEMIT" (**GOLOS **project) and prefer having a whale )) of a time in REAL STEEMIT.

Я не могу понять этот щенячий восторг по поводу запуска первого (но далеко не последнего, судя по всему) клона, то бишь, "НОВОГО , ЧИСТА РУССКАГА СТИМИТА" под названием "ГОЛОС". Гораздо более уместно, на мой взгляд, было бы помочь встать на ноги РЕАЛЬНОМУ СТИМИТУ.

But that is my PRIVATE opinion and I don't force anyone to accept it as his own.

Но это исключительно моё ЧАСТНОЕ МНЕНИЕ (на которое я, надеюсь, имею право) и я ни в коем случае никому не пытаюсь его навязать.

What do I propose?

Что я предлагаю?

I propose to all my Russian-speaking friends to brush up their English language skills and to feel confortably in NATIVE STEEMIT ))

Я предлагаю всем моим русскоговорящим друзьям подтянуть свой английский и чувствовать себя более вольготно на ОРИГИНАЛЬНОМ СТИМИТЕ.

But I don't only propose, I can help you in improving them by all means. I also hope, that my colleagues, English teachers from other countries will support this initiative by sharing their useful information, infographics, advices, recommendations and so on.

Но я не только предлагаю, дабы не выглядеть болтуном, а обязуюсь помогать в этом деле всеми доступными средствами. Надеюсь, что ми коллеги - учителя Английского из других стран меня поддержат и поделятся своей интересной информацией и полезными ресурсами по данной тематике.

To begin with I would like recommend you two websites, that could help you in Listening and Reading.

Для начала, хочу предложить вам пару сайтов, которые могут значительно улучшить ваши навыки Аудирования (восприятия на слух) и Чтения. Навыки Написания (Говорения) вы можете развивать на Стимите.

The first one is, where you can find a lot of movies with English subtitles. You can start from "Extra" serial. It is adopted for beginners and you will not have any problems with understanding. Your Writing (Speaking ) skills you may develop here.

Прежде всего, хочу порекомендовать сайт, где вы сможете смотреть фильмы на английском языке с субтитрами. Можно стартовать с сериала "Экстра", который адаптирован для начинающих.

The second one is where is published very interesting and mostly actual news IN DIFFERENT LEVELS.

Второй ресурс называется Здесь можно читать и слушать актуальные и довольно интересные новости представленные в трёх разных вариантах, в зависимости от вашего уровня знаний. Постепенно там можно переходить на следующий уровень.

If you like this idea, I will go on sharing information to the subject.

Если вам понравилась моя идея, то я продолжу делиться информацией по данной теме.

Sincerely yours, @borishaifa

Искренне Ваш, @borishaifa

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While I don't want to personally influence anyone's decision on what language to post in, there is help here for those that do. @mlialen just posted this offering to help clean up writing already translated into English to help polish posts for our non-native English speaking Steemians.

I'm sure there are plenty willing to help as well in the #steemprentice channel in There are also users like @xanoxt who was offering Russian to English translation services as well.

While it may not be perfect yet, there are some tools available to everybody.

Keep Smiling and Steem On :D

That is exactly what I mean! Thank you for SHARING, @sykochica ) Now I will check your info. I am very glad that the idea has already worked.

:) happy to help!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

You can also collaborate with someone who can do the translation, lend them some SP in return, for example, to let you post under your own name. I'm not sure if this feature has been implemented yet but it's in the pipes and is a viable way for collaborations to be funded.

Us english-speaking barbarians like to hear about cultures that especially have been hidden from us for a long time, from you cultured Slavs and Asians and everywhere else :)

Nice post, thank you, Boris from Haifa:)
I posted a few articles for Russian speaking Steemians with some tips to improve posts in English:)
And I can say that if some Russian Steemians need some help or a piece of advice regarding English, I can help with pleasure:)
Thanks for your post)

Thank you very much @voctoriart Our English Language Helpers in Steemit is growing)))

Where is there russian tv/movies with subtitles?

that's a cool it's included a feature to slow down the video @

Here you can find some of them

Thank you! That is helpful

Great!Tell me when you need help with Russian)

Синдром Твиттера. Сколько после него появилось микроблоговых сервисов? Сотни точно. Но, в итоге, живёт один Твиттер.

Да, именно. Но не только этот пример. В этом вся и суть - оригинал может быть только один, на то он и Оригинал. Всё что будет после - оно может быть один в один. Но, по-любому, это уже Другое. Кроме Твиттера, можно тот же Ютьюб вспомнить. Что Рутьюб не было после него? И где он этот Рутьюб?

I like seeing other languages mixed in, and I like also when people make translations of posts for other languages. English is the common language, especially in Europe, but there is no reason why you cannot also post in your native language, or whatever language you want. I think, the more, the better.

Fragmentation naturally occurs especially when there is language barriers. But this is a collaborative work, the totality of what Steem is. Translations of posts could be a viable business opportunity, if it did well in Russian, German, or whatever other language, then there's a good chance (especially with cultural references explained) that an english version will do well.

People should not feel bad about using the work of others in some way to help their own. It is not a small effort to do a translation, in any case. The original and the author should be credited prominently at the top of the post, after the first paragraph or sentence. Plagiarism isn't the same as translation, and plenty of people have got paid for just doing translations. Translation is an art, and if you know two languages well enough, you can make money on Steem by being a bridge between two cultures.

Yes, you are absolutely right. By the way, my best price for the post I got for the article that was interpreted from local news website. Translation - is a part of work too. And usually I don't ake a "pure" translation, but try to comment, to add my personal opinion. that is USUAL and NORMAl. Thank you for your comment!

Small islands will never be as socially powerful as a bigger, more inclusive borderless land. I wish the Golos project much luck but I don't think it will last long before everyone sees the benefit of keeping a connection with the mainland. So to speak

That is exactly what I mean. I am NOT AGAINST this project, but we should be realists.

I have asked for one of my articles to be translated into Russian. I felt it was very interesting as it was a story of a group in Russia a long time ago.

It is true that in order to get good reward you must write a post in English, so learning it is the best thing to do.

I am a bit under weather with the cold.But I expect to do it tomorrow, after I get some more sleep, and am felling better. :-)

Have a good rest!)

That is exactly what I mean. to my mind, foк Russian-speaking people will be of much more profitable to integrate into the world information, but not to be separated from it. The same I can say about Chineese-speaking, Korean-speaking and so on.

Life is a learning experience

Sure, you are right. We will see )

Thank you for sharing. And my husband is teaching English, so those links would be helpful to him. He is a native speaker, so who wants to learn English you are very welcome))))

One more good idea!)) I am sure he will share anything interesting back!))

Nice, I follow you.
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