Almost 1 year, 2,000 followers and 1000 posts

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Next month I complete one year on Steemit and who knows, 2,000 followers and 1000 posts. In August of 2017 I came here because steem pages often appeared in my research about Ico and Altcoins, so I was curious and made an account in Steemit.

I take it as a reminder of what I said to a @naturald in the conversation we had, rrenewing and reaffirming my trust on Steemit and Steem's solidity:

I think an interesting parallel is the G +, where Google tried to pick up the niche of Facebook, but for many years it was a deserted city with few enthusiasts roaming around... however when webmasters began to realize that the SEO of G+ was very good, they migrated much of their efforts there. I think something similar will happen with Steem. The attraction will not exactly be the payments, but it's a fairly accessed website, the SEO is very strong. Many people still didn’t realize it.

In the same way, a growing number of people are realizing the advantages of Steem and it is a matter of time for much greater growth.

Taking the opportunity to look back, here is a summary of what I've been doing since joining Steemit.


I selected here some posts that I like:

1 - Dogs do not chase after stopped cars: we are programmed to stay in the comfort zone. At the same time, we are scheduled to leave the comfort zone.

2 - Why I don’t use Google in my searches.

3 - This post have no content. It doesn’t have beautiful pictures. This post have no interesting ideas. This post is not well formatted... This post will be voted by different Robot.

4 - [Report] "This post have no content"

5 - BITCOIN and your bubbles...

6 - Idea #001 - Token for Academies

7 - [IDEA #002] Why do people get paid for work and pay for education?



We are now 274 members in the group of Telegram that I have been part of since the beginning. Our group is always open to the news and olds steemers who use the TAG pt. Generally, new account members come in with a number of questions, and the group helps giving information and support. And it also ended up being a space of much exchange of ideas and interaction with the entire PT community. Just go in, follow, be followed, talk, have fun, criticize, make tantrum, write crazy things that only you understand and what more you whant.
Get in there: link


My efficient artisanal bot! Project on which I sell my votes, works on a win/win scheme since months ago. There are already 1300 voted posts from 60 steemers. It works like this:

  • The post must be previously approved by @camoes or @brazilians
  • The post is sent to the Telegram group
  • I vote with 100%
    Link to the Telegram’s group.

Fonte da imagem: Pixabay

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