Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Create And Publish Your Steemit Articles?

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While many members are disappointed, discouraged or even nagging because of the current low price of STEEM/SBD, I think now is the perfect time to create and publish our Steemit articles! The explanation why is straightforward and easy, in fact, pure mathematics.

TypewriterPhoto Source: Pixabay. Credits to rawpixel for typewriter, used under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

As first, and without any doubt I believe the price of STEEM and SBD will rise again. In fact, I think it would happen quite soon.

Being here (as steemd.com would describe my account age) for 20 moons by now, and looking back on some historical data, as well having in mind every day broader popularity of Steemit platform which is currently reaching 1 million users, the new upward trend in STEEM and SBD is something we can surely expect.

In other words, in the past 20 moons/months being here, I experienced and witnessed 8 long months in which the price of 1 STEEM was circling in between $0.10 and $0.20 while the price of 1 SBD was around $1.00 (almost fixed).

At that time the published article which displayed reward (under the post) would show total earning (just in an example for better understanding) of $100 would receive way lower amount of SBD in comparison to the amount of received Steem Power/STEEM.

If we know that our author's reward is deducted (at most) for 25% of curation reward, while the remaining amount is split 50/50 between Steem Power and SBD, the example article mentioned above will receive the following.

From total $100 to the voters of the article as a curation reward would be given $25. Remaining $75 with 50/50 split would end up in the amount of 37.50 SBD and 375.00 Steem Power/STEEM (when 1 STEEM was $0.10) or 187.50 Steem Power/STEEM (when 1 STEEM was $0.20).
And that's basically how those early adopters, current dolphins, orcas, and some whales managed to build their accounts with Steem Power more significantly.

Today for the same $100 article, the same amount of $25 will be given to the voters as a curation reward but remaining $75 (with 50/50 split) would arrive in our wallets as follows.
The amount of SBD would remain the same as it was back then, 37.50 SBD, while our Steem Power reward would be 20x or at least 10x lower, about 18.75 Steem Power/STEEM (if we assume that current STEEM price is 1 STEEM = $2).

You might ask now, how the present moment could be then the perfect time for us to publish our articles as next raise of STEEM/SBD would only cause us to receive smaller amounts of Steem Power/STEEM?!

Two reasons why now is the perfect time to create and publish our Steemit articles!

GraphPhoto Source: Pixabay. Credits to PublicDomainPictures for graph-growth, used under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

The First Reason - While the STEEM price is low

From the above-given calculations, you understand now that you would receive more Steem Power/STEEM for the same valued article than you would if the price goes up.

In other words, if the price of STEEM returns to about $4 per 1 STEEM, your $100 article would bring you only 9.375 Steem Power/STEEM what is half of the amount you would get now while the price is still around $2 per 1 STEEM.

The Second Reason - When the price of STEEM will go up again

If we are aware that the prices of STEEM/SBD may go up (from current $2 up to even $4) as in the following few hours (we have seen such jumps before) the same in the following 7 days, we should also be aware that every our active post (which would reach its 7 days payment due inside that period) will be affected with that increase!

Meaning, if your post now shows the reward (again using the above example) of $100 if and when the increase happens, at the payment time, it might show up to $200 (as the value of the received votes goes up or down in accordance and following the market price of STEEM/SBD).

In such case, a today published article with the displayed reward of $100 in following 7 days (168 hours) when it reaches its payment due may be worth $200 what would bring you to the following earning outcome.

25% of total displayed reward ($200) in the amount of $50 would be given to the voters as a curation reward, while the remaining $150 would arrive in your wallet as 18.75 Steem Power/STEEM ($75 / $4 = 18.75 STEEM - the same amount you would receive when the STEEM price was low, and your article reward was only $100) and 75 SBD (what would be the double amount of received SBD not even to mention 4x more worth in USD).

To Conclude

Using the current situation of low STEEM/SBD by investing our time and efforts in creating new articles, at least for one and eventually even for the both of above reasons might be a win-win situation for us. We don't know which of our following articles (or maybe even few of them) may become a big winner when the prices go up again.
That's why I think...

Now Is The Perfect Time To Create And Publish Our Steemit Articles!

TicketPhoto Source: Pixabay. Credits to jessica45 for ticket, used under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

Therefore, go and post your article! Only the published post is your entrance to almost guaranteed winning. As we don't know the exact time when the increase of STEEM/SBD prices will occur, without it, it would be like waiting for the winning lottery announcement but forgetting or neglecting to buy the ticket before.

Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2018

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Well thought out @ana-maria. 😀 We just need to remember the important application Steem serves and not get caught up in the overall crypto downturn, which we all know is temporary. I'm using extra time today to see who my followers are that are actively creating great content and leaving meaningful comments and I found you. Look forward to seeing more!


Thank you very much, Karen!
You kinda melted me with your comment! 😊

This is a great write up! I tell people all the time that with Steemit, posting is like buying or mining the currency with your mind.

You want to buy when the price is low in any other market, so here's your chance to buy buy buy while it's low, and you'll get a lot more STEEM for your posts than you would if the price were high.


I'm glad that I'm not the only one who is seeing that way! 🙂

Btw - thank you very much for stopping by, upvoting and commenting! 😊

I had stopped publishing often due to this drop, plus I haven't really received great rewards, but reading your article motivates me to write, I just hope someone can read my content, thank you very much.


I'm really glad to hear that my article motivated to write again! 🙂
In my opinion, patience, persistence, and continuity are the key factors for some success on Steemit, although not some overnight success but slow and growing. At least, that's my experience.
As well, more we write we get better in writing! 😉

Thanks for the encouraging words! I write in a topic that's not exactly "hot," so I get little attention for the amount of work I put in. But ultimately I believe my content will have unforeseen value as the audience for science and STEM grows.


You are welcome! 🙂
And don't be discouraged no matter what's the subject you are writing in. Just keep in mind that growing on Steemit takes time (to build your fan/follower base, build your reputation etc., and above all how to post properly and gain the attention of more influential members).
However, consider at least first 3 months if not more as some learning curve. 😉🙂

You just made my day! To be honest, I never thought of this. Steemit is full of articles about the drop and all of them are telling the same old story "Buy when it's low, sell when it's high" but no one mentioned how the drop affects our payouts. Maybe people think it is obvious and it doesn't need mentioning but I disagree since your post is a revelation to me :) From time to time we need to be reminded of obvious things because we tend to forget. Thank you for this, it was like a brick in my face. A happy positive brick with a smile drawn on it :)


hahaha - You just made my day with this comment! 🙂 Thank you!

yeah we should keep patience and work hard


Yeah, and especially if we don't have double accounts which are following each other and upvoting every single each other's comments like it seems to be the case with your @jassi and @karanchahal accounts.

I have been around for 6 months and am beginning to find the ROI as far as time is spend is almost not worth it. I run 2 separate accounts, write biographies and run contest but there is just no getting ahead unless you have some heavies upvoting your posts! The masses on steemit will never be able to use the income derived here to pay their bills. Whales are upvoting whales with 300STU at a time and the smaller people get ignored. Voting bots mostly end up costing money instead of boosting your account. Why am I still around you may ask? well I enjoy the interaction with people and I actually enjoy what I am doing, but as far as time invested goes, it does not pay, not for my time anyway.


Well, if nothing else I can agree with you that if I would have to pay my bills and rely only on my earnings from Steemit, unfortunately, they wouldn't get paid (or at least not by now and regularly).
Although, I wouldn't say that "masses will never be able to use" it that way. Of course, that also depends on what kind of masses are we talking about. If masses would be a big amount of people who would like something for nothing overnight or even better right away after they show up on the platform, than I can agree with you entirely - it would never happen.

But good and original content creators, community contributors, inspirational motivators and similar, in the end, and through time, I believe, they would find the way to float on the surface, although it's true that many such ones but currently smaller ones are overlooked or even ignored.

As well, I wouldn't put all the whales in the same category, as there are many good, hardworking and in many ways contributing members among them. Unfortunately, the bad examples always strike above.

I can also agree with you regarding voting bots as I find them as the pure paid advertisement. The only reason why they don't appear as such to many is in the fact that they don't tell us exactly for this amount of money (STEEM/SBD) you will get the upvote of that specific worth. Instead, they appear to be more like some "cash back" debit or credit cards who would return a certain portion of the paying amount back to you. But this way or another, we would end up paying that product, service or what so ever. From my point of view, the same applies to the bots here.


bots are like a casino, if you lucky you win, but mostly you loose. lol. Its a gamble.

First, thanks for the explanation, I needed that...
Secondly, I'm still posting no matter the price.. I think we need to give back to our followers no matter the circumstances, especially like this one... What we need to learn is to be disciplined in our work and that's the key to success anywhere.. I hope the same rules are applied here..

And as you said, you'll never know which post can make extra money when the market rises... Extra motivation is always welcomed!



Same here! I was posting when the Steem price was $0.10 and I hope I'll still be around posting when the price reaches $10 per Steem or even more! 😉🙂

Thank you very much for stopping by, commenting and voting! Appreciate it a lot!


Let us hope that it reaches that much! Since I'm here, the price is just going down so my experience still makes me sad but I hear people talking that the price will go up, so I'm kinda positive about the future... Regardless of that, better to keep on posting if we want to be disciplined not only here but in other aspects of life!

Have a great evening!

This post has been upvoted and picked by Daily Picked #9! Thank you for the cool and quality content. Keep going!

Don’t forget I’m not a robot. I explore, read, upvote and share manually :)


WOW - Thank you very much!


Sure! Please keep writing about Steemit information and tips. It's so helpful and motivational for us. Especially newbies.


I will try to do so! Thank you very much for the encouragement! 😊

Fingers crossed you are right on steem price - I am not that confident currently hoping I am wrong though :-)


Well, although many would like to negate that, and no matter if we like it or not, but the fact is that STEEM is somewhat following the price of BTC.
In fact, every crypto coin out there (as they are all built on blockchain technology, and) no matter which algorithm each of them uses, as well as what kind of improvements has been implemented, is affected by BTC behavior on the market.

There is another funny thing that I noticed in the relation of BTC with other coins (including Steem).
When BTC goes down, all of them go down but when BTC goes up not every coin follows that path or at least they don't follow that upward trend that fast, while some even have very tough experience in reaching back the stage where from they dropped down.
Lucky for us (especially when recovery back uptrend is in question), STEEM is not one of them. It follows BTC quite closely and quickly in both directions! (That's at least my observation.)

Therefore, we have here two main factors that influence the Steem price!

  • 1st - Apparently unavoidable influence of BTC and
  • 2nd - All other things connected solely with the Steem blockchain, it's development, broader usage, functionality, and popularity, implemented rules and algorithms, etc.

From my point of view, we can't do anything or at least not something significant to entirely remove the first factor. But we can do a lot to influence the second factor(s) which in return may even result in lowering the impact of the first (BTC) factor, especially when the BTC price drops down what Steemit already did in some portion as otherwise, we would still face the price of 1 STEEM = $0.10.

(At the beginning of 2017 BTC was around $800 and now is around $8,000 what is 10x growth. In the same time frame, Steem went from around $0.10 at the beginning of 2017 up to current about $2 what is 20x growth. In my opinion that additional 10x growth - bigger than BTC has - is influenced and caused only by that second factor I just described above.)

However and no matter why and what kind of mumbo-jumbo the big players behind BTC are performing right now (including the recent "VISA show" making it way more difficult for the whole crypto world to bring the value of the possessing coins into the real world), I don't think BTC would stay in its current down forever. Accordingly, neither would Steem!

My personal predictions (which, of course, might be entirely wrong, but...) are that BTC will return back to about $9,500 in the following 15 to 25 days or the latest by the end of May. As well, I think that the next increase (in between $12,000 and $15,000) we might see by the end of July or at latest by the end of September / beginning of October.

Tracing more or less the same path, I believe Steem might go up to $2.5 or even $3 for the first (BTC) increase period and back to $4 or even $5 during the second (BTC) increase period.
As well, Steem could perform better or worse during those periods but that would depend only on the Steemit, Inc. management team, our witnesses, and developers, and also the whole rest of us.

The only serious threat that may screw us all, I see in some new (non-blockchain based) technology like DAG (directed acyclic graph) is or might be, as something like that would open another entirely new crypto world with some new coins, and on which technology some new Steemit alike platforms could be built. But I don't think it would happen this year. From my point of view, in the second half of 2019 and in 2020 we might expect this to start happening.
That's how I see it, and until then we have about 700 articles to publish if we are going to post daily. 😉


Sure BTC affects the price - recently Steem declines over average vs the other coins. The second factor is the one that worries me a lot based on what happens here and what is not happening on the blockchain



Thank you very much, Michele!
As well, for the upvote too!

Thank you so much for the motivation. I almost daily publishing a post and it does not pay me much but still I am up to the task and will continue my struggle.


You are welcome! I know how it is, but I'm sure one day we would be glad that we didn't give up! 🙂

Ye I generally don't follow Steem price while posting/ Yes it's an interesting time to buy and increase your SP. My confusion is If I should convert my little investment in other cryptos and move it to Steem now..Even since I got into the crypto space, I've never seen prices so cheap.


Same here as I also don't bother and don't want to bother myself thinking about the Steem price while I'm posting. I am more focused on the (better) performance of my article inside Steemit community and no matter what the amount displayed under it would be calculated in some fiat currency. So, I would say we are on the same page about that one. 🙂

Regarding the interesting or right time to buy Steem and increase our SP - or not, I think the present moment might be the right time to invest.
But there is another aspect, I believe shouldn't be neglected and at least it would be wise to research it before making some final decision.

In other words, and from my point of view when it comes to buying Steem by converting some other crypto coin into Steem, I don't think (or at least I don't see) some significant change in between cryptocurrencies itself.
In an example, for last six months, the price of Steem in comparison to BTW was fluctuating approximately between 20,000 up to 40,000 (BTC) Satoshi for 1 STEEM, even at the times when in comparison to USD Steem had higher and more significant upward jumps.

Therefore, I think it's important to take into consideration, as first, from which currency you would buy Steem. Here is also important to know (what differs from one Exchange to another) in which currency pairs Steem is available to you. In total, Steem is available only in 8 different pairs (STEEM/BTC, STEEM/ETH, STEEM/TRY, STEEM/BNB, STEEM/KRW, STEEM/BITUSD, STEEM/BITCNY and STEEM/USD), but not all those pairs are available on all 8 exchanges. Some support only one of them the other 2, 3 or at most 4 pair combinations, but none of them all eight pairs.

So, when you determine what Steem currency pair your exchange supports, you should also check how many transactions are needed (if any) to convert your starting coin into Steem, as it might involve additional transaction costs (which fees also vary from exchange to exchange). For instance, if your starting coin is e.g. NEO, DOGE, Litecoin or any other not listed in above pairs you will first need to convert your starting coin into some coin which is in combination with Steem supported on your exchange. Only after that, you would be able to buy Steem. In such case, there would be two transactions involved which costs should be calculated.

However, before jumping to some conclusion we should think of all of that what takes a lot of research and calculation, to be able to make a really right decision. Many people neglect that part.

Never the less, the way how I see it (and it's not some financial or investment advice) the only true profitability I can see just for buying Steem from USD, and only if we are already holding USD. In that case, and even if have to convert those USDs in some other crypto coin to be able to buy Steem this might be profitable in the longer run. But if we hold any other crypto coin (and without previously done above described detailed analyze), it seems to me, it wouldn't be such a big difference if we buy Steem now or in 3 months when its price would very likely be higher (in USD), as the difference between currencies itself wouldn't be that significant.
That's how I see it!


Thank you very much for such a detailed response. It really shows your commitment to this platform too. I use coinspot - the aussie exchange. I've got Byteballs and BTG. Can you believe my luck. Bought both of them at very high rates in January. All the profits I made from Ripple and other coins were moved to these two ultimately. I've pretty much lost most of it now in the current meltdown. However, I'm not too unhappy because I've discovered Steemit along this journey and I'm super pleased to meet people like you. This is something money can't buy and I think it's worthwhile investing one's time here.
This is my response to @jerrybanfield's anxiety.
I saw your post on the Aussie steemit facebook group. Im glad you posted there.
Anyway, long story shot...Coinspot is an expensive exchange, but very easy to buy coins and you can trade between almost all coins listed there. You can even cash out. Are you based here? Don't want to tell you something you already know...hahah..Thank you once again. I'm following u now...

I just found this via a re-steem and it is too old to vote on, but I would like to comment just the same because I agree with you and your calculations. I made a similar post quite a while ago (also too old to vote for) that shows in table format the differences in earnings as the price of Steem changes. I think you would enjoy seeing it and perhaps even using it as another example to confirm your own calculations. Here is the link to the article: https://steemit.com/steem/@happyme/sorting-out-the-values-of-steem

I also appreciate that like me, you give all your commenters an up-vote. It is really nice to find like-minded people.


Thank you for the comment and stopping by. 🙂
I'll take a look at your post.

Regarding upvoting my commenters, well, I don't upvote all commenters by default. I was doing that at the beginning but changed my mind because saw too many people were abusing it, although those spammy and scammy comments I didn't upvote even at the beginning.
However, now I'm applying different criteria and more carefully pick which comment to upvote.


Thank-you for taking the time to explain your comment voting. I can understand that voting ALL comments will get abused. I generally look for what appears to be genuine comments that at least attempt to add to the conversation. If the comment is too generic and it looks like the respondent has not even read my article, I treat it like a spam post.


More or less the same here👍, with some fine tuning and few parameters more that I found useful. 🙂

nice article... i wish i could write like that


Thank you for your kind words and the compliment given to my writing.
I think the key to the success and for achieving that skill goal is many trials and errors, fine tuning and polishing, and then again trying and failing, polishing again to start over with some new trial... 😉🙂

Only posting is not enough to earn healthy just try to delegate some of your SP to earn rewards.


Well, if that would be my main and only cause being here, very likely I would do that long ago. But I like to write, interact with people and as well helping them whenever I can. 😉🙂

Besides, if everyone would just delegate around their SP and nobody would write the delegated amount of SP would return as total ZERO and entirely useless investment.

This Article is very anti mainstream and so inspiring to me. Thanks @ana-maria. Keep suporting. Vote to you. All about chance, dont lose all chance.

Follow me too @khaimi


I'm really glad to hear that! 🙂
As well, thank you for the resteem and upvote!

One small advise and suggestion.
Don't ask for the following in your comments. As well there is no need for your signature at the end of the comment, as everyone could see who left the comment and by clicking on your above the comment displayed nickname end up on your blog (if they like your comment).
As I see that you are a relatively new Steemit member (only about 2 months old) I would suggest you to read the following great articles and learn more in depth what is acceptable on Steemit, what is not, and what can be even counterproductive.


I'm sorry,, hope you forgive me. I'll do what u say next comment. Keep sharing me.

If you love to write, share your opinions, thoughts and beliefs, continue to do what you love...all the rest will follow. Like in trading, don't focus on the money, but focus on the process.


I agree with you as I also think enjoying the ride is much bigger joy and as well it could be much bigger fun than even arriving at the destination itself, especially if we ride with the passion! 🙂

Hi! Not sure I understand one word of this. LOL. I had heard something similar when we first joined. Thank you for the reminder!

Hoping anyone would post regardless of the payout potential?


Well, true and passionate writers and bloggers would always write, no matter what and despite if they are getting paid for that or not. But for those who are more motivated only with the earnings or better earnings, I think this might be useful to consider. 😉🙂

very good typing tool buddy, i really like your post.

This post has received a 0.31 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @ana-maria.

Mathematically, you say so. It is absolutely true that creating regularly is the key. But besides mathematical truths we are emotional as human beings and although I am not here just to make money personally, it may be a slight disappointment not to read what you write. Fortunately, we read such motivational writings like this one and we can protect our hope :) Thank you.


I don't think there is a single member on this platform (no matter how big fishes they might be at the moment) who didn't want to give up at least once.
For sure, I can at least say for myself that I wanted to give up hundreds of times. I even had few months long cooling down periods without even opening the page, God forbid to log in. Although, here I am still! 🙂

But, as almost with everything else in life, the key is patience, persistence, and continuity.
You know how they say - many find the door (some even not realizing that they are standing in front of it), but only a few make that final move and push the doorknob to open it and step in.

You have to consider that the STEEM price linearly influences the values of votes on an article.

So the votes that contribute to a $100 article at a STEEM price of $4 would only suffice for $25 at a STEEM price of $1. Hence you would need way more votes to achieve $100 for an article.

Actually the amount of STEEM power rewarded for a post does not depend on the current price of STEEM at all. Only the STEEM power of the voters combined with the voting weight influences the amount of SP reward.


I think you misunderstood me, as I was talking about the article who would in its early stage after the publishing (up to max 48 hours) reach the amount of displayed reward of $100 while the Steem price would still be around $2 at the day 7 when its payment dues, and if in the meantime the Steem price increases to $4, it might show displayed reward of up to $200.

Regarding the Steem Power reward and how it's calculated from the total shown under our posts, unfortunately, you are wrong as the STEEM price is the only one that, in fact, influences and determines the amount which would be paid to us (from the total accumulated through different amounts of given upvotes).

To learn about it and find more in-depth explanations how our rewards are calculated you may check the following articles:

very good typing tool buddy, i really like your post.


Well, I would like if I could say the same for your comment but unfortunately, it only shows me that you didn't read the article. As second, as well what's the purpose of posting two exactly the same comments under one post! Do you really think it would bring some more attention to your account and blog???

And above all, by visiting your account I discovered that you are posting almost the same or at least very similar generic comments on other member's posts too what is considered as SPAM.

In every other occasion I would downvote such comments, but as I also see that you are a relatively new Steemit member, I'm not going to that but rather advise you to read the following article about How to Comment on Steemit, as otherwise, you might run into big troubles.


As I can see that you are a new Steemit user I would like to encourage you to read the following article - How to Comment on Steemit - because leaving around such more or less meaningless and generic comments as the one you left here can bring you more harm than good.


Ok thank you for your kind information

I've bought STEEM for 3.45 USD. And yes, I'm discouraged


Well, as first I think our starting points differ.
You apparently approached Steemit as an investor expecting your investment would grow with the rise of STEEM/SBD price, while I approached Steemit as a contributor starting from total zero.

As an investor, I believe you must be familiar as well with the unavoidable risk that goes along every investment. But what surprises me (taking a short look at your account age) is that you are expecting your investment would show some huge profitability in only 2 months. I'm sorry to say, but that doesn't sound very reasonable and rational to me especially when we are talking about cryptocurrency market which is at first one of the most volatile ones and as the second it always takes time to show some more stable positive outcome. (Don't neglect the fact that even Bitcoin which was the first cryptocurrency out there took 2 years to reach the price of $1 for the first time, while Steem, almost in the same time frame is already around $2.)

I believe I'm going to bookmark your above comment and ask you are you still discouraged after at least six months or one year from now. 😉

Hmmm,thanks for the insight


Hmmm, you are welcome...

Ohh thats great i did not know about this that SP depend on Steem price no doubt its good time to publish artical I hope price will go down more and we will get more Sp from our rewards thanks for sharing comprehensive artical about all this keep it up I foolow you


Try to think about Steem Power just as a different type of wallet where you keep your STEEM (as in fact it is that) and which wallet enables you some other possibilities that wouldn't be available to you if you keep your STEEM in pure Steem Wallet.

And please, don't say that you follow if you don't. There is no need for such cheap lies, especially on the blockchain platform (as Steemit is) where nothing can be hidden.


Oky I apologizes for that

Many people are under the illusion they are going to become rich posting articles on Steemit. That is why many of the articles are just pure SHIT! They have come in droves, because they received an email telling them they will make all kinds of money, and here they are, just pumping out crap.
Many others like myself write because they like to. The money is a bonus. If people keep on thinking they are going to be making all kinds of money just writing crap and continuously posting one article after another, this site is DOOMED!


Well, I don't think this platform is doomed because of those get-rich-quick pure money hunters who are posting crap, as a majority of them are earning nothing or at best close to nothing anyway. In other words, most of the influential members wouldn't vote on such content. I know I wouldn't either and I suppose you wouldn't as well.
On the hand, and in some portion, their behavior for sure somewhat hurts and damage Steemit but we also have to be aware that it's almost unavoidable price of growth every social network face it sooner or later. From my point of view, the comforting fact might be, that all such individuals drop down and leave the place as at they soon realize that they can't accomplish their get-rich-quick-scheme goal that way.

Very much to the point @ana-maria, this is the time when we can make the most of the situation, when the markets turn we will see good rewards on the current efforts.


Yeah, I really hope so too! 🙂

That is a nice post. In fact i was so discourage in writing new articles. Now all that i do is to comment. This because i spend hours to write new article everyday and i dont get a penny from it. Sometimes i will get $0.01 and the next day because of the fall of the price if SBD it will be $0.00 which very pathetic. For your analysis i think i ave to forget about the rewards now and keep writing. I know with hard work and perseverance i will reach the top in the long run


I'm really glad if my article inspired you to keep going!
Yes, Steemit is the platform that takes time as first to learn it well and understand it, and after that lot of patience and persistence to keep implementing everything we have learned in the meantime.

Great article and breakdown @ana-maria ! I'm basically a minnow, tadpole or whatever the lingo is here because I really just got on and checking this site out just yesterday but I was thinking the same thing. I see a lot of people complaining about the drop in price which is something we can't control, but we can definitely keep dropping some awesome content that will pay off in the long run, especially when the prices rebound. Thanks for the great information!!


You are most welcome! 🙂

And if you allow me to teach you, I would like to tell you that Minnow level on Steemit platform is achieved when the member reaches the amount of own 500 SP in its Steem Power Wallet. Before that level in this funny sea, the members are called Red Fishes.

this has made perfect sense, keeping up with our articles/posts is basically like making an investment!


Thank you.

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Very good strategy!
now it's the time to be busy written our articles and investing some money in stem too if we can, because l do believe that the price will go up! :)


Exactly! 👍🙂

Is it good etiquette to upvote a reply to my comment? For example, in my comment I might pose a thought and I appreciate that someone took the time to consider and comment on my point of view.


I would say - yes it is even it's not something that is mandatory.

But in your concrete case, I would avoid that for several simple reasons.

  • You are a new member and your account (regarding the amount of own SP that you currently hold) is small.
  • As such, you have to keep in mind and take care that, in fact, you have only 10 votes per day available (to keep your account healthy. Meaning not to lower your Voting Power bellow 80% as only 20% of our VP regenerates inside 24 hours.)
  • As well, until your account would reach the amount of your own 500 SP (when you would become a Minnow) you wouldn't have on your disposal so-called Voting Slider by which you may regulate the strength of your vote, and accordingly, in my opinion no one would blame you if you don't do it before reaching that stage.

So do I understand that it "costs" for me to upvote? As a new user, do you recommend I power down? If it takes 500 SP to be a minnow, then I'm still an embryo!


NO, you understand wrongly, as voting doesn't cost you anything as it doesn't cost anyone from smallest to the biggest member.
Every full (100%) vote would deduct 2% of our Voting Power, as for you same for me or anyone else.
The only difference is that you don't have available Voting Slider until the account reaches the amount of 500 SP. That means that every vote you cast, by default is set to be given with 100% Voting Power. While the members with over 500 SP have Voting Slider what allows them to give different combinations of votes. E.g., 20 x 50% vote per day or 40 x 25% vote per day or any other combination.
That allows all of us to spend only 20% of our total VP as 20% would recover again in the following 24 hours, so we would have 100% Voting Power available again.

The limit of 500 SP is set only to prevent the members to waste their vote (especially at the very beginning and in the early stage of account as your acc. are) with scaling it below 100% as that way neither the one who gives the vote nor the one who receive it would profit.

Regarding power down (especially at your current stage when you hold only 9 of your own Steem inside your Steem Power wallet) it's an absolute NO, NO!
The reason why is very simple - you wouldn't be able to vote at all!

The thing is the following...
When your account has been registered the company (Steemit) borrowed you about 15 Steem inside your Steem Power Wallet. The amount of 0.100 would usually be placed there showing as your own SP, while the rest would be displayed as amount inside the brackets like (+14.900). Those 15 Steem is a minimum needed to be able to use your account and give votes.
As trough your activity on the platform, you are building your own Steem Power the amount in the brackets (that was borrowed to you) accordingly is getting smaller and smaller until it would entirely vanish.
So, if you start a power down option you would start losing that minimum needed to keep your account operative. Besides, those 9 Steem wouldn't be transferred to your Steem wallet all at once. For full power down (no matter of the amount you are holding inside your Steem Power wallet) a member needs about 10 - 12 weeks, as first 10% (in your case it would be 0.900 Steem) of the total amount would be given 7 days after the power down has been started. The second 10% the following week (14 days after the power down has been started) and so on until the full amount wouldn't be transferred to Steem wallet or until the power down option is going to be stopped.

Regarding being an "embryo" (as you called yourself 🙂) - no - the members bellow 500 SP level is called Red Fishes.
I'm leaving you here a link to the article where you can see all existing levels.
SteemitBoard presentation for the various levels of evolution on the Steemit platform


Thank you for taking the time and effort to explain it to me in such detail. I really appreciate that. But, obviously I need to study your words and read further about how Steemit works. When I first joined, such matters didn't concern me, but now I need to pay more attention.


Yeah, Steemit is quite complex. I have said in above article how long I have been here, and I can tell you there is not a single day still that I don't learn something new.
However, I would like to encourage you to learn and understand the Steemit system (at least some basics, as above ones, from my point of view, are), as at the end it can be just beneficiary to you.


Since our last discussion I have concentrated on gaining SP, now I have 25 SP. I have also been posting every few days, and curating frequently. However, 10 days have passed since I have received any curation rewards, despite vigorous activity. I understand why my author rewards were low because of few upvotes, but why no curation rewards? I even got a small reward from our earlier discussion. I don't understand what's happening...I have reviewed the 30-minute allocation schedule.

Thanks for educating newbies like me and helping us all see the value of steem.

How to write a unique post @ana-maria

good one!

Good night, introduce me @junsusukhairi from Indonesia and I really like the contents of your post / article miss @ana-maria. Many @steemit users gather here just to make hundreds / thousands of SBDs without thinking smart ahead. Merwka does not make or improve the quality of posts, which they find every day to get a brief financial gain. In fact, SBD or STEEm compilation is down unfortunately they become lazy to care about it, even though it is a wrong action and violates the main goal of @steemit. In @ steemit we must mebguramakan quality without having my teepaku with ups and downs of sbd or steem value. I think I want to be successful at @steemit, we have to sacrifice first to get attention for the future that is to work or create your blog, to turn time, remove greed, input money in strength and patience. When sbd or steem drops in cheap price we just need to be patient and try to buy / buy steem as much as possible because the more power we have, the more we produce in our post. In addition, as the current steam drops dramatically, steam strength and steam strength will guarantee us good future or long-term investments. thank you for posting very useful for us all miss @ana-maria, hopefully you success always.


Thank you!


You are Wellcome 😄