400 Followers Celebration | 7 Tips to Achieve Your Goals on Steemit | How to Increase Your Upvotes Quickly

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400 Followers Celebration, thank you everybody! Here are my 7 Tips to Achieve Your Goals on Steemit. Also, how to Increase Your Upvotes Quickly.



Good day all! Today is a special day . I have reached another milestone on my steemit quest. I would like to give you a few pointers that really helped me achieve my goals on steemit.

It is the interaction with other steemers that gets results along with quality posts. It can be frustrating when you put a lot of time and effort into writing a good post and nothing happens. I have had more than my share. There are a few rules that I now follow.

1. Focus on writing 2-3 quality posts per week. I mainly blog about food and dining.

2. Add filler during the week - When you don't have any ideas or time enter contests and challenges.

3. Comb other steemers posts and find something interesting to comment on. Something you like, leave a comment in the form of a question to stimulate a conversation. Everyone loves seeing replies and they will surely respond. If you enjoyed the post then upvote on it or follow them.

4. Sure it's great to see lots of followers, but Are they really following you? A majority of my comments come from random steemers that read my posts. My focus has changed to writing descent posts. I have maybe a hand full of quality posts the rest are for contests and challenges.

5. Join discord online chat @minnowsupport. Increase you upvotes quickly. This is a project run by witnesses @aggroed, @ausbitbank, @teamsteem, @theprophet0, and @someguy123 . They are very helpful. Thank you!

6. @randowhale - randowhale is an upvote service the will give you a percentage of 1-4% increase in your payout. There is a $2 SBD

7. When posting be sure to add at least 3 photos. This will keep readers engaged. Write at least 100 words and tag your post correctly.

Here is a list of contest and challenges I usually enter.

1. colorchallenge - For more information go to

link to colorchallenge

2. beersaturday @detlev - link to beersaturday

3. bwphotochallenge @daveks https://steemit.com/@daveks

Here is the photo I entered. I didn't win. But it was fun.

skeleton building.jpg

4. steemgigs

I hope this list of things to do helps you. If there is anything you would like to add leave a reply below. I still have a lot lot to learn, too. so any help is appreciated.

Here are a few of my posts.






Thanks again to everybody that is supporting me.

"I always follow my followers and that makes us all leaders." autonomysystem

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Thanks for the vote. Anyone else?

Great advice! Thanks for sharing with us.


Its my pleasure to help steemers. Thanks for the upvote I will return the favor.

That's helpful. Thanks.


Happy I could help you.

Thanks. I had not known about #beersaturday


Get your post ready for next Saturday. Cheers!