Buildawhale Curation Digest 08/13/18

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Buildawhale Curation Digest 08/13/18

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Steem Global Blacklist API released for testing

Author: @themarkymark
Curator: @nicnas

-=- The Steem blockchain was created with the idea that creating DAPPS was supposed to be easy and painless. Because of this hundreds of amazing projects have been created to work along side and on top of the Steem blockchain. To make things even better, @themarkymark has released an API that will allow this projects easy access to the blacklists of Steem. Helping make Steem clear of Plagiarism, spam and crap that doesn't belong. -=-

Steemit Reveals New Details on Hardfork 20 Update, 10/8/2018

Author: @arjun9
Curator: @bryangav

-=- It has been announced on the Steemit Blog that Hard Fork 20 is coming and it brings a lot of positive changes. According to what they said, it will be fully implemented in September, and its changes involve different aspects of the platform. To help you understand everything, @arjun9 wrote a summary of all the upcoming changes that include the Steem's Bandwith framework, curation framework, client account highlights, witness conventions and a lot more. Go read the post to discover what is coming and share your opinion! -=-


How to Create an RSS Feed for your Steemit Blog!

Author: @gmichelbkk
Curator: @bryangav

-=- Even though Steemit does not have a built-in RSS feed or a plugin available to shares updates to your social media accounts, there are a few options that allow you to create an RSS feed for your blog on Steemit. @gmichelbkk has tried a few of them and this time he shares the one he liked the most. The service is completely free and Michel teaches us how to create the RSS feed in his post. He did a clear and detailed step-by-step guide with the help of screenshots, so we can understand everything better. Check it out and take advantage of his tutorial! -=-


Introducing how to promote Steem & Steemit on Lit!

Author: @future24
Curator: @bryangav

-=- Promoting your Steemit articles and your Steemit profile in other platforms is a great way to gain new readers and followers. On this occasion, @future24 explains how you can take advantage of promoting your Steemit account in an App called Lit, which is based on blockchain technology. There you can earn the cryptocurrency "Mithril" for posting photos, which will disappear after 24 hours. In the post, you will find information about the app and how to use it, so go read it and start spreading the word about Steemit while you earn some money! -=-


5 tips to make your Steemit life enjoyable.

Author: @bhaski
Curator: @nicnas

-=- There are a lot of ups and downs in the area of blockchain tech and this instability can really cause a lot of anxiety. Asking one self "should I continue to blog?" is a common question. This has been an issue with Steem bloggers, including my self, for a long time now. This isn't a new feeling to only the newer bloggers around these days. I have written about this subject and discussed it many times. This post by @bhasky does a good job helping anyone feeling these pains. If you take a different perspective it could help you understand why you are here in the first place. None of us really came here to get rich, maybe earn a little extra but not rich. Also we do don't earn a penny on other social media sites, so why do we get like this here? -=-


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