I'm now advertising Steemit on: Facebook, Coinmarketcap, Blockchain.info, Just-dice.

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Hello steemit,

I have decided to expand my ad campaigns even further. I have now included facebook (I love the irony of advertising a social media platform on a social media platform). I have chosen to advertise in the United States, Germany, and The Netherlands. The facebook campaign is said to reach between 5.700 and 15.000 users every day. I will only be charged for people actually clicking the link. Which is a big improvement from the campaigns  I'm running on Coinmarketcap and Blockchain.info. They have high impressions, but around a 2% click through rate. I don't think those will have a good ratio of money spent to new users brought in, so I will not be renewing them after they have run out. I will most likely focus more on Facebook, google and reddit.

You can read my previous posts on my quest to bring Steemit to the large public here, here, and here.

As always, I'm asking others to follow my example, so we can make alot more people aware of steemit. There is referral tracking in place through the link https://steemit.com/?r=youraccountname but it has not yet been decided what the rewards for referrals will be. Please be responsible when using referral links, don't spam them, that will result in a bad reputation.

You can use this banner, or make your own: 

This way we can create a user generated self-sustainable advertisement campaign. Using this method it will not be long before a whole lot more people know about Steemit. I am always open to suggestion and discussion.


I have advertised Steemit in cryptocollider.com :)

Thank you for that, if we all chime in im sure the steemit growth will be through the roof.

Hey I work I digital advertising ops launching campaigns like this for publishers like mtv,Nickelodeon, NBC, history, etc... I love that you're doing this:)

A 2% click rate is actually really high for a campaign. The truth is not too many people click through, and in the advertising space, it's more about 100% view ability. High impression goals are good for your goal, and I wouldn't worry about clickthru as much. Not that it isn't important, but the research that guides sales put click throughs as one of the least important key performance indicators.

If you tell me the campaign details, flights they're running, and what the targeting is, I'd be happy to offer any of my experience to help.

We need more demand for Steem Power and Steem Dollars. We have plenty of bloggers and that growth is organic but without demand for Steem Dollars we could have a problem until there is enough ways to spend without leaving the ecosystem.

And it's exactly the wrong thing to do. The reason Steem Dollars are cheap is because there isn't demand for them. There isn't demand for them because people don't know about them except for bloggers. So all the people who could benefit from holding Steem Dollars don't know what it is, and bloggers who have to pay bills have to sell Steem Dollars for half price just to get anything out of it.

There is no demand on steem dolar because we does not know what to do with our steem dolar, except for investment and buy steem or steem power.
Old crypto like btc can be used for shopping online etc, there is plenty of only shop accepting btc, its will increase btc demand

That's a great point, I'm curious if you have any thoughts on what could spur on that demand?

In my opinion investors will come naturally if they see the userbase growing.

Wow, thank you so much for your insights. I'dd absolutely love to have you on board. Do you use https://steemit.chat ?

I actually do not, but I'm open to it. I downloaded and tried to join slack but it was invite only or not up or something, and I never revisited. Im in it for the long haul, so I figured I'd find an alternative eventually. The Rio Olympics have started, so I have to head out to the NBC tower to QA the replay games from yesterday and verify the lines were set up correctly, so I'm available this evening and all weekend.

My username is the same on steemit.chat, let me know once you've joined.

I advertise for free by talking about steemit a lot but I'm glad there are pros out there like you. The world will wake up to it soon enough! Many are too lazy to learn about bitcoin or crypto at all so the economy aspect of SD makes no sense to them. They need quick, easy to understand information to choose to come on board or they will continue to see it as something too complicated to be worthwhile, or worse a scam of some sort.

It's pretty sad all the naysayers on reddit or places like bitcoin talk describing this as a ponzi scheme. I personally don't see it that way. Keep spreading the food word bergy! bless you in your efforts

Thank you, I feel the same way.

Honestly Facebook will probably not let you promote steem. But I support you!

I thought so too at first, but the ad has been approved.

this will give the platform a sustainable growth.

@bergy I have read through your post and think it is a wonderful idea to promote steemit on Facebook and other social media to drive more people here. People need proof, so what can we tell them about steem that makes it different? This will surely drive investors.......

I have some questions though, with regards to the referral link do you just enter your name bergy or do you need to add the @ sign infront of it?

How long will it take to decide what the reward for referrals will be? And will we be awarded for referrals that join Steemit now and the referral stystem is not fully operational yet?

You just enter your name without the @ sign infront of it. And we really don't know anything about the referral system yet, only that it is being tracked.

Great technology should grow organically without the need of advertisement. And it really does work. So spending money is not really needed.

With the skyhigh dilution rate in the first year, I don't think it would be bad to give it a little boost.

Facebook eh? Hope you bring in the masses.

Hi @bergy, do you have any more information about the referral link? Where did you find this? Is there any discussion going on about the reward program?

I got the information from @pfunk, maybe he knows abit more. But I doubt it.

Hi! Coinbase has an offer "Invite a friend who buys $100 of bitcoin or more, and you'll both earn $10 of free bitcoin." I'm offering to throw my $10 back to anyone who uses my referral code (I figure that the comments and up-votes on my referral collection post will be worth a decent chunk of change). $120 worth of STEEM for $100 seems like an awesome hook for your ads. Could you please up-vote and disseminate my post https://steemit.com/steemit/@mark-waser/power-up-your-steem-account-with-120-sbd-for-usd100 Thanks!

No... Downvoted.

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