Steem Basic Income Shares Giveaway - Random Edition

in steemit •  3 months ago

Today I am kinda in the mood to do some more Giveaways so I thought after doing my Post Promotion Thread why not I do another SBI Share giveaway. SO here I am doing one more for everyone.


Today's Topic at Hand

So this one will be a bit interesting as it will be randomized. What I mean by random is that I will put all the usernames in a Raffle and choose a totally random one. So all you have to do is write a Comment. But don't go and write just Nice Post or Upvote me like comments as those will be disqualified.


Rules to Follow

It's very Simple Upvote and Resteem this Post and comment down the answer.
I will choose a winner after 24 Hours have passed.
I will choose the winner based on Randomizing Software.
The price will be one Steem Basic Income Share for each Winner.


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I would love to win. I currently don't have any Steem Basic Income shares.

Why me?

  • I am currently a plankton/redfish with only 60.640 Steem Power at the moment.
  • I stopped self-upvoting many months ago. I am only upvoting the posts and the comments of the community.

I know that the winner(s) will be selected randomly, but I still wrote down these two reasons.

I hope this comment qualifies for the giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity!
Good luck to everyone!


This more than qualifies for the Giveaway. Instead, it does deserve a slight Upvote from me.


Thank you for the upvote! I really appreciate it!

Steem basic income, your upvotes and support of few friends is the only best thing for me on this platform. I wrote many posts but payout has been disappointing. I hope with more sbi share I'll be able to make my post profitable.
One more thing. I am getting upvote worth 0.03 from you but you had promissed me that it will be worth 0.04. What may be the reason of difference my friend?


It is because the price of STEEM has gone lower. I will throw in some extra Upvotes on your comments to make it up.

I think that new creators should be sponsored to the SBI by the person bringing them on because having a floor value for posts helps my motivation significantly. SteemOn!


Yep, that is certainly true but not all newcomers are brought by someone.

I am currently running a subscription based service where if you delegate 100 SP to me than you will get 2% Upvote on all your posts. Are you interested in such an offer.


How do I go about signing up for such a service?


How much do you want to Delegate?

Once you say that I will provide you with the appropriate link to delegate.
Remember 100 SP will give you a 2% Upvote on all your Posts similarly a 300 SP Delegation will give you a 6% Upvote on all your Posts provided you posts thrice a Day Max

I haven't been thinking about SBI for a while, but I sure do appreciate that little extra boost every post, I'm glad I got a few shares.

You got a 13.44% upvote from @bid4joy courtesy of @arunava!

Hi @arunava, thank you for your kindness of giving SBI. Thank you for supporting newbies all this while 😊.

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I would love to be part of SBI beneficiary @arunava


The draw will be at random so there is a chance for everyone.

It's very Simple Upvote and Resteem this Post and comment down the answer.
Done!!! This time I can't be disqualified like the last time hahaha. Good luck to everyone

Haha I hope your name comes out of the Raffle.

Hi, good morning to you... Thank you for the giveaway that you did. It's helps us to grow. 👍

The sbi share will be a great help for the winner. I'm hoping that I will be picked.

Thank you for the best concept and hopefully this will be my kick start to get a share to get daily upvote.

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For whatever reason engagement seems to be the hop topic right now and that's not a bad thing. I've come across so many posts in the past few days pushing for more interaction that it's great to see somebody like yourself making a difference with these contests . Thank you.

I'm a new SBI user, I've recently bought my first share to support a new person I've introduced to steem, still not approved tho.
Having two shares would be nice (:

PRICES HAVE CHANGED TO 0.150 and 0.151!!!

Current price is 0.150 or 0.151 SBD for 200%, 250%, or 300% upvote based on tier level.

200% ($0.30) - Bronze Level - No requirements
250% ($0.37) - Silver Level - SteemAuto Upvote of 100% or $0.02 (whichever is possible)
300% ($0.45) - Gold Level - SteemAuto Upvote of 100% or $0.02 AND 50 SP delegation

All delegators make a "striking" return on your investment!
50 SP --- 100 SP --- 200 SP --- 500 SP --- 1000 SP

That being said...


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