Advertising Steemit: BIG Coinmarketcap campaign, campaign boosted 200%, Just-dice campaign extended

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With the revenue from my last posts here and here, I have considerably extended and boosted my ad campaigns.

Steemit is now being advertised on:

- with 50.000 impressions in 14 days.

- with 40.000 impressions in 30 days.

- for 150 more days

After carefully considering and discussing with @pfunk, I have decided against @dana-edwards' request to incorporate SBD into the ads. It is just too tricky to advertise about it with them being worth $0,77 right now. I have also decided to take 'get paid for voting' out of the ad, so new users don't get demoralized when they realise the steem power they are initially given is not enough to recieve curation rewards.

Here is the new banner:

As always, I'm asking others to follow my example, so we can make alot more people aware of steemit. There is referral tracking in place through the link but it has not yet been decided what the rewards for referrals will be. Please be responsible when using referral links, don't spam them, that will result in a bad reputation.

This way we can create a user generated self-sustainable advertisement campaign. Using this method it will not be long before a whole lot more people know about Steemit. I am always open to suggestion and discussion.


Great work @bergy! I've been following your examples and building out my own campaign as well. Are you planning on tackling Facebook or Reddit soon? I'm running a bunch on Reddit right now!

Feel free to leave any comments or ideas.

Thank you for your effort, ill check it out shortly.

You are doing important work. Thank you!
I used some of the information from your post for my publication. I hope you do not mind. Let me know if you think it necessary to remove the information. My post can be viewed at the following link:

That's fine, thank you for asking. Setting a good example.

Hey Bergy, is the Steemit referral tracking a real thing? Like, is it counted? That is quite nice that you took the initiative to advertise Steemit!

Yes it is, you can ask dan for a spreadsheet of the referrals so far. He has posted it in chat before.

Way to be a go-getter - Upvoted and appreciate a visit back @timelapse

That's solid progress by steem, and I'm sure it will break remaining records too.

Now, what your decision has convinced me to do is get rid of my Steem Dollars ASAP. While it is a good buying opportunity, I actually have to pay bills.

But for people who are wealthy, holding Steem Dollars makes sense because it's the least risky thing to hold in the system. Steem Power is nice but it's risky. Steem Dollars is risky if and only if it doesn't hold the peg, and I think eventually once it gets used in e-commerce or in trades on Steemit, it will begin to hold the peg, because it will be a situation like DIsney Dollars or Casino Chips where the only way to interact on Steemit is with Steem Dollars.

Will you be able to provide click-through statistics?

I will provide full statistics once the coinmarketcap and campaigns have ended. For Just-dice I don't think I will be able to provide statistics, but I will ask the owner just in case.

Great ideas! I hope you make it to the front pages!

Thank you

that's a brilliant idea!

Thank you.

Job well done sir

Nice. Spreading the good word..

Have a tripple uptuck

@calva upvote

Thank you klye

You are making a mistake. Your post earned 9.08 Steem Dollars which you'll probably want to sell for Bitcoin, but which due to low demand you could only get perhaps 50% of what you would get if there were high demand.

This is a chicken and egg situation. In order to get the right set of people holding Steem Dollars you have to market Steem Dollars. If only bloggers hold Steem Dollars, and bloggers have to pay bills, then Steem Dollars get dumped for whatever price, even if it's only 50 cents, or 25 cents, or 10 cents, it's better than nothing.

Great opportunity to buy Steem Dollars but no one but us will know about it.

I wish I could upvote this more. You sir are a sir!

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