5 tips to make your Steemit life enjoyable.

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For the past two months I was learning Steemit. I remember the day when I first joined here.

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I can see only some dollars (payouts)some upward arrow marks(upvotes) and message symbols under every posts.I was using Facebook since 15 years. This user interface was very difficult for me initially. Then I understood small things which matters. They are

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1)No point in posting just for money- Most of us think that Steemit is an easy way to earn money. Yes, incentive is good. But more than money you should have passion , persistence,willingness to learn and improve. Many of the successful people took years to achieve this stage. I am giving them hats off for that. After a long years of persistence and hard work only we are able to see that thousands of dollars under their posts. Just think steemit as facebook. If you keep some great confidence in your posts and if they are not performing well you may feel bad. Now there are lot of instances in which people are selling steemit account. If your post is good there is a chance to earn money. Let it be like that.I am a person who keep a 20% pessimistic attitude in all my decision making. It helps me combat failure. I think our mind setup should be like that.

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2)I dont have topic- This is a usual misconception. Just open your mind. you will get topics. A casual discussion with my wife ,I came to know that aloe vera is good for skin. Then I dig deep into that topic and wrote an article . Once I did a fish spa. As a medical person I thought of the implication and healthproblems of it. Thus after researching I wrote the article . I can honestly tell whatever posts I have written until now is related to my life by some means. After I get the topic I will just think if this topic is worth something to my readers. For example I am sure that some of the readers may be looking for a solution for skin problems. Also there may be usual customers of fish spa who doesn't know about clinical implications of it.Thus you need to add some value to your information so that your readers might read it. Also you should be able to convince yourself too.Just think whether you will read your article once its published? Many times I will read my own article and feel proud even if I am not earning a single penny out of it.For example for this post https://steemit.com/philosophy/@bhaski/what-should-be-the-criteria-for-getting-respect-age-or-quality I haven't earned anything. But this topic was taken from my own experience. I knew before posting itself that nobody is going to like it because most of the readers will be considering old people must be respected. Its ok for me.This is my opinion.That is their's.Who am I to question that?

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3)Invest in steempower- Atleast invest in 100 steem power so that your vote is of some minimum value. I have kept that much in my account. I feel like whatever little we can give,we can give to community. People come here expecting something. So if you can just give it to them.There is a chance we can get followers out of them.

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4)Using bots- I think there is no harm in using bots if you are sure that your article is 100% genuine. Because if some whales look at your post and find out its plagiarized I think they might feel bad.Even if you are using bots you should be careful. They may read your content. If its good they will reward you. If its plagiarized they may blacklist you. I can give my own example, it came as a surprise to me as two of my posts got curated by @buildawhale team and mentioned in their , curation digest https://steemit.com/curation/@buildawhale/buildawhale-curation-digest-08-09-18 . I feel myself proud. There is no point in cut copy paste something from web. The cheetah bot may find you.If you are using bots like this without knowing this you may be in further trouble.Always read, understand and then write. And while using bots dont bid for something which is more of capacity for bots to handle.Total Vote Value should be always less than total bid value.Current ROI should also be positive.

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5)Making connections- This is a wonderful community where we can interact with different people across the globe.For example I wrote an article about Japan. I haven't got much payout. But 3 or 4 unknown friends from Japan commented on it. It felt amazing. They were happy that being an Indian I understood their culture. More than that I felt it really good when they commented that they like my country also.

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Where will we get opportunity like this? You can interact with your favorite you tubers also.This platform is a brilliant concept and we need to enjoy it.
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आपने बहुत ही अच्छी और सत्य बात लिखी है. आप ऐसे ही अच्छी पोस्ट लिखते रहेंगे तो बहुत ही ऊपर तक जाएंगे.

Thank you @veganomics...... :)

@veganomics जी मैंने कई पोस्ट पर देखा की आप हिंदी में ही कमेंट करते हैं मैं भी चाहता था कि हिंदी में ही लिखूं क्योंकि एक भारतीय की आत्मा हमेशा हिंदी में सोचती है परंतु यहाँ मेरी हिंदी की पोस्ट को सबने बोला की इंग्लिश में लिखो । आपको पढ़कर बहुत प्रसन्नता हुई।

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@veganomics जी मैंने कई पोस्ट पर देखा की आप हिंदी में ही कमेंट करते हैं मैं भी चाहता था कि हिंदी में ही लिखूं क्योंकि एक भारतीय की आत्मा हमेशा हिंदी में सोचती है परंतु यहाँ मेरी हिंदी की पोस्ट को सबने बोला की इंग्लिश में लिखो । आपको पढ़कर बहुत प्रसन्नता हुई।

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@veganomics जी मैंने कई पोस्ट पर देखा की आप हिंदी में ही कमेंट करते हैं मैं भी चाहता था कि हिंदी में ही लिखूं क्योंकि एक भारतीय की आत्मा हमेशा हिंदी में सोचती है परंतु यहाँ मेरी हिंदी की पोस्ट को सबने बोला की इंग्लिश में लिखो । आपको पढ़कर बहुत प्रसन्नता हुई।

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Meeting new friends on Steemit will be wonderful !

@bluewinter its indeed great.... cheers :)

Thank you! There is still hope in this community. I know there are still a few good writers keeping up the faith and not just write to earn.

This is very informative and helpful especially to those who are losing the motivation to stay.

Cheers! Steem on!

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Thank you for appreciation @maquemali.... :) cheers!

Thank you for this post. I am new to steemit and your explanations will help me to better use this great tool

@jmjolivet happy I could help.... :)

Your post had been curated by me, of the @buildawhale team, and mentioned here:


Keep up the good work and original content, everyone appreciates it!

Thanks a lot @nicnas and @buildawhale team for curating my post..... :)

This is really a good one. Thanks man. I love this 👍

Thank you @kellyluv.... :)

Please explain no. 4 using bots and no. 5 in detail that how to use bots etc and oblige.

@maheksvyas Take example of buildawhale bot. I was using bots for first time. It upvoted my posts. But the next day it surprised me that my two posts got into their curation digest. You can see the link mentioned in the post . I also knew they are updating their blacklist regularly. That means if a person is sending a bid amount more than 5 steem/SBD those people are reading your posts after upvoting and rewarding/punishing you depending on the genuineness. Similarly most of the bots are doing that. For using bots you can check https://steembottracker.com/. For each bots in the right hand side there is actions then details. Check it. Next point is If you write about a culture/something of the country and tag that country the people of the country may notice that post. I wrote about japan. That's it.link : https://steemit.com/life/@bhaski/5-reasons-why-japan-can-be-the-most-adorable-country-in-world

@bhaski I quite like the points you highlight here specially the about using bots with unique content to be honest all points are very useful thanks a lot keep it up.

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@zeeshannaqvi72 always post unique genuine content. You need not be a block chain developer or crypto analyst to get success!

@bhaski thanks for your kind suggestion I am sure that is a key to success on this platform.

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I'm a newcomer to the community. And the info shared by you looks very positive and can be of real help from new steemers like me.

@steemersayu907 happy it helped. stay positive!

I totally agree with fifth one. This is such a great community to interact globally. Steemit itself connect all steemians I guess. :)
Thank you for your great article, and start following you now. :)

Ya that's right @jisoooh0202 ... and thanks... :)

@blue.door thank you cheers... :)

This post is EXACTLY what i needed. Can you help me understand point 3? I own Steem...but most of it is in my Binance wallet. Help me better understand what you mean? and really...great post!!!

@peteaturner thanks for the appreciation. See you go to your wallet and go to steem and click down button and select buy steem. I think you can transfer your steem using blocktrades from binance to your account.May be a small charge will be there. You need to search if any other options are available.After receiving it you can power up to steem power. Remember once you power up it is locked for a period of 3 months for power down . If you have approx 100 steem power that comes 100 steem inturn you can give 0.01 $ while voting. More steem power more powerful you become in this platform.

Ha, I ALMOST understand what you just said...it's really a new language. I can go work on the elements of your answer to better understand all of it. Thanks BTW that's great advice. I'll buy more Steem today.

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Very good words, motivate to start in this world!

बहुत अच्छा लेख ,आपका लेख पढ़कर हिम्मत एवं जोश की अनुभूति हो रही है लग रहा है कि हमें भी यहाँ सफलता अवश्य मिलेगी

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gr8 work....truly appreciate ur work...so true,...specially regarding bots no 4 and no 5. Mostly people using bots and copy paste in their content....Steemit should be platform where everyone express themselves and not copy paste...request if you can please give some examples where newbie like me can join bots to get some value of our contents. thanx

Thanks read the reply comment given to @maheksvyas

steemit is a platform for acheiveing new ideas and information from all across the globe and we can intract with lot of peoples from different parts of the world unlike facebook steemit is a platform for getting new things

Yes sure @feuuer... :)

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