This is NOT a good way to earn followers, upvotes and $$$ on Steemit!

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Steemit is a wonderful place to meet people, make friends, view content, make some money while goofin' off on the interwebz and just generally enjoy a nice community. The only thing is, as of late with more and more new members I've been seeing a little bit of.. well, horrible marketing. Spam. And not just any spam, but the shit that makes you just want to slap some sense into these people! It makes me wince because I'm a marketer, it's just who I am. But I don't get it? Some of the rookie mistakes are on the same level as sending a dick pic to a girl you never met before without even saying a single word. Most likely it's grainy too, your penis is shriveled up and there's a hint of herpes there at the tip. Sexy.

No but seriously, why would you go onto someone's post and just PUSH your content without even giving any content? Zero innovation and motivation on your part gives me zero interest in viewing your stuff. I try to be respectful here, so I don't flag any newbie posts (although I could easily) and sometimes I even try to give a few pointers and maybe a few cents worth of upvotes to get them on the right track.

Let's go through all the types of spam I see on a daily basis

PLEASE GIVE ME MONEY - translated for you guys

And just above that.. we have this gem (sorry, but this won't help you rake in those views either!)

The "I couldn't be bothered to even write a word" advertisement

This guy seems like he's 10x better than the rest.. but then again, maybe we've just been seeing so much shit that the standards have been dropped yet again. Spam in disguise.

I'll give this one credit, at least he's posting to try to get the attention of Jeff.. slightly better marketing

Anyways, so mainly you have the same formula for a PERFECT spam comment. "Hey, here's my link: xxxx, I'm new plzzzz upvote or else I get killed by my alien hostage takers"

I could go on and on for forever about the different types of spam, but let's get to the meat and potatoes here...

IF YOU WANT TO EARN A FOLLOWING, EARN GOOD MONEY, GAIN RESPECT AND BECOME A REPUTABLE PART OF STEEMIT.. (Or any community for that matter), if you're going to promote your content, at least do it this way:

  1. Ask yourself, is this your best piece of content? No? Go back to the drawing board.
  2. Once you have an amazing post, did you post it respectfully in areas where you're allowed to freely market (facebook, twitter feed, reddit, etc.)? No? Go snort some cocaine!
  3. If you are going to post on someone's feed, what's your objective?
  4. If you have everything set up.. DON'T BE SELFISH. Think as to how to best engage the person you're targeting. Just throwing links and begging won't do jackshit for you. Hell, it'll hurt ya!
  5. Engage, engage, engage. The more you give, the more you'll receive.

Before you expect anything in return, you must give out as much as you can :)

Also just 3 lines of coke can help...


Please support my cokemobile fund, I want to save the aliens from Math!


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It's really weird for me when I see these kind of comments. I know that they use it as a "marketing" way, but really... If you want to comment something, add something to the discussion. Like i did just now ( i hope :)) ).
I hope that they will eventually stop.

Follow for follow. Ok? Like my post . .
Translation: I want some money hahahaha . . yes

Is it any wonder though, that the people who consistently do that, have a followers list that looks like this:

Hey @avilsd plz upvote my stuff, Im like superrrr new and I don't have money and reaaaaally want a new Rollie for my wrist... (psssst, if you upvote I'll give you a follow in return)



This guy, you really amazing, i followed from twitter down here. Great content anyways

Good point @avilsd I agree with you. I am new too (started 3 weeks ago) however I am fed up of the F4F spam without adding any value to someone post. I was on your live channel yesterday : youtube haha remember Charles1? guess can only remember if you are a wizard ,haha. Lets keep steeming buddy and stay in touch.

I'M NOT A MARKETER!!! Seriously though. I'm a fucking mechanic with a computer. That being said. I think I have been pretty authentic with my content. I would REALLY appreciate some actual constructive criticism on how to make my posts better. What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? I'm an NOT super comfortable in front of a camera but I am putting in the work, so to speak to make it happen. Let me know. Don't hesitate to give me an honest opinion. I got broad shoulders. And if I disagree with you I'll just say you're full of shit anyway.

Have a thumbs up from Phil.



Hey Phil,

I like the amount of uploads. I'd work more on getting the quality a bit up, as shorter posts tend to get less upvotes and the whales may not notice. I like the personalized touch with watermarks and pictures, but I think these 3 articles can help you out that I've bookmarked from other Steemians:


awesome video you make some legit points, also can you please check out my steemit account and follow i am very very new here


Awesome video? :P uh.. you sure this is the right post? LMAO.. please don't tell me you didn't just post on exactly the type of content that is.. well.. directly aimed at this stuff

It is seriously bullshit to commit such kinds of acts on Steemit. Strongly agreed with you. Keep posting.

Good explained. Such behavior does not lead anywhere.


Thanks for being here Micke :) cheers mate


Have a good time :)

They need to learn and are just starting to bloom in life. With you guidance I am sure they will be top notch in no time. =)


The more you give out, the more inclined people will be to give back ;)


I was almost about to hit that slap button.. but I'll let it be after closer inspection haha


LOL, here only available self-slap buttons

Love the rant bud. And those comments you captured made me laugh!

There's a lot of posting going around covering similar topics, however you definitely nailed the comedic tone, which is what kept me reading.

It always comes back to the initial aim of Steemit doesn't it...?

  • Good content = Good Rewards.

Do you "follow me...?" lol please ignore that terrible joke. I could't help myself, I thought it was appropriate :)



It worked though ;) Now I am


haha seemed fitting.

I also have a problem when it comes to "dad jokes." I just...have to say it every time. I have 3 uncles and a father on one side and they are all punsters. If i don't get there first, I got to sit there and listen to them get there for like 5 minutes..not as fun !

haha!! man you're great! I have been watching your YT vids recently and started a steemit account thanks to you, still learning how it all works but I am 100% agree with you.
Those memes and Shitty posts shouldn't be here either

Hi everyone I'm new to the site would anyone come check me out? (I kid, I kid.) But yeah good post but it's on all sites really younow, steemit, youtube

Good points and a few laughs. Thx

I followed you for the cocaine :-P

People who pander for likes on platfroms like this one and Youtube are the worst kind of people. These platforms are for creators and should be driven by the creative process not greed. Just my 2 cents, love the content mike!

I get the sentiment of the post - particularly as someone new to Steemit. The coke stuff - well, I can give that a miss - it'll just ruin your life mate ;)

Well to be fair, it's not THEIR fault but Steemit's fault. The MOST obvious problem is you can't even delete followers. We've got a TON of marketer-followers who care nothing for our basketball content, they simply "follow" 50,000 people to gain followers themselves. Steemit could also dock points from SteemPower for owning followers who don't interact with your content, that is, AFTER they allow writers to "fire" bogus followers. On Twitter we scrub our followers by blocking them if they are obvioius spammers, but Steemit doesn't make it easy to do this, instead only allowing you to NOT FOLLOW them when you bring up your followers page.

So we'd like to challenge Steemit boardmembers to get creative on cleaning up the content of spam, it's really not that hard to create proper incentives if you think about it cleverly. Would love to see some rebuttal on this.

nice post @avilsd